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Nonduality Salon (/ \)

Nonduality Salon (/\)

September 11, 2001 and Beyond: Letters from the NDS email list

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"Prayer can draw in grace by a spiritual attunement of one's being in the intensity of feeling, which is the motive power behind prayer. Feelings that rise from the deepest recesses of one's heart can produce immediate results, because of their proximity to reality."
- Swami Krishnananda

Let no one deceive another
or despise anyone anywhere,
or through anger or irritation
wish for another to suffer.

Sutta Nipata I, 8

The Dalai Lama's letter to the President of the United States of America

Your Excellency,
I am deeply shocked by the terrorist attacks that took place involving four apparently hijacked aircrafts and the immense devastation these caused. It is a terrible tragedy that so many innocent lives have been lost and it seems unbelievable that anyone would choose to target the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. We are deeply saddened. On behalf of the Tibetan people I would like to convey our deepest condolence and solidarity with the American people during this painful time. Our prayers go out to the many who have lost their lives, those who have been injured and the many more who have been traumatized by this senseless act of violence. I am at tending a special prayer for the United States and it's people at our main temple today.

I am confident that the United States as a great and powerful nation will be able to overcome this present tragedy. The American people have shown their resilience, courage and determination when faced with such difficult and sad situation.

It may seem presumptuous on my part, but I personally believe we need to think seriously whether a violent action is the right thing to do and in the greater interest of the nation and people in the long run. I believe violence will only increase the cycle of violence. But how do we deal with hatred and anger, which are often the root causes of such senseless violence? This is a very difficult question, especially when it concerns a nation and we have certain fixed conceptions of how to deal with such attacks. I am sure that you will make the right decision.

With my prayers and good wishes

The Dalai Lama
September 12, 2001
Dharamsala, India

Bomb threat in my bulding
Greg Goode

Hello all,

You might see it in the news. Bomb threat at Grand Central Station,
Manhattan, New York. I work in the short skyscraper right above it. Many people evacuated, and it was left as an individual choice. Some stayed, some left. The police just announced that no bomb or other suspicious item was found, and Grand Central has been re-opened.

Terrorist activities, and the safety and security measures that arise from them, are things that other countries have lived and struggled with for many years. Perhaps the U.S. can learn from their experiences. Yesterday, only 10% of the workforce came to work in our building ("Non-essential staff, do not report to work"). We all had to check in at the front security desk to get on to the elevator. I noticed that everyone did this quite willingly, even though on normal days we stream directly onto the elevators. People will gladly trade some comforts to achieve more safety.

Ahimsa and other 'solutions'
Gene Poole

How is it that "we" continue to seek 'solutions'?

I could say (and this can be argued) that the 'collective karma' of humanity, necessitates a complete and unedited unfoldment of what has not been dealt with previously (historically).

I personally refer to this unfolding of the collective karma of humanity, as 'the world-dream'. It is (merely? Yes.) one of several possible 'ways' or levels in which to dwell, or by which to 'see'.

Like the script of a movie, the events of the world-dream become somewhat predictable, if the movie is watched very carefully.

On the personal level, attachment blinds one to the ability to see all of the movie; thus, attachment itself is an editor, whose works necessitate playing the movie over and over, until the missing parts of the plot can finally be seen.

When the missing parts have been reinserted, patterns are revealed (and they are not that hard to see, in my experience) which allow the perspicacious viewer to be able to predict 'what will happen next', and more importantly, 'why what has happened, has happened'.

Viewing the world-dream can be taken as a hobby, or as a necessity, or even as hellish punishment.

Beware of excessive preoccupation with the events of the world-dream. Beware of identification with and/or as, any character, form, or trend within the world-dream. The world- dream is merely one level of possibility in the vast field which is reality.

Running concurrent with the world-dream, are many other dimensions' of possibility. It is possible to learn to move between dimensions of experience.

What we call 'attachment' is an anchor to a fixed way of Being.

Possibly, the most powerful anchor, the one that is the most difficult to cut loose, is the adoption of a way of Being which is _in defensive or protective reaction_ to events perceived to occur in the world-dream. This is very clear to me, but there are those who will argue 'logically and with heart' that my 'position vis-a-vis protective reaction' is a defective one.

Clearly, identification as a character within the world-dream is a problem, a problem which exists in a field of possibility of choice. Choice includes non-attachment; ergo, no identification, and thus no anchor-point to the world-dream.

It is not only defense-reaction in itself which anchors to the world-dream, but also each, every, and all 'solutions' which are compounded defensively in reaction to the world-dream.

This includes 'salvatory ways' such as 'ahimsa', and every other prescriptive and proscriptive strategy to 'fix what is wrong
with the world-dream.

The point "here" is to ken the difference between fixing what cannot be fixed (the collective karma of humanity), and the other alternative, to be selfish and be Okay in yourself.

