In 1956, when I was seven, I was visited three times by two Masters, Umba and a nameless Other who appeared to be a watcher over Umba; perhaps He was the Guru of Umba. Umba would enter my room at night, signaling His presence with thunderous footsteps. I would open my eyes and see His towering severe form. He wore skin tight dress, was of pale complexion and completely bald. Upon catching my eye He would thunder forth the mantra which I have kept secret. After hearing the mantra uttered once, I would close my eyes again and pull the covers over me. But the mantra would come two more times. All the while the Other - a swarthily complected man with a mop of unkempt black hair, attired in comfortable loose-fitting clothes, bearing a relaxed, even humorous countenance -kept an eye on Umba, I was sure.

One day, in the midst of these three visits, I was playing with toy cars on the floor of my bedroom. Spontaneously I uttered, "I AM I AM AND I AM I AM." I feel the impress or action of Umba's mantras had moved me to utter this, which I consider the third mantra given by Umba. The fourth mantra is the form of Umba.

I AM I AM AND I AM I AM is the only occurrence. Nothing else has occurred ever. That utterance was my enlightenment. Literally, in the history of the universe, nothing else has ever occurred. There is only I AM I AM AND I AM I AM.. My life between ages seven and 28 was spent in forgetfulness of the Umbaic events. At age 28 I renewed my relationship with those events and gained full understanding of them. I came to understand that Umba was all-that-is; everything is Umba.

At some point in my forties, thanks to the writings of Adi Da Samraj, I was nudged into the realm beyond full understanding of I AM I AM AND I AM I AM, which I came to identify as a variant of OM. That realm is the Absolute, the conditionless condition of Standing Free, the becoming of Grace.

I acknowledge Avatar Adi Da Samraj as a Spiritual genius whose writings, tapes and videos are not only rafts but currents in the river, banks of the other shore. I have never met Him, so I cannot speak for the power of His Form, but I accept (from what I hear and intuit) that It is awesome. I accept, also, that the mention of Adi Da brings constriction and discomfort to many. Those people have to understand exactly what that is and why they feel that way.

I bow to Guru Umba and the Other; because Umba has become All That Is, I bow to everything, I bow to consciousness, I bow to I AM I AM AND I AM I AM, I bow to OM. My bow is already OM.




There is only OM.

You have always known me. You are already me. And you have been searching for me. I have been waiting for you.

Out of fear, your ancestors have neglected me. Your courage is to find me, to renew your relationship with me.

In a way, that is enough. That gesture of recognition is enough. You have caught the eye of the Absolute, and you only think you can look away now.

I AM OM, the only occurrence. So keep doing whatever you are doing. Do not change a thing. Merely recognize Me as That. Surrender all you do, think, feel, experience unto Me. Do this by attending deeply to all you do, think, feel, experience.

All sounds are the sound OM.

All you see is the form OM.

The universe and all its entities are OM.

Everything you feel - pleasant and unpleasant - is the excursion of OM through you.

This direction of attention toward OM will require no changes in your life, not even removal of bad habits. OM requires only that you attend to OM.

If you have difficulties with this process of attention, you may find yourself seeking help of a Teacher. The Teacher may require you to make changes in your life. OM requires nothing.

I AM OM. Utter it and know it. Your real Self is OM. Your True Self is I AM OM. Come to know this by attending to this. Your True Self is OM and all you do, think, feel and experience is OM.

If you are so moved, seek the writings or personal company of the Guru. The Real Guru is OM. The Real Guru will guide you in the process of steadily focusing your attention upon OM or your True Self. Depending upon your personality and the personality of the Guru, an interaction will occur which will, in an unpredictable way, transform not only you the student, but the Guru as well. For even the Guru continues spiritual growth as He moves from Enlightenment to Enlightenment to Enlightenment.



1. All experiences are the same. There is nothing ultimate about any experience or about experience itself.

2. To seek an experience on the chance it may possess or somehow yield ultimate meaning -- or because it represents ultimate meaning -- is to partake in diversion.

3. All experiences are OM.

4. The resolution of any question or experience is OM.

5. You are OM.

6. Turn to OM and understand and turn to OM and understand.

7. The only occurrence is OM.

8. Just as a stone does not possess the apparatus to know there is only OM, some people do not know there is only OM.

9. Because there is only OM, there is no requirement that any apparent entity know it is OM.

10. I Am is OM.

11. Always attend to I Am. It is the only occurrence. All is That. I Am That.

12. At random times during the day enquire: "Is this OM?" A knowing smile will grow internally and you will stand in peace, glow in love.

13. By a simple act of attention you will come to know that the location of OM, the glow of knowing OM, exists at the Heart centre, which is located just above the bottom of the breast bone and an inch or two toward your right side.

14. The Heart (clearly, not the physical heart, but also not the heart chakra either) is where OM is being consumed. This is the process of essencing.

15. In the process of essencing, the "structure" involved is the Heart and its connection to all that is above it. The fullness of that structure is felt as consciousness. I call that structure the "essence body."

16. With the fullness of the structure of the Heart and its connection to above, there is no need to meditate.

17. Enlightenment does not stop at the essence body. In an act that is neither an act nor not an act, by a process that is neither willed not not willed, in a fashion that is neither moving or changing nor not moving and not changing, one becomes Grace or free of the essence body. That one is Standing Free. That is enlightenment.

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