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Highlights #903

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Thursday, November 29

U.G.Krishnamurti being interviewed( a small

Q: But we can never be absolutely sure that there is
not some
way out, no matter how fantastic or improbable it
may be ...

U.G.: As long as there is that hope that you can
somehow or
the other get out of the jungle, so long will you
what you are doing-- searching--and so long you feel
You are lost only because you are searching. You
have no way
of finding your way out of the jungle.

Q: So if one could just stop....

U.G.: No, that's not it at all. You still expect something to
happen. That expectation is part of the problem. That is why
you are pursuing these questions. Your expectations are part
of your desire to change everything. Nothing needs changing;
you must accept life as it is. Through "change" you hope and
expect to be born again. What the hell for? This life is
enough. There is no peace in this life, no lack of
unhappiness, so you wait until your next life to be happy.
It's not worth it. You may very well not be born again. After
all, it is only a hopeful theory to you. You may as well find
out for yourself if it is possible to be at peace with
yourself now.



dear Amigo's

it's back: Amigo, web-magazine voor Non-Dualistic approaches,
with the second edition

this time with contributions of Wolter Keers, Jan van Delden,
U.G. Krishnamirti, Tony Parsons and others

the subject: the impersonal, the impossibility of possessing

you can find it on:



The Inner Directions gathering is being held February 15-17.
Great speakers and atmosphere. It's right across from the
beach in La Jolla, California. They do a beautiful job in
organizing and presenting the gathering. I really enjoyed it.

And the best part is the Saturday night NDS gathering. You
don't even have to be signed-up for the Inner Directions
gathering to be a part of it. Basically it's a few of us
getting together. Last year was great, with cee, Jody, Igor,
Thomas and Diane Murphy, Christiana, Chuck Hillig and his
cool friends from Ojai, Christiana, and of course myself
hogging all the food.

Hopefully those guys will try to make it this year and others
will as well. Hoping Diana and Metta Zetty will join us.
Metta is a featured speaker this year. Let me know if you're
interested in the Saturday night NDS gathering, so we have an
idea of how many. If you're in southern California, stop by!
It's NDS at its best.

Here's the link to Inner Directions for information on the

To summarize, there is the Inner directions gathering which
costs like $275 or something. It's worth every cent. And
there's the Saturday night NDS bash, which costs nothing
except what you order at the restaurant. Or it may be at
someone's cottage. We'll let you know.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: