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The Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga

To fully appreciate the purpose of yoga it is useful to understand that out man's necessity to realize his inherent Truth, a number of yogas or methods for returning to harmony with that Truth were developed and disseminated. All these yogas were based on a core Reality. As many could not understand / "hear" that core Reality, those that had realized the Truth looked within their field of consciousness and began to teach these yogas. Due to many circumstances, the teachings became fragmented and the practice of these teachings as part of a core Teaching to a spiritual community was lost.

It may be that mankind is again on the verge of redefining and Naming That Core and building communities that are founded on the fundamental understanding that Man is really and always has been One with his / her spiritual substratum. There will again become a time when the Whole Man or True Man and True Woman, whose sense of "I" is grounded and abides as undifferentiated consciousness, will be understood and the divergent methods and teachings of the many yogas will again merge into the unified core Teaching. This unified view of Man and Yoga is what
Kundalini Yoga is all about.

The Historical Context of Yoga:

It might be useful to start by looking at mankind and the archetypal seeking for unity with the source of one's being and light by looking at the historical perspective.

Through the ages, going back thousands of years we can see that there were periods in which knowledge about humankind and humanity's inherent union with its spiritual source expanded, followed by a period of collapse and fragmentation into sects. The causes, ranging from war to famines to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes and political upheavals, would not only collapse the core teachings that would hold all the developed systems and methods together, but fragment them, as fleeing people would take whatever their specialization was with them and start over.

We can see that 10,000 years ago in Egypt, what is now the Sphinx was carved out with the surrounding 20 to 40 ton stone used to make temples along the river miles away. The spiritual culture of Egypt from 5,000 years ago has all but disappeared. Most of the sciences and arts and spiritual developments from the Roman Empire were also lost and destroyed when the Barbarians and Vandals came down destroying everything in their path, leaving over a population that had declined to 4 million from 60 million previously by the 5th Century, leading to the Dark Ages in Europe. Similar events occurred repeatedly in China, what is now Southeast Asia, India and the Americas.

Again and again, the core Teaching is reawakened to and the Self Realized Sages look into their field of consciousness and draw out the many yogas, so that in their practice the hearts of men and woman becoming pure may suddenly "hear" and abide in the Truth. In a more recent example of the fragmentation of the yogas, 1000 years ago, a farmer in Tibet, known as Marpa the Translator, had a vision of the destruction by invading Moguls of a great University of 100,000 students of spiritual and human teaching in southern India. He made 2 trips with pack mules from Tibet to southern India and learned a number of Yogas from the Siddha Gurus living there (Naropa and Tripola) and brought back with him many volumes of works that became one of the Great Schools in Tibet. The best known student of his was the Tibetan Saint, Milarepa. Shortly after this the entire civilization in that area, the ancient remnants of which are still visible today, was destroyed along with all the accumulated teachings.

Even in recent history, we can see how with the invasion of the Communist Chinese into Tibet, many of the Lamas escaped with partial teachings. Much of what was left was destroyed, with the Monasteries remaining to a large extent restricted and censured and the entire former spiritual culture and orientation of the society, as has happened so many times throughout history, collapsed and fragmented.

But the archetypal force that is immanent within mankind as the "I" of his "I" and the Light of his consciousness, that force which is behind mankind's need to build the Temples and Churches, prevails. However often they are destroyed they are rebuilt, if only for the sake that they house any remnant of the sacred words, in that their reading, some may "hear" their underlying Truth, and out of the scattered fragments of knowledge and from those that "hear" there emerges again and again the yearning towards a spiritual society, where God and man are One.

With each loss of the core Teaching and fragmentation of the yogas, Shiva, Rama, Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Padma Sambava, Guru Nanak and other Self-Realized Sages have brought forth the yogas again as a cohesive whole, that those unable to directly realize their inherent Truth, would have the means to purify their hearts and see God.

The True Man and True Woman:

The Consciousness of Man is Being and Light. Man, or what we call the body/mind, is really one whole and homogeneous undifferentiated field of consciousness. The distinctions and categorizations of levels of consciousness, such as waking, dreaming and deep sleep, and separate and distinct centers and related planes of consciousness and the various systems and mechanisms in the body, have been defined and developed by the mind of man for the sake of discussion, but are really one undifferentiated whole, appearing upon the substratum of all-pervasive Being/Consciousness. This "field" appears in consciousness, and the sense of Being is focused through the lens of the mind with the pure satvic sense of "I" and attaches itself to the images arising in the field, such that we identify with the thought impression: "I am these thoughts and images." "This body and sensations and impressions and thoughts are mine."

When the lens of the mind becomes balanced and purified, there is a natural inclination for the sense of "I" to withdraw and abide in Itself in the Spiritual Heart (Hrdayam) and the field of the body is outshined, such that the focusing power of the mind is no longer used to see, but one sees, experiences and knows as Consciousness Itself, not in part, but in whole, within, without, through and completely. We abide in a state of permanent intuitive unconditioned non-judgmental knowledge, without relation to time or space. All the centers of the body, the glands and organs and groupings of nerves are fully functional and in balance with all other centers. In this balance a natural polarization of Light streams upward, balanced and centered in a chemical electric magnetic force, operating like a dynamo centered in the Heart area.

