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From: "Skye Chambers"

Excerpts from "The Treatise on Cosmic Fire" transmitted to
Alice Bailey from The Tibetan (Dwjal Khul)

The secret of the Fire lies hid in the second letter of the
Sacred Word (AUM). The mystery of life is concealed within
the heart. When the lower point vibrates, when the Sacred
Triangle glows,(positive, negative,neutral) when the
Threefold Apex likewise burns,(subjective equivalent) then
the two triangles, merge into One Flame, which burneth up
the whole.

The seven Brothers (aspects of all substance emanating from
the Sacred Triangle) love each other, yet each seeketh for
many aeons the path of hatred. They hate and kill each other
(harmony thru conflict) until they find that (Will-Electric
Fire) which killeth not and is not hurt. Together then they
stand and serve and through their service the seven suns
burn up.

The seven suns are destroyed when synthesis and unity are
reached and when the differentiated forces become one
homogeneous force, the attractive or magnetic effect of this
cohesion is a manifested unity on the physical plane as well
as on the subjective side of nature. The will or purpose
aspect which is the spiritual life behind all subjective and
objective phenomena suddenly makes itself felt and seen.
This produces necessarily the destruction of all limiting
forms, the merging of the fires and the blazing forth into
objectivity of the vital body of the Solar Logos prior to
the final abstraction and subsequent dying out or
obscuration of the solar system.

Spirit and matter are never dissociated during
manifestation; they are are the duality lying back of all
that is objective. Yet some factor is responsible for them -
that which is neither spirit nor matter, that which will be
regarded as non existent by anyone except the initiate.

The adept who undergoes the discipline and who passes
through the initiatory rites has transcended 'color' has
passed beyond the veil and has expanded his consciousness so
that he is at-one with the conscious life of his planetary
Logos. He has therefore arrived at a stage incomprehensible
to man; he is passing out of the realms of substantial forms
altogether into the realm of energy and is passing away from
the realm of awareness altogether.

Jerry welcomes a new member:

Nice to see you, Eric. Hey, I guess you're right about
nonduality connoting duality. Is there anything else you're
trying to say? My best to the family.

Yes, I have very much to say. In-Joy!

I spend almost of my
free time watching and reading currevents. Afar- Kosovo, Turkey, Russia
etc. and Near- Kansas City's peoples communities, my children's village
community french immersion school, their (4) multiple parents and inlaws
struggling, the health and wellness community here, That place called
the nondualitysalon.

Everywhere I look - and it really doesn't matter, of course - there is
transition. some graced with ease- most struggling through, pardon,
viral brain infections and the like.

As comes up within me, but also "put to me" by the communities I embrace
daily, any effort outside myself, can be viewed as dualist. i.e. helper,
teacher, leader, um- fascist. However, you could say the same of opening
awareness purely with-in one's own self. Either is a walk on the
slippery rocks, No?

My acute interest in this small group, in the limited time I have been
aware / following the discussion, centers around this question:

What part of this Quasi-Private exploration is indivigualy
self-centered, and how perhaps does it relate to the planet / cosmos
conditions outside at large, remembering that in reality, there is only

To not waste time here, let me say the following: it has been difficult
to keep my 6 year old from giving up. She's very afraid that somehow all
"the trees are going to die" before she's a grown up. Children know
these things, for those who have forgotten.

Please forgive my own innocence, but in so much that channeling DK is
not beyound any of our reaches, IMHO, We think we are getting distracted
by the little details, No?

Yes - Hello Jerry and all of us.


People simply are what they
are, every incarnation is
unique and the notion of
equality (other than as a
handy legal concept to
mitigate against injustice)
is wishful thinking. In
your idea of equality, what
exactly is seen as equal?
Equal height, equal weight,
equal measurable "IQ"
intelligence, equal
artistic ability? Love --
actual love and not the
tiny conditioned subset of
personal love -- has no
object, it simply is, there
is no question of declared
equality, it is there for
everyone who is open to it.


a classic nondual limerick

from andrew:

There was a young lady from niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside
And the smile on the face of the tiger.


offered from Melody:

Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche has said:

"Due to the degeneration of time, human beings' minds have become more
complex and deluded in their attachment to the external world. So, this age
of extreme confusion demands a teaching of comparably extreme power and
clarity. "

And as HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche stated:

"Dzogchen is a state, the primordial state, that state of total awakening
that is the heart-essence of all buddhas and all spiritual paths, and the
summit of an individual's spiritual evolution. "


Melody: Would you elaborate a bit on your example:

Speaking symbolically: can God become Adam,
>experience a fall, and simultaneously act as Jesus and ressurect itself
>from the fallen condition that it predestined when it manifested
>what is finite? This is the wholly Other acting within the Self,
>beyond the Shadow, to end the dialectical process of Self and Shadow.

Dan: The "unthinkable" One, being timeless and imageless, has
simultaneously fallen and ressurected, separated and reunited. This is its
infinity, undiminished by manifestation of the finite - its purity
undefiled by seeming limitations - its totality uninterrupted by apparent
delusions. In fact, it turns out that it was using delusions the whole time
- to create a basis for liberation, that it was using the Shadow all along
- to reveal the emptiness of Self. The emptiness of Self reveals the
wholly Other, which cannot be contained by either the Self or the Shadow.

The self that is "me," being in time, seeks to defeat the timeless
movement, to exclude the One, to maintain its erroneous perception that it
has existence and continuity, its belief that it has somewhere to go,
somewhere it needs to be. This unreal self, the "fallen" condition of
being within time, was predestined by the act of manifesting physical
reality. Physical reality requires time, space, duration, and an observing

The Other is "the Unnameable" which can act in the self to end the self.
The Shadow of the Self is the result of the "selfness" which is misused to
provide a sense of unity. The Shadow thus has a positive function: to
reveal the limitation of using Selfness as a means to provide unity. Being
aware of, and using constructively, the energies of this Shadow leads to
One beyond Self or Shadow. That is, it is the That which is beyond Self or
Shadow (which I'm calling "Other"), which can fully end false selfness,
thus revealing the unity of Self and Shadow which your original writing
implied to me.

