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Sayings of Swami Shuddhananda Brahmachari

Contributed by Jerry Posner

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He is a wonderful teacher, friend, guru (which he denies, of
course) and absolutely the most loving human being I have ever known.

---Jerry Posner

At any point in time it is His will translating and unfolding itself in the time-space dimension. As long as we are in the time-space dimension, we cannot but think of becoming better instruments of the Lord to ensure that the little we are destined to do is done well, in the deepest surrender and love!

In this short span of life the little we do without the selfish tags attached to our work lifts us to a higher dimension, where love and compassion rule. That is the Kingdom of God, in the very sanctuary of our own hearts. We may glimpse that dimension of the Spirit beyond the material cluster of limited intellect and mind. The doors to freedom from the bondage of our self-created mind are compassion and love for others.

I am happy in this journey of my life helping the less privileged help themselves and feel the blessings of my life a little more fully. You are with me and that is the universe helping itself.

My heart is always in prayer for all of you. If I can be of any service to you in your spiritual journey, that is only the grace of Baba Lokenath – I am no one.

Yes, I am ever available to you through my prayers, love and sharing of the joy (of) my spirit in union with (the) Satguru.

Be in love with the Divine. Flow with the happenings around you. Look with an open heart for the message of God and be surrendered. The joy of letting go (of) everything that the mind creates on the alter of the Divine is the sweetest thing that the seeker can do. For that is the way by which the ultimate glimpse of the infinite light and grace comes. Ma Anandamayee said that “the deepest longing of the heart for the Divine is itself the path.” So keep the fire of love and devotion aflame. The only reality is your love for Him and His love for you.

Feel the blessings that flow from this Swami’s heart to you!

Your love for me is your love for the Divine. It is only when we offer our love to the Divine that there is true peace and happiness in our minds. This is true because the Divine is the only source of all love. When we offer (our love) to the Divine, that is, once we connect to the source, we receive that pure radiance which calms our being from within. You are feeling the sense of being calmed from within – this is the Divine Grace. The more you keep your senses open to see the unseen hands of the Divine Grace, the more you move into the recess(es) of your own heart, the seat of God.

I am so happy that the Grace of Baba Lokenath has touched your hearts and you both are practicing the simple disciplines of surrender and acceptance in the day to day happenings in your life. That’s all. I don’t think anything more is expected. Just be in the awareness that He is taking care of you and all that is happening is His will translating Itself.

Move in … life with this awareness and grow out of all that is of secondary value. You are born to be that innocent child once again which you lost, but this time with a difference. The difference is you will have to have the innocence of the child(hood) but the AWARENESS OF THE YOGI. That is the only purpose of human birth!
(There is) no need of big philosophies and complicated theories – just have a simple heart which can dance with the music…love the sound and feel the vibration of the divine in everything that surrounds us. Simple, simple, simple…all is divine.

"At this moment we are concentrating on taking care of the people so
that they can be on their own. This is the need of the hour. There is no
education, no proper means to earn money. The deprivation at the
physical level is so deep. I would love them to get strength in their
bodies first. There are villages that have started temples on their own.
I have never told any one of them to have temples. They have come and
told me, "Babaji, we want to have a temple. Our village is transformed.
It has become such a holy place. So we want to have temples." But mind
you, we never went there to teach or preach religion. We went there only
with our heart open to give love and give them the understanding that
they have the same self-respect and self-dignity as anybody else has in
this world. And once they have that, spirituality will blossom out of
their hearts."

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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