The full functioning of these centers is seen like pedals in a flower, where each pedal represents that part of a center (the glands, organs and grouping of nerves) that is interconnected with the other centers, such that as these interrelated areas begin to charge, the pedals begin to brighten and the flower begins to open showing various colors according to the energy vibration (angstroms) related to them at their core, the inter-linking combination of which for the body is seen as auras of electromagnetic light.

Abiding in the Hrdayam/Heart, such a Man or Woman may experience / Witness, as consciousness, the field as a flame of varied colors flowing up the spine and through the top of the head, and an incandescent light in and between the Spiritual Heart and the Crown. Abiding in the Heart, the sense of "I" in relation to images in the brain and the focusing power of the mind are entirely sundered. All activities happen automatically without the sense of a doer. Thoughts bubble up from the unconscious and appear in consciousness without attention. "Definitions have vanished and no boundaries are seen." From time to time they will see the waking world and from time to time they will not, but they will always abide as all-pervasive Self, effortlessly aware of the unconscious whether asleep or awake without the sense of being a doer.

This encompasses the vision that many religions have given of the True Man and True Woman, which somehow we have lost, and many seek to find by adhering to one or another Tradition or yoga or practice.

The Fragmented Man:

For whatever the reasons we can think of, man is born with predispositions in their physiological makeup, call it genetics, karma or the astrological influences and forces effecting the biological systems and their development, coupled with type of diet and chemicals one comes in contact with in different environments and the emotional impact on the baby, child, young adult and adult of various events that imprints the images - takes - impressions in the mind made in relation to attitudes, behavior and predispositions of ones parents and other authority figures, including teachers, spiritual instruction and so forth, both positive and negative, and the reaction to knowledge implanted through schooling, society, the environment and otherwise.

All these merge into a multi-phased lens through which we not only perceive the world but also interpret what we think that world is saying to us. In fact we create our own private worlds of people and environments where we feel we are receiving the greatest feedback in support of our own unique picture built around our sense of identity with that overall vision.

As an example, very occasionally, we might meet with someone that whatever we say the feedback is that they have heard and are responding to something entirely different. It's as though they're out of phase with our reality. What has happened and what is happening to us is that the various centers involving glandular secretions of chemical electric energies and groupings of nerves may not be either fully functional or fully in balance with other centers. This is to say that the effect of the predispositions and latent tendencies one is born with, coupled with the manner in which one has impacted the world, has resulted in glands and organs that may have some areas that have accumulated toxins in the capillaries of parts of the secreting organs, while some of the nerve centers may not have all the nerves firing. The result is that the lens we see by and through which we experience the field is shaded. The man is not whole but only in part. He or she may excel in some areas but have whole areas of emotion and the ability to empathize and understand or intuit information that are not apparently part of their programming.

The Body Field:

Each of the centers in the body, be they glands with internal and external chemical electric secretions or groups of nerves as a nexus or plexus, are inter-linked with all the other glands organs and nerve groupings through a number of systems, including the bloodstream, the nervous systems, the lymph system, meridians and so on. As an example of this, you can look at the charts that have been made for the eyes (Dr. Jensen), colon (Dr. Walker), hands and feet, meridians, acupuncture and acupressure points and similar charts that show the inter-linking of every gland and organ and center with all others.

The glands and many organs provide life and vitality to the bloodstream and the other organs and systems of the body. In particular the sexual fluids pumping into the blood stream have a chemical electric makeup that allows nerves to carry energy and cells to reproduce. It is this fluid that is most vital in the healing of severed nerves. The flow of this fluid throughout the body provides the basis for the nerves, glands and organs to carry a charge and be fully functional in their own work in maintaining a balanced system.

Kundalini Yoga is sometimes mistakenly believed to have something to do only with sexual energy, but in actuality it has to do with the systematic and progressive opening and electro-chemical charging of the entire field.

Wherever there is a concentration of energy through concentrated attention, meditation, through pressure, through breathing, internal or external sound in any area of the body, the sexual fluid will migrate there. Whether the energy/consciousness focus is to learn to tie ones shoes or do one's work in school or one's profession or think up the Theory of Relativity; whether it is to focus in one's hands, the flowing careful focus in a series of tai chi movements or karate movements or free flow of asana movements; whether energy is generated through the combination of postures and breathing in Kriyas effecting certain areas in the body, or the sound of mantras or chanting or inner nada reverberating in the centers; wherever there is the pressure and concentration of energy/consciousness, the body will develop and open the channels in various systems for the sexual fluids to circulate, migrate and fill those areas. This results in those areas building, carrying and maintaining a charge and balancing their energies with all other centers.

