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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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11/26/01 Monday



"When...the soul is aware that it is looking at God, loving him, and
knowing him, that is already a retrogression."

Meister Eckhart

What does retrogression mean in this context?



Means that focusing on it takes you out of focus.


God, I need new glasses. 8)


re: tree in forest

Hi Bobby G.

All the 'answers' are 'correct'.

It is not about the 'answers' - it is about the *IMPACT* of
the question and its exploration.

It is the journey AND the destination.


shifting gears

try today
as you go out to play and work
to shift gears
shift into neutral and glide

move over into the passenger seat
let god drive
gaze at the scenery
enjoy the ride

bye bye!


I like what you say, Bobby G. I have a 6-month advaita vedanta class that
I teach in Soho, Manhattan. I have a standing offer to the students: I'll
gladly pay $10,000 to anyone who can establish the existence of anything at
all outside of an observer, awareness, etc. I could have upped the offer
to a million. But I wanted them to take it more seriously. But it's a
safe bet, and though they have tried, no one has yet cashed in!



Well, Yes, Consciousness can be magical.
In the early part of the 20th century as science progressed toward a better
understanding of the material world, the picture that emerged from
the investigation of the smallest constituents of matter was very puzzling.
At the level of our senses the world seams to be real and objects normally behave
the way we expect them to. But when scientists tried to understand what matter
is made of, they made a strange discovery.

The smallest building block of matter is the atom, which itself is made of fundamental
particles. These particles do not obey the classical laws of physics, so a new set of
laws had to be formulated and this is what we call Quantum Mechanics. What this
theory teaches us is that matter does not really exist! Scientists have found that particles of
matter are potentialities that become actuality only when we observe them. In other
words there is a direct link between our consciousness of them and the
manifestation of their existence.

Some particles pop out of nothing and immediately return to the vacuum of space. This is
why they call them virtual particles. Yet if they did not "exist" there would be no exchange
of energy in the universe. So they exist and they exist not. What allows them to exist and not
exist, at the same time, is the haziness that permeates the quantum world. There is even a
mathematical law to express that haziness and it is called the Uncertainty Principal. This
principal puts a limit to what we can know about the outside world. For example if we
want to know where a particle is, we will not be able to know it's momentum, or vice
versa, if we want to know it's momentum we won't be able to ascertain it's position.
In other words, we have to make a choice, because we can't know both at the same time.

This new insight about matter was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century
at approximately the same time Einstein came out with his Theory of Relativity which
demonstrated that space and time were not absolute references but that space could
expand or contract, and that time could slow down or run faster. What both theories made
us aware of is that our senses give us the illusion of a "reality" and that an other "reality"
can be devised by our mind alone.

Steve Kalec

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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