The ending of self is the timeless moment, the moment of no-time in which
fallenness and ressurection are simultaneous.

Would you help me to understand what you're saying?
I'm not sure what you mean by 'wholly Other'?

Dan: By "wholly Other" I mean that which is absolutely not within
categories of thought, perception, memory, familiarity. The truly Unknown,
Unnameable. That which is not representable by any image, experience,
duration, sensation, or form of knowledge. To say "All is Self," or "All
is God," without the "entrance" of this Other into oneself is to speak
meaningless syllables. The Other will act by emptying unreality, by not
continuing anything that is not of Itself. Thus the entrance of the Other
is a major shift in the self, making what was comfortable uncomfortable,
what was uncomfortable comfortable, what was familiar unfamiliar, and what
was known unknown.

In other words, any perception, image, or self capable of being maintained
and continued in time would not be capable of being maintained in the
activity of this One. If there is a vision of Self that is being used by
self to maintain its continuity, the entrance of this Other will dispel
this vision. The foreignness of this Other is related to its ability to
end the selfness of the self, thus turning the self toward the Other and
into the Other.

Finally, the "otherness" of this Other completely ends the instant there is
no self trying to maintain an existence. In that instant of no
self-preserving or self-protecting activity there is only the wholly Other,
thus it is no longer Other.

Gene: <snip> Seeking 'reality' within the world-dream means to agree to
world-dream precepts; it is that agreement, which is the 'Faustian bargain'
that is the trading of _plain self_ for temporal 'authority'.

Dan: Gene, appreciative thanks for this, & for other recent postings
regarding the fictionality of apparent realities. You indicate that we can
be in the world and not of the world.

Who will own us, the dream-king or the reality-king, will we serve Mammon
or God? Our voluntary servitude to the wrong ruler can be viewed as
hypnotic suggestion, genetic heritage, cultural transmission, or karma.
Regardless of how we explain it, our allegiance to unreality is associated
with an attempt to preserve the status quo, i.e., survival, continuity, the
past, our expectations. A key thing to me in this is that the world-dream
requires that we sacrifice to it: our lives, our thinking, our energy, our
awareness. This sacrifice is based in denial. Denial of the pain of
giving up our true being. We avoid waking up so as to avoid the pain from
which our sleeping now "protects" us. The world-dream is organized so as
to be inculcated in the vulnerable, maintained through belief, perception
of belief as perception, and belief that belief is necessary for reality.
The circular logic of the dream requires us to substitute the past for the
present, and to be unable to communicate or gain admission to the
marketplace where we are bought and sold, unless we make this substitution.
We must account for our past, continually observe ourselves in terms of
the judgments of the past, negate freedom in the name of freedom, and
introject the scrutinizing forces to the extent that our self is identified
with them. The world-dream's version of freedom (i.e., freedom to consume,
buy, achieve status, gain respect, etc.) is enforced by severe threats and
penalties for living another version of freedom (i.e., freedom to be, to
perceive, to feel, to think clearly).

We find teachings that support our ideas that we are growing, or
"realized," while we can continue dreaming (at the deepest levels).
Teachings that invalidate our pain or which inflict additional and
unnecessary pain are using techniques to maintain the images that continue
the dream. I view your statements about susceptibility to teachings as
on-target, particularly in this light - they protect us from really knowing
the pain we are in.
It is important to observe, from what is this dream protecting me/us? Upon
what is this dream playing to gain my allegiance in selling it my soul?

The Living Nondual Realizer knows no precepts, no laws, only freedom. Such
a one is free of and immune to any 'teachings' whatsoever. Such a one, may
enter conversation. In that conversation, all precepts, beliefs, teachings,
and paths are revealed to be the noise of the activity of mind.

In the clarity, noise is noise; there is no hierarchy of noise, no noise
which is better than any other noise. The world-dream debate as to the
relative superiority of one teaching to another is itself noise. All
teachings are moot.

Dan: Perhaps some teachings may genuinely point to the way to end this dream.
These are teachings offered by those who were willing to end the self, give
birth to the soul that had been aborted by allegiance to unreality, and who
had compassion for those lost in trance. They are teachings that don't
scoff, are not smug, convey respect for the being of all, do not enshrine
limited human precepts and percepts, do provide an opening for light. Such
teachings do not treat human suffering lightly or cavalierly. They also do
not substitute either the teaching or the teacher for Reality. Reality
itself, as it is, is not a teaching - seeing this clearly, no teaching is
needed at that point.


<Alchemy, the combining of two or MORE elements,
Point being for me so far, I see sooo many opinions,
yet trapped in the limits of a dualistic conversation (she said then he

yess same old, old same olddd dead.

Continuing The Thread: synthesis.

Sharing this conversation with a fellow heartland dweller just yesterday,
He said "NonDuality?, I like this...(continuing) That reminds me of a story,
'The person who turns two into one tells the truth, the person who turns
one into
two, lies.'"

But this is an ancient story, in every book, a it may be the last story.

Where's the sage amongst us who can follow by integrating ALL?
Bridge that. IAm ready, are you?


...Reality is only the reflection of the self's perceptions, and low, IS
the best teacher. That's is why
I keep repeating: GET OVER IT. This is a choice, and perhaps that is a
teaching. What does one do
once they realize they want to wake up? Cling to the pillow? Ignore the
buzzer? What kind of processing are you achieving with your eyes glued shut
with the pastey sand of yesterday's life?

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