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Highlights #922

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12/18/01 Tuesday



If you think the cocoon will just
║fall away all natural like, then you are doomed to life in the
║cocoon.the buterfly will never appear.

Caterpillars have to eat and digest - just sitting and waiting would be a fruitless effort.
Eating and digesting are natural functions, humans can resist - with predictable results.
Whether the caterpillar knows or not, it will go with the flow (work to eat) and will
resist what hinders that. "Civilized" humans are uprooted to what is natural and rooted
to what is unnatural - ages of showing that, didn't change it.

By the use of clever metaphors, in Sufism and the N.T. for instance, can be seen
that apperception is but the realization of a cocooned butterfly. "Work" starts there,
as the "goal" can't be any clearer. How "difficult" yet, shows the very existence of
such stories. The story of the prodigal son is an apperception story in that story...
A subtle hint at the fractal nature of "whatever can be perceived". Hence the paradox,
that apperception, which wouldn't have been lost with "proper upbringing/education",
is impossible to "achieve" because the spinning layers of conditioning have to be given up
first and effort will only add conditioning. Once removed, the next "target" is the sense
of "i and you" which only shows in adverse conditions. Hence the illusion of that "work"
while in a secluded cave. Without stimuli, no potential will open, empty and dissolve.
Not a surprise as sentient life is auto-configured to "deliver" what is referred to
as "ultimate boon" amidst sharing and caring, at least so, for humans.


"Nature is fractal in nature"


Take a day off now and then.
Play, laugh, have fun.
Do something silly now and again.
Perform a random act of kindness.
Delve into senseless beauty.

Surprise someone with tenderness.
Take your cares and worries on a hike
and leave them in the wilderness.
Pick some wildflowers and marvel
in their beauty.


The caterpillar just does what's natural, for a caterpillar,
and the little wee beastie has no need to figure that out.


MATTHEW true. and humans don't really need to figure anything
out either. humans also cannot do anything natural until they work
their way out of the cocoon.

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Jerry Katz
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