As energy consciousness in the body increases in such a manner that the centers, which are like batteries in the body, begin to charge and related glandular systems secrete, the magnetic field begins to become stronger, the polarization of the atoms in the body begins to circulate in an upward stream and the sexual fluid begins to build up a liquid energy pressure in the body.

The body has a number of main nerve systems in the body, collectively called the sushumna. And along the right and left side of the silver and gold cord are the ida or moon nadi (nerve) and pingala or sun nadi, which regulate and balance temperature and a number of other functions of the body and the mind. Of the main nerves, each one is more powerful than the previous, like the sun to the moon, such that the silver cord within the spinal cord of the vertebra, between the Muladara chakra (center at the sacral plexus) and Ajna chakra (center at the pituitary gland at the nerve juncture where the eyes are looking up and between the eyebrows), and all the centers between are as a shadow to the gold cord and its centers, located between the Ajna chakra and the Sahasrara or crown of the head. Finally, there is the Para nadi or Atma nadi, also Amrita nadi (vagus nerve), which runs between Hrdayam (the synod or pacemaker in the right side of the heart, which is situated 1/8th to the right of the sternum) and the Sahasrara (Thousand-Pedaled Lotus or Crown chakra just above the pineal gland).

The Hrdayam is the Singularity of the Self, the Seat of the Universal Consciousness, That place within the body that "sucks in everything" - the source of the pulsation (atma sphurana) of the "I" in the body, which fills all the nerves of the body and rises through the Atma nadi into the brain, where It is focused into the images that appear there, such that there is the notion or impression of "I am the body, and these thoughts and impressions are mine." When this Center opens, the "I" pulsates only "I" as "I" and withdraws Itself from the focusing mechanism of the mind in the brain, and abides in Itself in the Heart.

This Heart is the door to the realization that one always abides as all-pervasive energy/consciousness, as the substratum of images appearing in the field, such that when this Center opens completely, the "whole body is filled with light" which outshines the entire field, simultaneously dissolving the sense of "I" - "Mine" as an identity with the images appearing in the field, and the idea of being a doer.

The emergence of the True Man and True Woman:

As the body builds energy/consciousness (prana), the experience is initially the feeling of numbness, tiredness, weakness, sickishness, discomfort, irritation, nevertheless, coupled with some sense of euphoria, balance and mental stillness. This is an indication that, as the glands and organs and nerves are charging and reverting to their fully charged and normal balanced function, they begin to flush the toxins and other poisons into the blood and the lymphs are carrying the excess. It takes a few days for this to pass.

This gives way to a feeling of coolness throughout the body, as though on a hot day one could take an internal cool refreshing shower. This is an indication that the nerves are purifying.

As the glands and nerve centers begin to build a greater charge, they begin to develop a strong chemical electric linkage with all the other centers throughout the body, which causes the intense feeling of heat in certain centers and in the nerves between these centers, which some may mistakenly take to be an active Kundalini.

After a while, as the whole field comes into balance, there is an etheric sensation that emerges into the consciousness, such that one is able to see within the body and without the body, in a sort of three dimensional consciousness experience, the entire electromagnetic field, without a subject or object differentiation. This is the beginning of the glimpse of the Reality and nature of the field, where the idea of a subject seeing an object is discovered to be a passing phase, as one emerges into the awareness of the field.

The experience of the glands secreting and discharging toxins in areas that were previously not fully functional and, therefore, non-communicative with the rest of the body centers, and the experience of the previously partially closed or inactive nerves in nerve plexuses and nexuses, now becoming fully charged, and experience of the realigning those centers with the rest of the body's centers and the resulting overall balancing of the field
is much like having a computer in which there are a number of programs that are inactive in the hard drive that have been reinstalled and are now active and fully functional. This is to say that suddenly new emotions and perceptions, which had never been triggered, that one never before experienced and had no way of knowing about, even if told about them, suddenly emerge as part of your overall make up and clarity of vision and understanding of your world in all its apparent dimensions. One is able to perceive and understand with greater depth and clarity than ever before. Yet one may notice that while one's sense of identity has clarified, become less disjointed more balanced with a greater range of capability of seeing and hearing one's world, the underlying sense of one's self as the subject "I" as that single unchanging thread that binds it all has not changed at all.

The result of this coming into balance is that the mind with an inwardly inclining force becomes profoundly still and extremely pure. This stillness itself and the inability to react other than in an instantaneous spontaneous manner that brings equilibrium to every situation, means that the previous random dispersions of the mind and the mind's constant movements - to categorize every internal or seemingly external event in relation to its identity concept, are no longer draining the energy/consciousness from the field into rajasic and tamasic tendencies. Rather this energy is accumulated in satvic pureness of the conscious principal or subject "I," like a building kinetic energy within the electromagnetic field. In short, the gunas no longer attach themselves to gunas, but rather the tamasic begins to resolve itself into the rajasic and the rajasic into the satvic, such that gradually one gains a body of pure light and spirit.

At a certain point the upward streaming flow of energy in the balanced field reaches a point where there is a withdrawal of the energy into the sushumna and an upward pulling of several locks in the body that prevent the downward movement of energy. These locks pull up without effort effecting a sort of magnetic locking sensation as they lock.

