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Highlights #916

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Wednesday, December 12


I saw Wayne Dwyer (sp?) on PBS yesterday. He's
a great
speaker coming from the nondual. I woke up this
thinking about his talk. He had so many messages.
He said so
many great things and quoted all the geniuses of all
from Christ to Emerson to Einstein, you name it.
Even Regis
Philbin. Anyway. I guess listening to him is like
eating one
chip after another. You can't eat just one. You can't
go with
just one message. When the bag of chips is done, it
all felt
well and good while eating them, but afterward what is there?
I'm left with my own suffering and trying to remember all Dr.
Dwyer's remedies. The bag of chips is empty, but now it
resembles a medicine cabinet. It's empty too. Maybe that's
the message. What suffering?


Are you are trying to confuse me? Isn't the suffering there?
Who is experiencing the suffering?


I'm suffering when I start allowing people and events to
tether themselves to the experience of body/mind tensions
that show up constantly. If I just focus on the tension
itself, it goes away, and the slate is clean. Not that I
always succeed. There's a tension, it is what it is, it goes
away, it comes and goes. That's basically life. Life isn't
all the things that glom onto those tensions and one's
dealings with them, although one would think so.


Right on, Jerryberry,

I have a feeling that something similar will happen when I go
get my physical on the 19th. The doctor will ask me what's
been going on, how I FEEEEEEEL (/riotous laughter... that one
word does it!/), and I will have to then focus on possible
health stuff, tell her, and then BOOM, I've given that health
stuff hierarchical importance over everything else I have
been FEELing... and all of a sudden, I feel sick... and need
to spend more money to go see her again to get blood tests
done, etc. etc.

Ok ok, so I was thinking I should maybe perhaps get blood
tests done before I wrote this message and implied that that
wouldn't come until after I spoke with the doc... BUT...

I suppose my point is that whatever I focus my energy on
grows in importance.

Why is it that no one ever asks you how you feel well?
Wouldn't need to fix nearly as much, eh? Couldn't make money
on it! Couldn't get interviewed on PBS for it!

Oh good grief, where is my sedative, or anti-depressant, or

I'll leave you to fend for yourself now. <grin>


I don't know if it's on the same show that Wayne Dwyer was
telling Deepak Chopra that the the key to life is simplicity,
simplicity, which Deepak replied, "In that
case, one simplicity would do".


If someone asked me the same question, I'd reply: surrender,
surrender, surrender.


Gloria Lee offered:

Simplify, simplify, simplify. _____Thoreau "I love you just
the way you are." _____Mr. Rogers

The above is from the Nonduality Salon Highlights Issue #37.


Wasn't gonna correct it, but six emails later, I'm kinda
feelin' sorry for the guy. It's Dyer. Wayne Dyer. No Dubya.


A nondual nugget from that man with the hair:

Yesterday's E-mail is no less significant than the New
Testament, and no more. - Deepak Chopra in How to Know God


MICHAEL READ from The Way Station

One of my favorite folks in the satsang game is Amber
Terrell. She was in Taos this summer so I went to see her.
Amber is/was a student of Gangaji who is/was a student of
Papaji who is/was a student of Ramana. So, that's the

Anyway, Amber said something that pertains to this whole
rudeness thing. Whe said that the guru doesn't want to
reaffirm you or reinforce your seeking. Rather, the guru
wants to destroy you! - to end your concepts of who you think
you are.

Nisargadatta would often kick people out of his satsang! He
wasn't gentle about it either.

Someone asked Amber about suffering. She told the woman to go
into it, all the way into it - to see if it is real. No, she
did not try to alleviate this person's suffering.


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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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