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Highlights #891

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Saturday, November 17


It's truly amazing how the concepts that "I' adopt
seem to define my so-called individual reality.

There's a story that goes somewhere in America,
there's a worm farm and not being a gardener
myself, I understand people actually grow garden
worms to sell as they oxygenate (()2) the soil to
promote healthy gardening.

The story goes that one farmer started producing a
much larger size of worm and it started selling
extremely well and naturally caught the attention
of the other worm farmers naturally.

Of course, like in all marketing strategies, the
farmers purchase worms of this particular farmer to
try and figure out what he was doing to make his
worms become more productive and desirable through
their size. (Listen up men!)

They did all the standard' worm tests' and were
absolutely dumbfounded to what this particular worm
farmer was doing to create such a magnificent

The successful worm farmer was doing so well, he
decided to sell up and retire after a number of
years and at this stage, no-one had yet figured out
how he was producing these large worms.

Just in case you are wondering what he the farmer
was up to,

the farmer found a worm that wasn't related to the
garden worm variety, it was a species that was much
larger and he put the garden variety when they were
small in with these larger worms.

The young garden variety had no prior concepts of
how big they were supposed to grow, so they just
assumed that they were supposed to grow to the size
of these larger worms that they were living with.

Back in a minute, I just want to go and have one
more look at the role models I've decided I want to
be like.



Some like to play master
To awaken one faster
exert a shock
to loosen a block
But sometimes that is a disaster

Some have seen the light but never seen the lamp
They are the ones with sight who do not see the damp
What works for me
It works for thee
So just endure a little cramp

The meaning of nondual is not_two
Yet is seems a game of peekaboo
Erratic searching in vain
Costing many a pain
And then "IT" is "found" at the loo....



There is a "hidden" key to funny anagrams and here
is another example:

husband and grace - absurd and change
mankind and grace - ranking mad dance
humans and grace - hangman crusade
moksha and grace - shocked anagram
world and grace - cold war danger
heaven and grace - enhanced ravage
hell and grace - recalled hang
pets and grace - garden aspect
sinners and grace - rancidness range
money and grace - a greedy con man

Dear cigar managers! - America's grand rage -
marriages and grace

Jerry Katz and grace - crazy jerk and great!

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