As a point of logic, I will say this:

"If everyone was selfish and Okay in themselves, the flavor of the world-dream would change radically".

I must state however, that I am not advocating 'being selfish and Okay within yourself' as a means of fixing what cannot be fixed. Even if the world-dream could be fixed, its purpose would go on and on, exactly as it does now.

(According to Biblical information, God ejected Lucifer precisely BECAUSE Lucifer was not mature enough to grok the schema which God had put into place for the benefit of all sentient Beings. Lucifer, concerned for a 'suffering humanity', criticized Gods 'ways and means'.)

Lucifer did not comprehend what God was about.

So it is with contemporary would-be saviours, and others who compound or promulgate sweet-sounding 'fixes' for what seems to be wrong. The only thing wrong, is that the person driven by idealism, sees something to be wrong.

That very behaviour is itself, 'the sin of Lucifer', and like Lucifer, God "casts" such 'sinners' 'in hell'.


The formula:

Be with God = no sin (no misunderstanding)

Try to fix the world-dream = be in hell (a cast of billions!)

Please keep in mind, that there is NO WAY fix what is NOT WRONG.


Now for a very daring exposition!

First, the definitions:

Solution = more than one thing, mixed together; compound; admixture.

Absolute = nothing in solution; pure; one thing only, no admixture.

Next, the experimental tentative conclusion:

Perhaps from God's POV, the world-dream is the 'only solution'.


We as incarnate humans have a certain challenge, which we can face or not. This challenge can be understood to be the choice between two basic ways of Being:

_1 Accept God's 'solution', the world-dream (To Abide)

_2 Fight against what seems to be wrong (Idealism)

If #2, we are 'cast in hell' (eg, 'cast' as in the cast of a movie)

If #1, we are in communion-ication with God.

God communicates with us here in hell; God does this by means of imposing certain patterns, which may be taken as 'clues'. Thus, the world-dream may be seen as a product of God (Maya).

This broadband broadcast of the world-dream/hell/samsara/Maya is
always available, we can tune in to it at any time.

Like when watching a dramatic movie, we can slip into identification with the events of the movie. We are able to perfectly and seamlessly 'fit' into a role, called identity.

Identity is the most ephemeral of all aspects of the world-dream; fragile, and fraught with illogic, which would disqualify it, if seen as it is. Yet, it is the very fragile nature of identity, which elicits such massive defensive support, by means of gearing immunity to defend it as though it were a vital and necessary part of Being.

Now, the logical contradiction of this situation is this; without identity, there is no need for defense (against events of the world-dream).

As long as identity persists as the center of Being (the 'idea of me'), the way of Being will be unremitting defense; the world-dream will NOT go away.

The world-dream will be the stage upon which fragile identity must stand, showered with decaying fruits and vegetables hurled by an unappreciative audience. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune pierce to the very heart!

As has been stated many times, identification with and as a 'body' can be very problematic. Identification with and as a 'body of beliefs' can be very problematic. Identification with 'others' who themselves identify as 'bodies with beliefs' can be very problematic, especially if we assume that these 'others' with their misunderstandings, need to be saved from their own 'ignorance'.

If on the other hand, we are selfish and accept the Gift of God, we will have quite a different attitude.

The Gift of God is 'Eternal Life' in 'Heaven', no defense necessary.

Gene Poole's Home Page

Topic: Reacting to 911, the arena of human conflict, belief vs reality

Gene Poole

Are we all subject to hidden factors which we cannot overcome? Could an understanding of these factors, lead to using them to advantage? Could these hidden factors be employed now, to ameliorate terrorist-inflicted damage, and as guidelines to creative and constructive reply to terroristic statements and actions?

Power VS Force

Greetings ALL,

Verging as we all are on what could be the most radical departure of our era, and shunning the certainty which connotes fundamentalist radicalism, many are looking for help or guidance.

To avoid escalating the current crisis seems to be the way of wisdom, but what if anything, 'should we DO?' How can we move forward purposefully, in a state of 'doing', with some assurance that our doings will not come back to haunt us, or worse, lead to our own violent destruction and death?

There is a wide call for actions to 'protect our way of life', but if we choose unwisely the means and ways to implement such protection, our way of life will be irrevocably lost.

Many people are apparently ashamed of their own inertia and passivity, and are thus voicing popular opinions, a growing chorus advocating an escalated reply to the opening volley of our foes. Certainly, the western powers are more than capable of an out-scale retaliation, but cooler heads realize that in the long term, control and occupation of nations which support terrorism is probably out of the question. The question thus remains, "what to do?".

In my own life, I have for the past several years been blessed with certain knowledge, which has led to an understanding which has been a reliable guide in my personal dealings. This understanding is of the nature of _Power_ and it's active moving aspect, called _Force_.

