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I have no form, I have no name
I do not care for shame or fame
Without beginning, without end
I have no goal or an intent

I am ever young yet without age
I am the fool, I am the sage
I am amrita for the wise
The spotless sky is my disguise

I have no joy nor have I grief
Not knowing me, I act as thief
What can be gained that will be lost
But I am free and at no cost

Some maintain I am out of reach
Yet I am in the Heart of all
I do not learn nor do I teach
I respond to a sincere call


Float, float, float, little boat,
float across the sea.
Enjoy the sun, enjoy the sight,
for ever being free.

The stainless pristine mind,
when only silence can be heard.
Soar inner space, enjoy the sight.
Free as proverbial bird.

Enjoy life's everlasting flight.
Not as the doer; as the seer who is sight.
The seer who is free from any vibe,
a state that no one can describe.

The pairs of opposites

The pairs of opposites, they sure can kill.
Take pleasure/pain, love and hate.
For many, just these two will turn the wheel of fate.
The ride of opposites means always paying Yama’s bill.

The pairs of opposites, they always made me ill.
How easy is it just to take the bait
and once more turn the heavy wheel of fate,
winding up once more in Yama’s ever active still.

The pairs of opposites, even in life one has to pay the bill.
Take truth/lie, enjoy and disgust.
Taking a risk can mean even in life one has to bite the dust.
And after life Lord Yama will enjoy another grill.

Real freedom, free from the pairs of opposites:
Lord Yama salutes, bows and forever quits.

Yama (Restrainer) is the Hindu God of death.


Though the object is one, different minds see it differently

For one man, a dog is his best friend
For another man, a delicacy
For a small child, a source of fear
For the family MD, a source of infection
Yet it is the same dog.

Some monk sees a woman as a danger.
One man sees her as his mistress
Another man sees her as his wife
A child sees her as its mother
Yet she is the same woman.

For the lawyer of a suspect, the victim is wrong
For friends and relatives the victim is right
For the judge, the victim is a record
For the lawyer of the victim, a source of income
An onlooker sees the victim as the one who is suffering
But only the victim knows what that is.

A professor in thermodynamics sees cars as simple mechanical devices
Does this make him a better driver than the mechanic who repairs them?
The reflection of the moon in the lake at a windless night and at a stormy night
See things as they are but err on the side of caution for the underdog.

Those who visit Lord Yama with the proper attitude,
return from him with the knowledge of surrender.
Others have to learn through practice and faith.
Faith is to know the mountain is there even if it isn't seen.

It is easy to surrender when feeling miserable.
Surrender when in a pleasant state of mind too.
It is easy to praise the Lord when feeling fine
Surrender is, praising the Lord when feeling miserable too.

It is easy to surrender when feeling deserted with no one to care
Surrender too, when amidst friends and relatives who care.
Instructed by Lord Yama, surrender is till no feeling is left.
Others have to find out by pain and experience.

Life is a movie where one is the actor.
For one surrendered, acting is done.
The knower of God knows the movie to be an illusion.
But the knower still can fall in love with another actor :>)
For one surrendered, this is impossible.
It is like disdaining one's first Love.

For one, Self is the pristine bliss without a cause.
For another, Self is never ending Love,
or Beauty unparalleled.
Instructed by Lord Yama, surrender is till no feeling is left
and one really knows what IS.

Whether in heaven, on earth or in hell,
the Fire of Love will burn everything.
Those who surrender will know what remains.

One is supposed to be surrendered when:

One doesn't know an answer to questions like "how are you doing?"

Someone is doing you a favor and you don't care, hoping it won't show on your face.

Someone is thanking you for a service and you reply with something like " thank you for offering the opportunity"

Walking in a beautiful park you don't feel beauty, only a void and you forget both the beauty and the void.

Dreaming to be walking in an unknown city, you suddenly find out to be naked but no one notices it.

Someone says something you could never agree with and all you do is ask: "do you have something to substantiate



It is called an ego
conditioned thinking will say some
I say it's a yo-yo
It is a feeling and it's dumb

Always in the opposites
Always active to achieve
I say it's a yo-yo
And a very cunning thief

Always stealing peace of mind
Sometimes mad and sometimes kind
I say it's a yo-yo
Making sad and being blind

Always playing doership
Always acting-vip
I say it's a yo-yo
It deserves the whip

A visit to inner space

By merely being, Zen cats show
They are not 'here' nor are they 'there'
When moving 'they' just do not go
'they' have no place and go nowhere

The Zen cats have no mission here
Absorbed in Self they't know fear
They have no feelings anymore
It meant the end of all their lore

The Zen cats don't communicate
Being Self-absorbed for them is fate
They do not speak nor do they write
They don't resist and do not fight

The Zen cats are without a stain
The mind dissolved, they can't feel pain
All questions to the cats in vain
Their being they will not explain

What we do most could be called wait
Like it or not, it is our fate.
When we are born we do not know,
soon we'll be passing through another gate.

Waiting for the flip of the unknown switch
called instant enlightenment without a cause,
that happens when we're somewhat cleared from pitch
and in the meantime, why not take another pause.

Waiting for grace to happen without cause.
Behold - expectations will create a rift.
So take your time and one more pause,
consider life is always giving us a lift.

But if things go wrong some start to pray,
expecting things to change real swift.
If nothing happens some will say,
just wait and see, as praying always is OK.

Life is a wait called serpent's fake.
Hey - time to take a coffee break.
But waiting will not change a fowl
into a silent and wise owl.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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