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I'm not telling people what to do or what causes to support. I don't want to function at that level.

Thoughts on the Upcoming Inner Directions Gathering, March 2-4, 2001

Jerry Katz

My radar could be wrong, and it's entirely possible I won't get to talk to so many people at Inner Directions. I'm not an invited speaker. But I sense that people will be receptive and will have been moving in the same direction. I don't see myself selling anything, simply talking to people about what they've already contemplated. What I'll be expressing is that I'm interested in expanding the process that occurs especially on this list.

There is a process that occurs here, a process that people go through when they spend time here and listen. Somehow I see the energy of that process being applied to the world political, social, cultural stages. How? First, the people who are active on those stages have to be identified. Then people have to consider the process they have been through, the process which brought them to nondual understanding, whether the process happened on the internet or in person with a teacher. I see a coming together of people standing alone as nondual realizers, and of people standing arm in arm on world stages. I think these people need each other; there will be some coming together. The direction I'm moving is one of creating a space for people to come together. I'm not telling people what to do or what causes to support. I don't want to function at that level.