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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #90

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A non-dual Creation Story:

The goddess saw herself reflected in the void...and reached
out to herself....splitting herself....and created the
polarities....forever joined, forever separate......male and
female the human incarnation of this phenomenon....

joined in essence...separate in phenomenology...coming of
one, returning to one, in the process appearing apart, but
leaving from and returning to sameness...

awareness of essential sameness eases the separation and
allows us to walk "apart" together....

Love, Kristi

Have you thought of ceasing the search and seeing what is
present? Or carrying the search further until you see
what's on the other side?

This is your death bed and everything is fading.


"Where is that Holy Grail, anyway?"

It could be that old tea cup you inherited from your
The most beautiful and sublime sometimes reside in the most



I am currently pondering whether we are evolving as Teilhard
de Chardin, Ken Wilber, and others suggest, and how this
question is meaningful for the emotional investment of our
"doing" or teleology. I had always assumed that our purpose
in living was to make the world a "better place." Now, in
some ways, it seems it is best to work without any
attachment to results.



I would agree about this "working" business. Most
of the self emposed grief in my life has come from my
expectations and attachment to the outcome of any given
situation. All of my liberation, or Enlightenment has come
from the bliss of experience without judgement. That is
what I believe we are here for, to completely experience all
aspects of Goddess in all of it's apparent dualisms and to
call it blessed. That would apply to all of life's most
painful expressions as well. This perspective is more
difficult to live then to type,but it is of a simple wisdom,
one we can give our children.

Happy days and Blissful Nights, Erin


If nonduality was possible, you wouldn't need this computer,
or your fingers to type out your messages. Wouldn't need
messages... or anything, since it is all nothing.
So, is your quest FOR nonduality, or do you BELIEVE you are
'in' nonduality? To arrive at nonduality, you have to use
the vehicle of duality. You have to 'reason' nonduality.
If you 'believe' you are 'in' it, then that 'belief' is
duality thinking. Can we not be open and honest about this?

The only problem I have with 'nonduality' is the denial
required to 'get there' pretending one doesn't have to 'get
there' to be 'there' when 'there' doesn't even exist
according to the belief, which is another contradiction,
because you cannot 'believe' in nonduality, anymore that you
can believe in 'nothingness'.

Ergo: nonduality is a belief system, like any other belief



Vedanta: There is no chicken. There is no road. There is
no crossing.

Krishnamurti: There is no Theosophical Society. There is no

--Bruce, by way of Bob


I feel as if I have experienced what I call planetary
Is this possible? It feels non personal but definitely
emotional in the sense that compassion is emotional. It is
just not personal. It is like, as an example, feeling
altogether how all the mothers of the planet feel towards
their children.

So it is not my child or your child. It feels like a
different level of consciousness than even when I feel
compassion for my child as a being separate from me. It
feels more global. Is this imagination or not? :-)


You can't force enlightenment. - Cap'n

I always suspected that Cap'n Crunch was an enlightened
Buddhist master.
All my friends laughed. They said that Tony the Tiger, with
his method of teaching people to push themselves to new
physical limits, was clearly the superior being.

"Show them you're a tiger.
Show them what you can do."

Meanwhile, what's the Cap'n up to? Not much. Lately he's
just been "hanging out" and "trying to make it happen" with
a group of badly drawn, but very hip, cartoon characters.

Still, I cling to my fantasy. Perhaps I am delusional.
Cap'n Crunch, while dressed in navy regalia, seems to have
no ship. There are rumours that he was once, long ago, a
cartoon character with his very own TV show, but now he is
merely the face of a cereal. Has he eliminated his desire
to be on television and now only sells "food", a symbolic
version of enlightenment? The answer seems to be yes.

Other cereals have much to tell us. Toucan Sam leads us
through the jungle on a mystical quest. Follow your nose?
Indeed, my little feathery friend.
Our nose will lead us to enlightenment. Catch Lucky? My
God, yes, I will catch him, and his marshmallow surprises,
thus achieving a state of nirvana.

Silly rabbit, Tricks are for kids! Yes, for you see, all
desire will frustrate us. Let go of desire, and you shall
receive all that you need.
Were the rabbit to cease his chase, he would find serenity,
and Tricks would be given to him freely.

But the Cap'n is the one who will lead me to a higher plane
of existence.
He has a sword, but does not draw it from its sheath.
Perhaps, somewhere under the folds of his blue uniform, is a
gun he never uses. The Cap'n is too wise for such tricks.
Instead he uses his mind to defeat the Soggies, and any
other foes he might encounter.

I bow low before the master. I eat his breakfast cereal. I
approach bliss.


--contributed by Gene off USENET


I've looked for my soul and I can't seem to find it
anywhere. Can you show me yours?

This is the crux of the issue, if you believe that you have
(or are) an enduring (immortal) soul then that is duality.
If this belief is not held, that is nondual. When I look
for my soul, all I can finally see is the whole of
existence, the totality of the perceivable.
I have no way of knowing where to draw a line so as to say
"This side is me, that side is not me". So nonduality is
not a belief, rather it is the absence of belief.



Indeed, there are moments in relationship when
"relationship" itself dissolves. "Two" are no longer
divided. It is even too much to say they "become one".
Interpreting the It is a couple of removes from the fact of
It. Even calling it "It" is superfluous and distancing.

"Nonduality" is calling to your attention that "zone" of
life in which is ecstasy, when you are fully awake and
conscious and blissful at once. It happens.



Conditioning wasn't made in a split second and won't
disappear in a split second either. Recognizing what was
never lost is the beginning and from then the
transformations start taking place.



Some could remark that 'no belief' is the belief that there
is no belief. It reminds of the decider who decides to
decide to... and "who is the perceiver of the perceiver
of...." In other words, infinite regression. There is no
way to prove nonduality. No body can show a soul, the mind
or the spirit, true. Indicative that something is wrong is
the word "my" when referring to soul, mind and spirit. The
owners of these items are perhaps aided by Ramana's "who am



That is exactly the point, yes? To experience, to make the
"laws" the "realities" your own, to *know* rather than



When I leave this digital domain and all the abstractions of
thought and belief in this or that and wonder out amongst
the giant oaks and beautiful maples, that is when I truly
feel that everything is connected and I have a visceral
experience of nonduality.


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