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Ramana Maharsh's Death experience and Yoga Nidra

Experience Nonduality | Nondualism via Yoga Nidra

There is No Duality in Deep Sleep -
Yoga Nidra is the experience of Deep Sleep while remaining awake and alert.

Yoga Nidra
20 minutes that will change your life forever

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This isn't an attempt to list every community on Live Journal that leans toward nondual expression. I recommend spending a few hours on Live Journal and getting to know it. By visiting the communities listed below you're bound to meet people with whom you feel an affinity. You can access their journals and meet their friends and the friends of their friends, and on and on.

Other than the way community is formed, Live Journal differs from the Yahoogroups nonduality community by being a much younger crowd, often college age or early twenties.

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