In the arena of the personal, the veritable equation of Power/Force is quite workable, and yields predictably good results. I have been, since the events of 911, attempting to transform the Power/Force equation into a formula which could give good results on the level of practical social engineering.

I ask that those who have the time and inclination, join with me to brainstorm this issue.

Here is some background...

This is the URL for a GoogleSearch using the keywords [power vs force hawkins]:

By clicking the link above, you will be taken to several pages of search results, which focus directly on the book POWER VS FORCE, by Dr David R Hawkins, MD. This book may at first glance seem to be a guide to a very advanced type of 'applied kinesiology' or 'muscle-testing'. However, a careful reading will yield well-researched and hard-won wisdom, far beyond the scope of mere divinations using the physical body as a dynamic metric for making moral decisions.

Dr Hawkins contributions are many; take a look at this page, which reveals 'a map of consciousness' which represents a hierarchical table of states of consciousness, connoted by the boldcase words in the centre column. The words may be read as descriptive phrases from left to right:

You may notice that 'courage' is BELOW 'neutrality'. Understanding why this is so, will lead to a deep understanding of 'the human machine' and our 'hardwired primate nervous system'. I believe that every thoughtful human would enjoy undertaking a personal study of the system proposed by Dr Hawkins, and such a study undertaken starting now, could be a very good thing for everyone.

My understandings of this, condensed. (Please remember that what I write below is derived from years of study and practice; my conclusions may not seem logical or 'common sense'. I invite the reader to perform a study of these things, and to thus arrive at your own conclusions.)

Context is human Being inner and outer arena of relationship/conflict/survival:

First phase:

Power is 'all that is'

Force is the moving aspect of Power

Power is transferred from one domain (person or group) to another, by the application of Force

A person who applies Force, is giving away 'their' Power

The person who receives the applied Force, receives the Power imbued in that Force

Second phase:

One imbued with the Power which was applied as Force, who receives Power must decide 'what to do' about the situation of the use of Force.

Reapplication of Power as Force, will deplete the Power of the one who so applies Force.

Retaining the Power, once it has been received as Force, leaves the 'balance of power' in favor of the one who does not apply Force.

Therefor, the"winner" in the arena of conflict, is the one who is able to receive power which was applied as force, and who resists expending Power as Force.

Summary: "Your Force is my Power". You may say this phrase out-loud several times, to catch the truth of it.


Power is emptiness (space); the greater the space, the greater the Power.

Power/space gives rise to form/Force (movement). Movement is Force; movement occurs in space.

Power may be concentrated as form in emptiness; form may move from one area of space to another area of space; thus, Power may be moved through space as Force.

Pure Power is formless, but may produce movement and that is called energy and matter. Matter and energy are "interchangeable", as are their parental counterparts, Power and Force.

Force is the moving aspect of Power; movement in space is time.

Power is the mother of Force; Force is the child of space, known as time; time is the badge of movement, and movement is also known as entropy.

Conversion of Power to Force results in entropy (loss of integrity by the one who converts Power to Force).

In my own field of experience, the Power VS Force equation is perfectly embodied in the way of the 'martial art' known as Aikido:

Aikido allows the Force of the attacker to complete its natural circle, resulting in a situation in which the attacker essentially defeats himself, via his own enacted intention of attack.

The accomplished practitioner of Aikido does not expend Power as Force, but is perfectly capable of 'absorbing' Force of attack as Power.

How all of this relates directly to 'nonduality', and to 'what is Power' (called "Ki"):

I am overall, pointing to a way of life which if understood, leads to conservation of Power and diminished use of Force in all arenas.

I see that the principles which are indicated in Dr Hawkins book, and in the way of Aikido, are representative of hidden factors which inescapably govern us all. Perhaps if you look deeply into this field of knowledge, you will come to similar conclusions.

Please let me know.

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an open letter to the terrorists

In the name of Allah the Merciful, please, do not kill any more people.

There are many who wish you peace though thier governments do have people in them that do not wish you peace. Many still do and we are speaking up.

We do not like the killing of anybody - for any reason.

We understand that you have strong reason to fight for your selves and your way of life. You have been attacked by many great powers.

You have held and kept the name of Allah alive. Many of us are now studying the Koran. We may not become formally Muslims. But we will strive to understand all the ways of Allah.

I do not know if this message will ever reach you. I pray that it does.

I would rather meet you heart to heart and person to person. If we are dead, how can we pray together?If we kill each other's children, who will play together on this good good earth?

God in His Mercy has given us a garden. Shall we turn it into a charnel house? Is this how we repay the universe for these gifts?

I do not want to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper and learn about and see the torn bodies of children. Nor do I want to see the fractured earth layered over with death.

If this is what you want to see and the legacy you wish to leave, what can be done?

Think about the laughter of the animals and the children. Do you not hear God's voice - even there?

Why destroy that?

Please find a peaceful path.

Praise the Name of Names!

With love eternal - Michael


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