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Highlights #917

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Thursday, December 13


Everthing that you can think of in this world is either a
game or a toy. Everything that holds your interest is a game
or a toy.

As you mature the nature of your games change. The toys too
are different. As you mature you are no longer interested in
"hide and seek" or dolls. But you fail to realize that
whatever replaces those childhood games are all games too.

Work is a game that gets us money to buy toys. Family is a
game, family members are toys. Religion is a game. When you
get tired of playing all the games you come to a game called
seeking. But it too is a game.

When you lose interest in every game and every toy, you find
yourself living in the now. Day dreams don't interest you,
the past does not interest you, the future does not interest
you. You are at last liberated! You are carefree [in the


Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu Rhyme and Reason by Jim Clatfelter

1. Words and names are not the way They can't define the
absolute It's better that you look within Hold your tongue
and just be mute

Look within and look out too You will not find a separation
Out there you see appearance Within you see origination

Look within with wonder At emptiness and bliss For wonder
names totality Where nothing is amiss

The space within is always there If you can moderate desire A
place of utter emptiness And possibility entire

Lao Tzu begins the Book of Tao by telling us that the Tao,
the absolute, cannot be defined with words. He says we must
look for it. He will repeat this theme throughout. This
looking or seeing is total seeing - looking out at the world
of appearance and looking in at its origin in the spacious
emptiness at the very center of our being. This emptiness is
truly empty and truly great because it contains all
possibility, all potential, and all that appears. It's the
source of all that exists - and aware of itself as such. What
a promise! He even tells us where to look. Look within for
origin. Look without for creation. Look and see both ways
simultaneously. Origin and creation are one! Lao Tzu makes
another promise. This emptiness that is totality is also
bliss and wonder. Bliss is our true identity!


GILL EARDLEY from Nondual Quotes

It does nothing, yet it has fashioned the universe.
Sustaining the entire universe, it does nothing at all. All
substances are non-different from it, yet it is not a
substance; though it is non-substantial it pervades all
substances. The cosmos is its body, yet it has no body...
that infinite consciousness is and is not. It is even what it
is not. All these statements about what is and what is not
are based on logic, and the infinite consciousness goes
beyond truth, beyond logic.

'Vasishtha's Yoga' (pp. 377-378)


from Live Journal

value in detachment?

Perhaps another question might be, is there any value in
cultivating a detached demeanour in my daily life? If the
totality of our experience is truly universal, it might be
natural not to attach too much importance to individual
events or experiences; however, what benefit (or detriment)
might there be to looking beyond what appears to be different
between one another, in order to recognize that we're all
bound by the same essential existence?

Whoops - went into flake mode, there. These are general
concepts though, which one would need to adapt to one's
particular understanding or life context in order to properly
consider them. But I think it's all worthwhile to consider.
There is the illusion of moving forward, while we move around
and interact with others over time. It is largely an
illusion, though; we're still just here, being.

cee dropped some good lines recently, as usual. She gets into
this unfolding of formlessless in a pure, advaitan way.


from Live Journal

o.k! o.k!
you DO have to give up everything
but it's not what you think
you never HAD anything to begin with

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