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Friday, December 28

DAVE OSHANA from Oshana list

How do you know that it is not
possible to know how and when
somone will wake up?

One of the really funny, and seriously
things about the contemporary seeking
circuit is that seekers
tell teachers what is right and what
is wrong based upon
myths and misunderstandings.

I would take a more middle path on
this. I'd agree that it's
common to not know how and why
awakening happens, but it is
possible to get information about it as it iss happening, and
to sense what how best to assist.

It really is like giving birth even a re-birth.

The baby is going to come anyway, right? Know one really
knows exactly where and when the expectant mother will go
into labour but there are recognisable signs. Midwives are
acutely aware of a variety of signs that ordinary people are
not, and of course the mother-to be definitely knows
something big is coming down (similarly Awakening is

So the baby is coming. What to do? Assist. Go with the
contractions. Clear the canal. Reduce the unnnecessary pain.
Help the mother rest. When the baby comes then what to do?
Nothing - let baby feed on mum's milk, let mum feed baby.

Yes, Teaching Enlightenment is Spiritual Midwifery. Baby is
going to come anyway. Teacher smooths the way.

Now, I can tell you that I have 'seen' awakening happen to my
students. I have seen it close up and miles away.

Did I choose it? No

I waited for it.

I waited even when the student had no idea that any waiting
was going on. The Buddha waited under a tree. If you wait in
the right place you can get it. But if you wait in the wrong
place you will just get eaten alive by ants.

Words are secondary to transmission. A few 'teachers' are
repeating what they have heard, and while it may sound
inspiring - no-one is waking up.

Now, a teacher who has transmission, an enlightened person
would, could sing "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite"
(Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band /Anthology 2)
and someone would wake up.

So, transmission is primary and words are secondary. This was
Ramana Maharshi's approach, and you'll find it there around
any truly awake person, e.g. Buddha, Papaji, Osho and any
teacher of worth, e.g. Jesus Christ, Andrew Cohen. You no
doubt felt energy around Adi Da (Da Free John).

This energy is a good sign but not a proof. There are many
energies, each teacher has their own flavour, and everyone
has an energetic fingerprint.

Words & books have a place but pathologically and tragically
they tend to be places where spiritual emus and ostriches
bury their heads. Some people aren't ready to wake up yet.

I agree that my learning curve as a teacher is interesting.
It fascinates me. But it's essentially the same event
happening all of the time.

Awakening Awakening Awakening!

And that gives the same Transmision Transmision Transmision!

You see either it's either Full Awakening or it's not. There
is no evolution when ther is only ONE.

love dave



Sometimes we think we have the power to control things....we
have not... We try control our body, our friends, our mind,
the outer and the inner world. In fact...we cannot even
control our very digestion....we are not able to control
anything in this world... "NOTHING IS UNDER CONTROL"

We create a thing named enlightenment-way and we want have
the dominion of that too... We can make nothing about
anything.. We can't even stop this neurotic game we have
created, this self-realization game...we may not give it
up... There's no way.. We're all lost We're all blind...

Who will help us?

God? Ramana? Krishnamurti? Devil?

They can't either...

nothing can help us....


What you say makes sense, because nothing is done. There's no
doing. There's no controlling of one's environment. Who can
help us see that nothing is actually done? Nothing and nobody
can 'help'.


from Social Train Wreck list

There are some arguments in favor of the saying, modern
society itself is anti-social. Because, not well-being is its
goal but the continuation of established interests. Like
those in the medical scene. There have been quite a few
contraptions, using non-ionizing EM waves, with one common
feature: not understanding why and how these devices are
working. With the consequence, that many patients died for no
reason but the conditioning of a ruling few. One pioneer in
this field of healing is described here: Just one of the
many examples met (i didn't file them)..



To the conscious mind isn't falling into sleep and falling
into Self the same thing?

Both involuntary actions. Both shutting down or 'paying no
attention to mind'. Both not possible when the activities of
the mind are at beehive busyness level. Both more easily
entered into when the mind gives up, surrenders playing the
many games and roles it normally plays.

Yet we have been falling asleep from when we were young and
have not lost that ability. Whereas we have lost the ability
of falling into Self.

Yes. It can be that easy. Maybe even easier as you cannot
fall asleep if you are not tired.

Just some prattling! Any takers?



Be quiet.
You are awareness itself.
Live in the happiness
Of your own nature,
Which is happiness itself.

Ashtavakra Gita


from Petros Truth list

"For as long as universes exist and manifold sentient beings
endure and suffer, may I too remain to dispel the misery of
the world, leading all to perfect Enlightenment and

-- Shantideva


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