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Activism Suggestions

Tim Gerchmez

Dear Jerry,

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em ;-)"...

[editor's note: Tim wasn't necessarily a big supporter of the nondual activism idea at first. These suggestions help shape nondual activism.]

Here are a few ideas --

(1) Convince Dan-ji and Gene Poole to write books!! :-)

(2) Teach everyone on the NDS list HTML, so that EVERYONE can set up their own "nonduality" websites. Get a group started to teach website design... and encourage people to build sites. Inundate the Net with "realizer/confessor" websites...

(3) Make periodic vacations from the NDS list mandatory, to encourage the focus of attention to turn to itself, rather than to others and thought/discursive intellect...

(4) Organize so "loosely" that it appears nobody is organized and nothing is going on...

(5) Remember that supernovas are exploding, galaxies are expanding and contracting, and that nothing we do is of any consequence. From this angle, encourage intense, effortless, yet unattached activity.

(6) Activity should absolutely disregard the idea of any "fruits" or results of that activity. Otherwise it will be pointless and circular.

(7) Make people (humanity in general) aware that they're suffering (so many are unaware), and that there's a way out. Simply "spread the good news" by any method possible. The highest possible clarity/"production values" should be employed.

Love Always,