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Highlights #910

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Thursday, December 6

from HarshaSatsangh

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Sangha,

Last week on Thursday, I received a call from my wife, that
she had gone into premature labor. In the middle of
complicated and uncertain circumstances, an emergency
c-section was performed and our baby daughter was delivered.
Both my wife and daughter are at home now. Mira (my wife's
choice for the name) came 7 weeks early and generally is OK
other than some usual issues that babies who come early may
have to deal with. She is a most welcome addition to the
family. The pediatrician is closely monitoring her and we are
all optimistic. I flew home last Thursday when I heard what
was happening and for five days was holding Mira and looking
at her. She is smaller than our other children but very
special and beautiful. Coming in my middle age, I am
cherishing this gift. In a few weeks when the semester ends,
I will again rejoin my family. Wanted to share the good news
with you.

Will catch up with the e-mail over the next few days.

God bless you Love to all



Enlightenment is an image in the mind.

The mind strives for the image it projects.

Some people project the image of "doing practices
to reach enlightenment."

Other people project the image of "I'm already always
enlightened, so there is no seeking here."

Some people project "I'm with an enlightened teacher."

Others project "I'm the enlightened teacher."

In all cases, it is an image of the mind.

Doing or being a non-doer are equally

What is not a mind image won't be conceived,
aimed at, celebrated, nor spoken about.

It won't be reached, embodied, or realized.

It is beyond "enlightenment" or "ignorance" ...

There is no time for it to "come into the system,
be the system, or become the system"

There is no place for it to enter the person, or
to be entered by the person.

The death of the mind is not supernatural,
just the only thing that can "occur" when
reality is, with no image attempted
as an "overlay".

Thoughts may occur, they just aren't systematized
or imaged as "a mind or being that knows" ...

The body no longer exists as an image, yet goes
on about its business -- who knows why or how?


from Guru Ratings List

"If you believe in awakened Masters and unawakened disciples,
you've got to wonder. How many other supposed awakened
Masters do you know, who (a) have not "graduated" any of
their students, and (b) have had no students spontaneously
awaken? Would you go to a professinoal or technical school
that had a ZERO record of job placement?"

Greg has a very good point here. Most masters have a very
poor record of enlightening their students. But first we have
to arrive at a solid definition of what enlightenment is ...
perhaps a scale of 1 to 10 that can be tested and
unequivocally challenged. Then we can start rating the
teacher on the basis of the number of people they graduate.

I remember in Drunvalo's video's, in his history of the
world, he talked about Ay and Teye, the first couple who
supposedly achieved enlightenment in ancient Lemuria (through
Tantra). They set up a mystery school, and as they had
attained immortality, they taught in Lemuria for thousands of
years. From about 80,000 BC (I'm quoting here from the Flower
of Life material - whatever you believe, its a great story!).
After teaching for thousands of years, they had only
graduated 1,000 students (these people became the "Ascended
Masters"). Drunvalo also states that in Atlantis where
mystery schools taught for 20,000 years, they only graduated
600 people.

This is channelled material, so take from it what you may.
But if these figures were correct then teaching enlightenment
is a pretty slow business! I suggest you don't pay the
ferryman until you get to the other side.


This is just spiritual materialism! Enlightenment has nothing
to do with league tables - it is not a schools' competition.
My understanding is that a Master shares his truth, love,
bliss and freedom without expectation. If we get involved in
the numbers' game, it is almost the same as certain religions
claiming that they are the best because they have the biggest


from the Nonduality Salon website

This investigation is based on the assumption that there is a
severe global crisis of injustice and ecological damage that
primarily stems from the elite-controlled institutional
policies of western culture. Working from that premise the
issue at hand is how to overcome the root of the problem that
drives the interlocking oppressions symptomatic of
westernization. Since the root problem has been analyzed at
length in the past, I provide simply a brief presentation and
then focus on the facets of implementing the solution as the
subject of my experiential applied research and what I
contend to be dialectically transcending nondualism.

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