These locks, called Bhandas, are located (i) the root lock giving the awakening of fearlessness to the consciousness, situated at the juncture of the pulling of the anus, sex organs and navel, called the Kandal or Nabhi Chakra, (ii) the diaphragm lock, where the diaphragm is pulled, (iii) the neck lock, where the chin is pulled in and neck pulled back, and (iv) 2 other locks in the brain.

As the field begins to become balanced in this manner, what we call the subconscious state reaches a level of pureness, in which dreams subside and eventually cease. When we fall asleep, our consciousness retains awareness and remains awake to experience the nerve vacuum of seeing the energy in the body withdrawing into the ida and pingala and from there withdrawing into the base of the spine and rising up the sushumna, this coupled with visions of stars, the moon, planets, the sun and the hearing of pure inner sounds (nada), such as symbols, a conch, the pealing of bells, thunder and so on and the meeting of spiritual beings that provide insights into, for example, the nature of Turya (the substratum state or self-illuminating screen of consciousness upon which the other states - waking, dreaming a deep sleep - appear).

Similarly, in the waking state, the conscious field remains aware and in peace ("such as the world cannot know"), as the still silent witness of the former subconscious / dream level and experiences the sense of "I" as an undifferentiated pervasive field in which the body is an un-segregated part.
Anyone that comes within the range of this field also experiences their own oneness and purity in their heart.

What we call the subconscious or dream state is only there due to the dichotomy set up within the mind based on the notion that there is an individual interacting with a separate world. When we dream, the mind creates an entire world in relation to the identity of the person we believe ourselves to be. This fictitious person then interacts with the world in fact created by itself, to try to work out its varied sense of separateness. When there emerges into one's awareness the understanding or innate knowledge of oneself as the undifferentiated (etheric) field appearing upon a substratum of Being Consciousness, this dichotomy vanishes, as the person now emerges into the perception of an apparently new reality that he (or she) is the (satvic) field of consciousness - no longer fragmented. As this satvic field is pure and still, the continued kinetic energy accumulation carries it towards deeper and deeper perceptions as they emerge in the field of consciousness.

More advanced yogis are able to expand the energy in this field, such that those around them experience the automatic manifestation of kriyas as prana - life force - moves through those areas in their bodies that have blockages.

Very advanced Yogis, Kundalini Yoga Masters, Maha Tantrics and Self Realized Sages, are able to effect a balance, cleansing and purification of the entire magnetic fields of large numbers of people right down to the atomic core of their bodies' centers. In this case the effects and benefits are enhanced if the people attending have been practicing various yogas, somewhat like going to a chiropractor that gives specialized exercises to strengthen the ligaments between the vertebra, so that the adjustments to remove subluxations will hold better and better with each visit.

Initially, as one begins to experience their etheric body, one may find oneself at times sitting quietly, and upon opening one's eyes one will be flooded with a liquid light, sense of overwhelming beauty and the visions of auras. Later auras and three-dimensional visions of the field of such auras and the body's relationship to the planets and stars may also become apparent.

This and many more areas of experience manifest of their own accord, including automatic healing, or one will gain unique insights and knowledge simply because one happens to look within the field with some notion of seeing and that area appears in within one's conscious field, like an instantaneous download of knowledge.

The Kundalini:

Up to this point, the experience is still not that of the Kundalini. Thus far, the experience was of the awakening to the awareness of the pranas that regulate life in the body and its functions, and in the process the movement of that prana in effecting a charging and purification of the centers and
magnetic field of the body. But when the satvic mind becomes profoundly still and the locks begin to pull, the upward moving prana comes down and the downward flowing prana comes up and they mix in the Kandal region and send a charge that causes the release of a drop of vitalized sexual fluid into the spinal cord. Immediately the fluid penetrates upwards, sometimes causing the spine to crack into place as the force of the energy rises. The centers along the spine are directly effected and open and, as the fluid passes into the 4th and 3rd ventricles of the brain, it reaches the pineal gland, which begin to secrete.

The pineal gland in an adult is the size of a pine nut. But in babies until the age of 7, when the frontal lobs of the brain are fully developed, the pineal gland is the size of a chestnut. Then it gradually shrinks to the size of a pine nut by the age of around 12 - puberty. But when the Kundalini force with its super charge of the sushumna and all related nerve centers reaches the pineal gland, the pineal begins to secrete and expand again, effecting a further evolution of the body and the awakening of an awareness within the field that is of a much deeper nature.

It is through these deeper awakenings that many of the forgotten yogas have been brought forth again and again in age after age. All the yoga systems are inter-linked with the systems in the body field, similar to having programs that, when you access them, there are instructions, in this case internal intuitive knowledge emerges in the conscious field, on how to use them effectively, such that, as the body field continues to evolve, the knowledge of many yoga methods and practices returns to the consciousness of man.

