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Contributed by Bob Bays

I am prompted by the discussion of Suzanne Segal to introduce the list
to a fascinating person whose experience is in some ways analogous to

Kay is a native of Mississippi, complete with the ultimate Southern
drawl, brought up as a thoroughgoing fundamentalist Southern Baptist
with all the trimmings.

Well, she gave up religion (completely!) at a relatively early age, and
went on to become a highly successful business woman., enjoying all the
perks that go with such a life.

Then, one evening in early 1984, while she was driving across the
Mississippi River, a voice inside her head asked, "Is this all there

A couple of weeks later an acquaintance inexplicably gave her a copy of
one of Joel Goldsmith's books, and while reading it she came across the
statement "'I' is God," whereupon everything simply exploded - it
happened to be February 14, and she subsequently called the event the
"Valentine's Day Explosion."

Anyway, it took her four years to sort it out - she went through much
the same ordeal as Suzanne Segal. But Suzanne had been exposed to TM;
Kay had absolutely NO preparation!

In 1989 she finally came into a full understanding of what had happened,
and since then, though she has written nothing, she has held satsangs
with small groups and given some weekend retreats from time to time, the
cost of which is room and board, if any - nothing more. She does have
available quite a collection of audio and video tapes, the catalogs of
which are available from Debra Tru who can be reached at [email protected]

Just the titles are interesting, even if you don't buy one! But the video on which she tells her own
story is engrossing - it's called "Kay Speaks About February 14, 1984."

Having now read some of the scriptures, Kay's comment is the same as
Ramana's: "They confirm my experience." She lives alone on a lovely
spread about fifty miles north of Atlanta.

I wonder how many other such solitary sages are out there!

OM shantih,


Kay has a last name, but she never uses it, and although I once knew it,
I have forgotten! It was the name of her husband, whom she lelt not
long after the "explosion."

She doesn't have a web site either. As a matter of fact she advertises
not at all, except to send to her mailing list notices of satsangs and
retrests. It may interest you to know that all her correspondence is
addressed "To the Rest of Myself."

OM shantih,