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Highlights #880

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11/6/01 Tuesday


My name is Steinway PianoHands
The piano keys are my digits
Whites and blacks live side by side
In harmony through my touch

I perform finger ballet dancing
Steps of crisp lightning octaves
Everest scales climbing heights
Arpeggios graced in skipping leaps

Schubert sings through my soul
With a voice that captivates
and enraptures all the sweet
longings of living loveliness

Bach takes a turn of the notes
With intricacies going for Baroque
That Well tempered thing needs
a special tuning for equal sonorities

Beethoven onstage hears aurally
without ears offering Fur Elise
His Moonlight sonata moves
Rock hardened souls to tears

Tchaikovshy makes poignancy
Into emotions sought after
Like lovers bathing in tears of
Enrapturing erotic embrace

Stavinsky has Rites that Spring
Dancers onto the stage of life
The puppet Petrouska no longer
Has strings to make him frown

My name is Steinway PianoHands
I take encore after encore
performing ubiquitously for
Hearts craving divine cohesion


The strength and passion of the attached message is something we should remember forever. It is truly a
wonderful and touching work of art by just another human being in New York City. It may take a few minutes
to download the presentation, but the wait will be amply rewarded when you see it, and I suspect it will put
some things into perspective for those of us who are so consumed with our daily lives and well being.

Be well and take care!

PS Obviously it is recommended you use a high speed connection. This presentation contains a 7 MB flash
file download.
Click here: America Attacked 9 1 1

View this emotionally moving Flash Tribute dedicated to the people who lost their lives and to all the heroes
who responded to 911. - From a resident of New York to all Americans


This one doesn't require patience. Listen to the piano in the


Regarding relationships, on another list i wrote:
Over 50% of marriages end in divorce - which
means the amount of unhappy relationships is way higher.
A fact of life for which can't be changed.
The conclusion to draw from that will vary - from
refraining from relationships to continuing unhappy
ones. The similarity with "seeking behavior" isn't a coincidence.

Memory is but a record of events.
Without stimulus the act of finding can't be remembered.
No feelings asking to be gratified, no thoughts running,
nothing "pops up" even while memory is intact
and senses are functioning.

That could be called "peace"...


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