The body has 9 gates that open to the external world (mouth, eyes, ears, nostrils, anus, sex organ) and one gate at the crown that is closed, where the baby's soft spot is located and through which the soul descends and animates the body. When the Kundalini begins to rise, these 9 gates close and the Tenth Gate opens, which opens the consciousness to the spiritual world.

The body field is then caught in a pillar of upward streaming nirvakalpic Light (energy consciousness) that is so powerful that the top of the brain seems to open and one passes beyond any thought whatsoever into pure radiant light. But the practice is not at all purely technical and involves both the earnest quest for God and Self-Realization and love of hearing about the Lives and the Wisdom of the Sages, Saints and archetypal Saviors, without which, while higher centers may heat up and charge, the effect will not remain, and the accumulated energy will dissipate and progress will be frustrated.

With the affecting of some balance in the body along the silver cord, such that the electromagnetic field begins to charge in the area of the Anahata chakra heart area, there is a simultaneous linkage with the Ajna chakra that enables the seeker to see a light in that area, just behind and between the eyebrows. Sometimes the Ajna chakra light may radiate constantly. As one's attention is turned inwards and up towards the crown, one begins to travel (as it were) up the gold cord. As the centers of the gold cord open and secrete, they also cause the simultaneous opening and evolution of the lower chakras. With this voyage are heard many sounds and many visions
are possible.

In regard to this yoga path of Shabad Yoga or Nada Yoga, over 5,000 years ago, while Rama was taught the Highest Truth of the Self and to abide as the Ground of Being, and for thousands of years untold millions repeat and chant His Name, and remain devoted to Him as the essence of purity (e.g., Gandhi's last words were "Ram, Ram."), Rama is also known to have taught the path of the spirit sound current, which is also taught as one of the main teachings re-established by the Ten Sikh Gurus as part of the Sikh Dharma, and outlined in detail in the Guru Granth Sahib, where the Highest Center is called Sach Kand.

Meditations related to this path are also taught as part of a number of interrelated practices in Tibetan and White Tantric Yoga.

In a unified Kundalini Yoga practice, Shabad Yoga or Nada Yoga plays a part in the development of the whole man, the True Man and True Woman.

"Oh, my ears, you were meant to hear only the Truth for this reason were you given to a man that he might hear the word, which having heard the body and mind blossom forth, and the tongue is rung with its flavor, the Lord is wondrous and imaginable, His Name none can tell, sayeth Nanak.

"The Lord placed the Soul in the body's cave, and the air held the music of life, and He gave each one, nine gates, with the Tenth remaining well hidden. And the tenth door was open to Him who truly loves the Guru's Wisdom and there resounds the Name in Myriad form. It is a treasure that none can imagine, sayeth Nanak"

Abiding in the Non-Dual Truth:

While the previously mentioned systems involve the balancing and purifying of the various centers in the body, after which a certain electromagnetic (etheric) stillness begins to prevail and carry the field of awareness (or Soul) to deeper and more expansive levels and subtler visions, nevertheless, the Truth is that we are always That which we seek, non-dual and Single. However much one may practice various yogas, such that the field begins to become satvic in nature, the satvic mind is not the seer, nor can it hear the Truth. Nevertheless, at some point in the several unified Kundalini Yoga practices one may engage in to purify the field, if one is told that the real intention of these practices is solely to isolate the seer, as stated in the Yoga Sutras of Patenjali, and that the sense of identity they have of an "I" to the body, impressions, thoughts and sensations is not real and to enquire into where that "I" arises, suddenly, the door in the Heart (Hrdayam) is triggered and opens and that "I" - abiding in that doorway, Itself "hears" and recollects Its inherent Truth, and in this moment of recognition, time and space and the whole field of identity with the images appearing in the field of consciousness is discarded and one abides in one's True and natural state, as the Singularity of the Heart (Hrdayam). All sense of identity with the field vanishes like a mirage, and the flood of Live Light outshines the field entirely, such that the field is now realized to be the undifferentiated or unified Man.

The Practice of Kundalini Yoga:

We can see from the above outline that the intention of Kundalini Yoga is to purify and remove the blockages in the centers throughout the body's field and in the process to gradually build the upward streaming polarity of the chemical-electromagnetic field centered in the heart to the point where there is a balance of stillness that results in the steady withdrawal of attention and attachment to the tamasic and rajasic tendencies and accumulation of this energy in the pure satvic field, such that when there is enough chemical electric pressure of vitalized sexual fluid (prana) in the field, the Kundalini under pressure will awaken, rising to the crown center, and the process of union will continue along the sushumna from the silver cord, to the gold cord and finally come down the Atma nadi, where the purified Soul (Atman - the Son) dissolves into the all-pervasive core (Brahman - the Father).

At the same time, we can see that the True Man and True Woman are at all times and at any time able to realize the Truth of their Self in the Heart, if they have the chance to hear It told to them, and that the moment this Truth awakens, the entire former process resolves itself automatically. In fact, the entire spiritual mechanism is already there and in place. Unfortunately, we often get bogged down with the naming, categorizing and defining of the mechanism, which results in the avoidance of the realization that is at hand, sudden and immanent.

