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Thursday, November 8


Could someone please explain. Suffering and
consciousness are identical.


My take on a possible answer would be that
everything is Consciousness. Suffering is not a
synonym for Consciousness but it could not have its
relative existence without it.


Nisargadatta says (p399 of I Am That)
"Consciousness is always of obstacles; when there
are no obstacles, one goes beyond it."


Yes. Identification is suffering. One can only
'know' what one is not.




Here is something you could try, let everything be
your practice. Whatever you do, let it be done with
presence and care.

washing the dishes
going to the store
playing with the kids
having pizza
bumping bones with someone
mowing the lawn
shoveling shit
delivering pizza
flying a plane
delivering a baby!

You know, just whatever you find yourself doing.
Let it be practice - of what?
Being just being, which of course you already are - just being.
No need to make too much of it.
After all, ordinary activity is buddha activity.

pax domini vobiscum - michael




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