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Saturday, October 27


Without time, there is no dawn, no coffee brewing,
no juice pouring. Without time nothing arises,
nothing passes. Time is the rising and passing,
without which nothing is. All that is, is becoming,
which is time. To speak of timeless being is to
make an idol. It is false as soon as it is spoken,
not that there is no timeless being, just that it
cannot be conceived or spoken of, which means that
this writing is also false; There is a way to
conceive of time which is true, and that is this;
There is time, but there is no past present or
future. This is where we live.


Nothing real can be made to disappear.

Only unreality can go away.

Time isn't where we live, it's
just a temporary way of construing

Without past, present and future,
there is neither time nor timelessness.

And of course, it has never been spoken of.

Did someone think to say something
the correct way? Or that someone else


There is nothing that doesn't appear and disappear.
Who is there to say real or unreal?
Look around; this is the world, changing, always changing.
Time is the being of the world.

Sometimes it's fun to speak of 'beyond'
but come on, who're ya foolin'?
This is it folks.

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Bob Ullman has written a new book on enlightenment
stories that many would find interesting: Mystics,
Masters, Saints and Sages: Stories of
Enlightenment. I think it's a very cool collection
he's put together. Also the website is very good.
He's looking for personal enlightenment stories, as




I've linked the to

Many thanks to the editor Rob Sacks who put in
countless hours in creating excellent pages on
David Godman's books.


SHANKAR (from I Am list)

Long Live the Feet of the philanthropist (Sri
Ramana), wanting not, akin to the sky (pouring down
the blessing of rain), (even) one benefit in return
(for the blessings conferred). (Line3)

Long Live the Feet of the celestial (Sri Ramana),
having the auspicious speech, tasting sweet like
honey. (Line 4)

Translation of Lines 3 and 4 of Song 1 (set to
Melody 'Nattai') of Five jewels (in praise) of the
Feet of Sri Ramana by Sri Sivaprakasam Pillai

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