Well known yoga and purification practices:

There are a number of yogas that can be practiced to cause the centers to come into balance.

In the practice of Raja Yoga, one starts with considerable fasting, and cleansing, including importantly, such practices as the cleansing of the colon. Today this can be effected through fasting and colonics. As the colon becomes clean of all debris, it begins to take on a very dynamic activity through all its interconnected nerve endings to communicate with all other organs and centers in the body to trigger them to release their accumulated toxins and poisons into the blood stream and lymphs, part of which are secreted into the colon and eliminated, part of which are processed through the liver and other organs and eliminated through the lungs, kidneys, skin, bloodstream intestines and so on.

When this prerequisite is combined with hatha yoga practice and certain pranayamas practiced several times a day, and still hours of meditation, there is a rapid progress towards the satvic mind. Without the prerequisite cleansing, it becomes more difficult to effect the secretions of the glands and charging of the nerve centers, such that the process is much longer and may be somewhat disjointed.

Nevertheless, if one is devoted to God and constantly making effort to hear and understand the Truth, at some stage in the effort, when the mind is still, That which is True will come forward and Itself take over the process with a force that makes the previous ardent efforts all but redundant, even if the habit of practice and meditation continue. This practice is well explained in Vivekananda's book - Raja Yoga.

Other related methods to fasting and cleansing the colon, include the drinking of fresh fruit juices that assist in the cleansing of the organs, centers and systems in the body field. Also certain herbs will trigger various organs to discharge their toxic waste, and fresh raw vegetable juices, such as carrot juice and others that provide the organic minerals that are drawn directly to the various centers that accumulate the minerals, build a charge and in the process discharge the accumulated toxic waste. A number of books such as those by Dr. NW Walker, discuss these possibilities.

These practices will also bring about the same etheric balance in the field and lead to the same level of overall electromagnetic balance and chemical-electric etheric pressure that results in the spontaneous triggering of the Kundalini Awareness.

Should one meet with someone that teaches through Shaktipad initiation, this path involves hatha yoga practices performed with such a slow, careful and still attention to flow, breathing and posture (asana), that one begins to become aware of the prana guiding all the movements. With the aid of the Teacher or Guru, who expands the energy (prana) within his field of consciousness to include his students, this prana will systematically move through the nerves and centers of the student's body's field causing the automatic movement into various postures and the performing of kriyas, bhandas, mudras and pranayamas.

Once the student becomes aware of their consciousness as energy or prana, with every meditation, the prana will move the body automatically through the practice, until the field begins to come into balance and the movement tends more towards the deepening stillness and expanding effulgence of the inner satvic mind. It is often thought that the pranic related movements of Shaktipad Kundalini Yoga are the result of the active Kundalini, but that is not the case. As the tendency of the prana to remain
still and move deeper to satvic purity prevails, only then does the pranic pressure build and the Kundalini awaken.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan:

While other practices require some specialized environment, such as an Ashram or Monastic setting, or specialized dietary controls, with a focus on one or another yoga, the practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan comprises many yogas focused on the unified development of the Whole man within a lifestyle that is oriented towards living within society and community.

This Yoga consists of a very precise, powerful and scientifically defined group of (holistic) practices oriented toward the charging of the various centers along the silver and gold cord to effect their secretions and purify the channels and systems, generate a strong electromagnetic field in the heart with a building upward flowing stream of energy, combined with the practice of the locks, such that very quickly the field comes into balance, the prana builds under pressure, triggering the Kundalini movement into the spinal cord and up into the brain. This experience is then built on and expanded through many types of meditations and spiritual instruction.

"Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, consists of exercises or postures (Asanas) with special breathing (Pranayama), hand and finger gestures (Mudras), body locks (Bhandas), chanting (Mantras) and meditation, together or in sequence to create exact, specific effects.

"Exercises, in combination with one or more other components, are performed in groups or Kriyas, whose total impact is greater than the sum of the parts.

"Yoga of Yogi Bhajan, although more powerful than other schools of yoga, shares their same ultimate aim - union with the Universal, Divine Source."

A technical issue of how yoga sets are performed provides a view on the effectiveness of this yoga practice, as follows:

The basic sets are made up of the combinations of breathing and postures, locks and kriyas, which may represent as few (4 or 5 or more) different kriyas in a set involving a session lasting from 45 minutes to one hour. The set is generally oriented toward a specific area, where the combination of breathing and posture (asana) or movement from one posture to another creates a pressure in the intended area that in itself or in combination with the breathing generates a cleansing and charging of that area.

To realize the full effect of a specific kriya involves a minimal of 3 to 5 minutes for the charge to take hold and cause the nerves to carry a charges and glands to secrete. Immediately after each kriya, the person is resting in corps pose (lying on their backs) or some other pose conducive to the flow of energy to a specified area. This relaxation, watching the prana flow, will also be for 3 to 5 minutes in order for the secretion of the glands to fully circulate to all other centers and effect their intercommunication and balancing. It also gives the chance for the sexual fluids to enter the blood stream and accumulate around the nerves that have been induced to carry a charge.

