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Highlights #945

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Fri-Sat, Jan. 11-13, 2001

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For those of you who have woken up, do you fall back to
sleep? I do.

I remember when I did wake up. It was when I was about 16
years old. I had clearity as though I was a crystal ball
where all information passed through me and from every
direction. I could percieve and see things in a way that was
ineffable. I felt like I was a part of the whole universe and
it was beating and alive like a living organism.

As time went on this awareness diminished and I....

Let me see if I can get this accross....

I fell back into my conditioned being and reasumed my
identity that I lived into thus far in my life. Which was
definately not an entirely aware being.....
..................> I look forward to hearing from anyone.

Good Bye


~~~Dear Robert, Hi and welcome. This is my first post to this
list in a long time, but something in your words has moved me
to act. Your experience of Presence/Awareness and then back
to conditioning is quite frequently how it IS. I had only
'peak' experiences from when I was a teenager until about age
44 when Awareness began to dawn in me much more strongly and
frequently. It coincided with coming to a place where I no
longer resisted Presence. You see, in order for Presence to
manifest or come to the forefront of our awareness, we must
disidentify with our 'conditioned self'. This means a kind of
loss or a feeling of dying and our conditioned identity can
resist this very strongly and we can go about distracting
ourselves and running from it for a long time. The only thing
we Know to Do (or Not Do) is to Allow everything and anything
to arise in us and experience it fully, in other words: Open
up to everything, resist nothing that happens within you and
especially remain open and loving to each moment as it arises
in our awareness. This website has some articles that may
help you understand at least. Also his book "From
Seekers to Finders" is good.



How Does It Feel to Be a Heart?

Once a young woman asked me,

“How does it feel to be a man?”
And I replied,

“My dear,
I am not so sure.”

Then she said,
“Well, aren’t you a man?”

And this time I replied,

“I view gender
As a beautiful animal
That people often take for a walk on a leash
And might enter in some odd contest
To try to win strange prizes.

My dear,
A better question for Hafiz
Would have been,

‘How does it feel to be a heart?”

For all I know is Love,
And I find my heart Infinite
And Everywhere!”

(“I Heard God Laughing” – versions of Hafiz by
Daniel Ladinsky)



" I have gathered a posie of
other men's flowers, and
nothing but the thread that
binds them is mine own."

-John Bartlett



One world or none!


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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

Search over 5000 pages on Nonduality: