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Highlights Issue #1051

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

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Jerry Katz

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Hi, No comment or opinion on the sales hype, just
posting to direct attention to the "free samples" of
space sound recordings... quite unlike any other sounds.

"Experience the real "Music of the Spheres". The
Interactions between the Solar Wind and the
magnetosphere of planets, moons, and rings of planets in
our Solar System creates extraordinary frequency
"soundscapes" in the plasma energy "ocean" that fills
the void of space.

Each planet, moon and ring system has a distinctive
"musical" pattern creating these "Celestial Love Songs".
These beautiful and mysterious recordings will touch
primordial and mystical chords in the heart of your
subconscious and intone the connection of body, mind and
soul with the universe. "

next link goes directly to sound samples:


WOW! These are incredible.
I especially like Jupiter.

For the slightly internet-impaired among us, this is actually the
link goes directly to the samples:

Thanks, Gloria!


from the Nisargadatta list

I have a question for others. What do you associate
yourself with when you mail on this list

1) a "confused" seeker

2) a person who knows he's blessed (Grace of the guru et
   al ) and on right track but still has some
   intellectual clarifications that need working on .

3) pure Consciousness expressing itself through this
   psychosomatic apparatus that is you

What "are" you when you mail on theis e-group?

Dear Anand: Persons in category 1 will be too
embarrassed to submit. Those in category 2 will just
argue with you. And those in category 3 will keep
insisting that there is no "you" to constitute a valid
apparatus. So why bother? Further, in light of the
following, I would submit that your three categories be
expanded :-)

 'I am awake.'
         - Guatama Buddha

  'I am prior to consciousness.'
        - Nisargadatta

  ' I am the way,'
       - Christ

  ' I am a little world made cunningly
    Of elements and an angelic sprite.'
       - John Donne

  'I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's
affections, and the truth of imagination.'
       - John Keats

  ' I am the walrus.'
      - P. McCartney

  ' I am what I am and that's all what I am'
      - Popeye

  'I seem to be a crowd.'
    - James Hillman

  'I am a lie who always speaks the truth.'
    - Jean Cocteau

  'I am an unpopular electric eel set in a pond of goldfish.'
    - Dame Edith Sitwell

  'I am large. I contain multitudes.'
    - Walt Whitman

  'I think that I am better than the people who are trying
to reform me.'
- Goethe

  'I'm your freight train, baby'
    -  Rufus 'Blind Melon' Madison

  'I am nauseous.'
    - Jean Paul Satre

'I don't consider myself outside of anything. I just
consider myself not around.'
    - Bob Dylan



Real sound of chaos


from the Live Journals of FireCeremony and Kochanie

"It is not nature that is the subject of his work, but
rather the capacity for representing the physical and
psychic conditions of vastness and emptiness."

This makes a lot of sense.

When I saw the picture I was about to say that I could
feel the humid heat of a warm summer afternoon in
France, the chirping of bugs in the background, the soft
background sound of a silently flowing river and the
feel of still air that follows still thoughts.