The entire set concludes with a longer period of relaxation and watching through the field of the body of maybe up to 15 minutes, after which several wake up movements are made followed by certain short breathing exercises that charge the magnetic field. This last part is like shutting off one's computer then rebooting in order that programs one has (re)installed may take full effect in the system. The final aspect may include some now very effective meditation ("Strike while the iron is hot") that may bring the session to longer than an hour.

What happens, through lesser and more sophisticated sets, Kriyas and meditations, is that every day a different area is focused on that is induced to carry a charge, while the accumulated pranic development is always circulated through the whole system and built up throughout the magnetic field. Gradually, and in a matter of weeks, the body and mind go through a profound biological, physiological and spiritual transformation towards overall electromagnetic and etheric balance.

All this is combined with the devotion to God and the inner quest for Self-Realization, with the view of Man as a Whole Unified Being, grounded in their Sat Nam (True Name - "I AM")

The speed and effectiveness of this yoga practiced to systematically charge each of the body's centers in balance with the rest of the centers and build the upward streaming flow of prana centered around a dynamo of electromagnetic energy in and around the heart, and circulating this pranic charge around the body is such that when the Truth is heard, there is a sudden and spontaneous inward churning of the nerves like a powerful gravitational field that causes the Atma nadi to pulsate "I" as "I" while withdrawing the sense of "I" as the basis for an identity to images and impressions of the mind, including the idea that "I am the body." The idea of being the doer, or concepts that some condition or practice or location will maintain or effect the state of abiding singly in Self is replaced by a silent impalpable sensation and an occasional ord, full of meaning, that rises into consciousness: "uncaused…. unconditioned.… no time…. no space.…"

One abides as the Singularity of the Heart, as the True Man and True Woman, fulfilling the prophecies of all the Religions of this possibility and eventuality, (as One with Brahman, the Father, Siri Wha Guru, Allah)

Kundalini Yoga and Drugs:

In the early years ('69-'75), when Yogi Bhajan came to the USA, there were many people that were having spiritual, mystical and psychic experiences with no one to really explain to them what was happening. Because Yogi Bhajan as Master of Kundalini Yoga, was able to explain precisely what was happening and what course to follow in order to advance, many people migrated to Los Angeles to met with him.

Many of these people's experienced derived from the taking of psychedelics, such as psilocybin (mushrooms), LSD, mescaline, peyote, and other synthetic drugs, as well as others that had been taking more addictive drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and others, including various medically prescribed and abused "Uppers" and "Downers" (amphetamines and barbiturates) that predominated the scene in those days.

As a result of taking psychedelics, many people were experiencing somewhat out of phase / disjointed views of reality, where, for example, the certain nerves related to nerve groupings would fire constantly, even after the drugs had worn off. In order to being the system and body field quickly back into balance, Yogi Bhajan began to teach more powerful Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. The purpose was to effect a complete opening a center, such that it could close down normally and, thereafter, gradually bring the overall pranic charge back up in a balanced manner within the field.

As time went on, it became clear that these practices were also effective in reducing addictions and bringing about an overall physiological and psychological recovery for a number of addicting drugs as well, such that Yogi Bhajan developed programs that could be managed in a number of the larger 3HO Kundalini Yoga Centers in Washington DC, Tucson and others. The effectiveness of these programs, including the very rapid reduction of addiction to heroin and the much more addictive methadone proved to be the leading recovery program in the US at that time. These programs included yoga practice, diet, herbs and the overall 3HO atmosphere.

One of the most insidious drugs that Yogi Bhajan warned against was the use of marijuana, hashish, HTC. This is because the effect of marijuana is to charge the brain area with some sense of euphoria, but the mechanism in the body that pumps the sexual fluids into the bloodstream, so that the effected nerves and brain cells can carry that charge, is inhibited by the drug. Thus, the result of ingesting or smoking the drug was that over time, as the charge to the brain was not supported by the flow of sexual fluids through the blood steam to those areas, the brain would progressively burn out. Initially, the memory would suffer and gradually the effect would move forward to the frontal lobs of the brain converting the drug user to a vegetable. As this was a widespread phenomenon in India and other areas, where the seemingly meditative sadhu, oblivious to the world, was in fact completely vegetative, it was a matter that about which Yogi Bhajan was very adamant.

Naturally, as the as the entire purification and charging and balancing of the field depends on the free flow of the sexual fluids and the effectiveness of the pumping mechanism of those fluids into the bloodstream, versus their disputation, for the yoga to be effective (any yoga) the use of drugs that directly inhibit the flow and movement of the sexual fluids at all was self defeating, and to take other drugs that would create imbalances in the various centers throughout the field was also counter productive to the natural and much more effulgent experience of the emergence of the Whole Man. Conclusion:

The purpose of this article was to reestablish yoga into the perspective that it is and has always been based on a core Teaching, and that it is out of this core Teaching that the many practices emerged, and that due to situations and events, yoga as a whole, has repeatedly either become fragmented into sects of teachings or become delinked from the core Teaching, but in any case no longer part of a total community teaching regarding the Truth of the Whole Man.

