Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression
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Nonduality Salon (/\)


Greg Goode writes about Nora after spending time with her at the Diamond Hill Monastery Retreat:

Nora - Vast depths of multi-cultural awareness, a bibliophile, with a prodigious memory, and a great navigator with a map. Always had water and fruit for everyone. Has beautiful children that we all fell in love with from the photos. Loves Prince Edward Island.

Nora writes about the Diamond Hill Monastery Retreat:

It was----
but such a much of Nothing!!!
To see and talk in real space with strangers whom you know intimately in cyberspace...... i plunked myself down at the kitchen table and almost never left it, as tempted as this bookworm was to peruse all the interesting books that folks brought more anon love, nora

Various writings from emails sent to the Nonduality Salon email list:

I've been subscribing to this list for a couple of weeks and I just want to express my appreciation of how much it has meant to me as someone who is attempting to live from a nondual perspective--there was even one day recently when I experienced total love and surrender-- which gives me hope.

To keep it simple, isn't ego that which is convinced this bodymind is separate? and True Self that which knows otherwise? probably too simple, eh?

Larry--don't confuse beats with hippies!!! Allan Ginsburg was born in 1926 Beats were 50's--black clothing, avant garde, jazz, wild poetry. lots of drinking and some pot smoking when that was associated with black jazz musicians--oh yes and a mostly intellectual interest in zen(as opposed to practice) Gary Snyder and Philip Kapleau were among the few people who actually went to Japan to practice zen. The 50's were so plastic!! at college me and my girlfriends wore black tights, rode bikes, and carried book bags(not back packs--they were actually bags) and we were considered way out there--this was end of 50's early 60's, and we were frightened virgins all!!--fortunately i married late so was still single and had lots of fun in Oregon in the good ol hippie days.. ex Red House occupant, nora The Red House refers to color, not politics--it was locally famous in Eugene, and when i met my best friend in Japan who was from Berkeley he knew the Red House and crazy Janice!!

ah bukowski--my daughter (The Poet) is nuts bout his stuff-

you know i believe what he wrote--i really do, but... i just finished reading a very interesting article about remote viewing--there really does seem to be a nondual dimension of reality that contains all knowledge, all everything in fact, and some people do seem to know how to access it.. i guess that doesn't necessarily make them special at all, i'm sure it doesn't, but it would be interesting to be able to access this dimension-- which some people do in another way when they have an "enlightenment experience" or a NDE.. Hopelessly Left Brained Double Earth

who knows whether anybody on this list is enlightened? who the hell cares? why are we spinning our wheels about it? as for so called "enlightened ones" only zen roshis and gurus and people like that there are allowed to slap people around--and only their followers who signed on board..... and i personally doubt their enlightenment too..

I went to an "intensive" presentation for 3 hours by Eckhart on Saturday March 11, in New York City-not much i can add to christiana and chuck's comments-- he's like a gentle little elf--clear and open-- his presentation was indeed seamless and powerfully moving--better than his book even--i surreptitiously took
notes (no one else was doing so) and i am so glad i did because reading them over takes me into his presence again--he stayed late and answered questions and then was available for individual questions


Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression