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Highlights #953

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NonDuality Magazine

NDhighlights is already doing a wonderful job. It is
almost a magazine.
I suggest we have a weekly or monthly magazine
with its own group.
It could be called "The NonDuality Week" or
The voluntary editors could be rotating. Also there
could be special
columns, guest columns. The meat of the Mag
would be top selections from
various non-duality groups, similar to NDhighlights.

Just an addition to what has been posted in Harsha's email.



Thanks for mentioning the Highlights, Jan. It is like a daily magazine.
Thanks to Gloria for editing it with me, and for keeping it going when I was
going to stop doing it, and to Andrew for his long-time involvement. To join,
go to <>. New editors are always

All the Highlights, through yesterday, covering some 8000 hand-selected
emails, are indexed by the search engine at
<>. It covers a tremendous range of subjects
and how they fall into the nondual way.

As I said on Harsha's list, an effort that you're talking about would require
a staff and someone to organize the work and the people. It's more a human
resources challenge than anything else.

I like the search engine possibilities. Imagine indexing tens of thousands of
emails and usenet conversations bearing on nonduality/advaita. Then you plug
in one odd keyword, 'cat' for example, and get 50 articles returned. Suddenly
an interesting article can be written on cats and nonduality. Or look up
'anxiety'. There are over a hundred meaty references, most of them to NDS
emails. Or if you want to be deluged with responses, try 'silence'. Or try

My concentration is on the tools that will allow interesting articles to be
pulled out of the nondual hat. Right now the search engine is an untapped
resource. It can be used to write things that could be published anywhere.



Each creature glorifies You in a different way,
and each is unaware of the states of the other.
The human being doesn't believe that stones utter praise,
but inanimate things are masters of worship.
The seventy-two sects are dubious about each other's state.
Since I pay no attention to the glorification of one who speaks,
how should my heart recognize
the worship offered by the mute?

-- Mathnawi III: 1496-1498; 1500
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
[fwd from Sunlight]


Dear Paul:

I came to Advaita Vedanta by way of Ramana Maharshi and Ken Wilbur.
Before that I studied Patanjali so my understanding is couched in
terms from those resources.

Patanjali gave me the means to accomplish pranayama. To still the
mind is to know the mind.

From a still mind Dualism arises with mental activity beginning with
the observer and the observed.

To be someone seeing the universe is the act of believing you are
that instrument of seeing (the mind and senses) and not the act of
being the universe if THAT can be called an act. Having belief in the
concept that 'all is God' does not change this, not that it is only a
concept in your case. But the concept can be presented by others to
make you think they have had that same experience.

The thought of seeing the universe is superfluous to one who is the

I guess I am writing this because I don't see the sense of following
a religious discipline or being offended after realizing non-dualism.

Yours truly
Bobby G.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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