This core Teaching is the realization of the Self, which Self may prevail at any time with or without a discipline or yogic practice, and is often forgotten as the purpose and essential ingredient necessary to make the practice itself fruitful, even for its own sake.

Another important issue was to restate that the body's field is one unified and undifferentiated whole, something that in study and practice is often forgotten and with it the purpose and intention of the practice, where the focus often tends towards the developing of only one or another aspect, which unwittingly defeats the purpose.

The article also provides some insight into other yogas and cleansing practices. Often, one might practice a certain yoga for a number of years and really not get any benefit apart from better health and fitness or some psychic add on. So to mention how these other yogas should be practiced in relation to the purification of the body field also helps to reemphasize what one is trying to accomplish.

The intent of this article is also to show that these yogas have not evolved out of shamanism of primitive man, as we often hear and read about, but rather out of a core Teaching, and that the knowledge of these yogas is already inherent within the programming makeup of the body field, accessible to the True Man and True Woman.

Finally, the intent is to bring into recognition that there is a Whole and Natural Man, the True Man and True Woman, and that through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, this Whole Person will emerge. There is not a small self that unites with a Greater Self, but rather the emergence of a Whole in what was only a part, the recollection of one's True Self and dissolution of the clinging to the delusion of the fragmented idea of self.

That which is True has no use for word and their meaning, nor the focus of attention towards images and ideas. It alone is the hearer, It alone sees. In the practice of purification of the field and the consideration of the Truth, That which is True emerges and abides Singly as all pervasive Self.

Then, abiding in the Sun in the Heart (Hrdayam), one passes through the center or core, like Black Hole behind which is the other side of the veil (Maya) upon which the field and universe appears. From this stance the field is constantly filling with light and the evolution becomes an involution. One has pierced the Ground of Energy, the Zero Point, and abides as That.


All the religions contain the promise of the once and future Man - the True Man and True Woman. The Archetypal Saviors came and taught the Single Truth (apart from which there is nothing else), as a core Teaching out of which they began to teach methods and systems, yogas, through which those that yearned to know and abide in the Truth, but could not hear It, would be able to become pure and see God, the all-pervasive "I AM" as their True Self.

Sometime in the future, we may again see spiritual communities, now becoming parts of a global and interconnected cyber community, in which all these yogas and all the religions are re-linked to their core and taught, and disseminated without restriction.

The mechanisms through which the awakening can occur are all in place in the body's field, and the knowledge is ready to open into that field, such that with the steady and systematic practice of Kundalini Yoga with devotion to God, the True Man and True Woman will emerge. Then, with the slightest indication of one's True nature, That which is True will Itself emerge, and dissolving the last remnant of identity in the satvic field.

Pieter Schoonheim Samara <[email protected]>

The above article is based on the experiences of the writer and his understanding of the core Teachings and yoga practices, as explained by initially by Baba Ram Dass (Franklin NH - '69) and then by Yogi Bhajan ('70-'74) and others, such as Dr. Bhagat Singh Thind (LA '70) and Dr. NW Walker (Phoenix '72), within the context of the whole spiritual environment that prevailed at that time. This was followed by and resulted in the sudden "hearing" of the Truth from the simple reading about the Life
and Path of Ramana Maharshi. This hearing prevailed. The writer clearly experiences the Truth when reading about the Life, Teachings and Path of the Non-Dual Christ, the Lives and core Teachings of Buddhas and Zen Patriarchs, the Lives and core Teachings of Hindu Sages, including the Upanishads and Gitas and other Vedanta, and the Lives and core Teachings of the Sikh Gurus and Sikh Dharma, and from having met with a number of Saints on the quest and path of steady abiding as the Singularity of the Heart.

The writer is an original student of Yogi Bhajan, who upon being told by the writer, then practicing Kundalini Yoga in a small French village, of the February 11, 1971 awakening of the Hrdayam and Atma nadi, was kind enough to direct the writer to stay at 6 different 3HO centers over the following three year period, after which the writer went on his own and has continued to practice Kundalini Yoga now for over 30 years. As a result of "hearing" the Truth from reading a book about Ramana Maharshi in '71 and later other books recommended by Ramana Maharshi, and as a result of the continued encouragement of Yogi Bhajan to always abide in the non-dual Truth, and others from time to time, as new experiences emerged into consciousness, the writer abides in that non-dual experience out of which comes the perspective of this article.

The writer has been engaged in a number of businesses, from manufacturing fresh raw vegetable juices, to industrial sandblasting and painting, to coal and shipping, to asset management, to banking and project finance. Regardless of the roles one plays in life, it is possible for one's practice to be entirely fruitful, in short, the Truth can be "heard."

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