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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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Image by Gene Poole

Sunday, June 9, 2002
Editor: Gloria Lee


This is an excerpt from a letter that I wrote today to a dear friend,
regarding my father who passed away 13 years ago:

....I love it that you asked me about my dad. He has always been
extremely dear to me. He and I really adore each other and our bond
is even stronger than the one between him and my mom and also
between him and my brother. I write that in the present tense because
that is still my experience. He was a very good man. He worked a lot
and was rarely around, which was unfortunate because I don't think he
was aware of how my mother was treating us. When my dad died I felt
like someone had cut me in half. It was devastating. That was because
I really thought he was gone. A couple of years ago I woke up suddenly
in the middle of the night, full of energy. I started pacing around the
house not knowing what to do with myself. Suddenly, I felt compelled
to grab a pen and paper and what I wrote down that night completely
changed my life. It was a letter from my dad to me! He told me that he
never left me. I cried big, fat tears as if we were having the sweetest
reunion I could ever imagine, after all that time and all that heartache.
Now I am able to feel him with me whenever he comes to mind (and
sometimes by surprise) and I have never missed him ever since then.


Dear Kheyala:

I think you are on the right road to self discovery. It is messages
like these that show me it is dealing with my own life and loves,
working with what is given, is the way to reality.

Bobby G.

Interesting 2 hours about Kerouac,
repeated Friday evening.



Is the increasing presence of donut a part of an experiment or a plan?
Who is pulling the strings?

Q: Why is it named Donut?
A: Seemed like a good name at the time.
Sticks to the "Food" group to remind people of Java, is easy to draw
icons for, and has a nice file extension (.DNT). And the other names
were too stupid, insulting, or rated PG-13 ("Masterbasic"). Plus, I kind
of like it.



not to take anything away from all the fun you are having on your path
but i would like to point out that the big IT you expect to find is
actually right here

you do not have to nurture it - it is doing quite well already
the right here is everything you see do taste, enjoy or hate
it is all the knee jerk reactions - the quite contemplations

and all the goofy dumbass things you think feel and do
yup - they are right here.

you see it is quite simple
easier than donuts and coffee
everything you are looking for is right here
not in the now - if there is a now there is a later
but right here is - well, right here where you are aware of being life

what you do with it is up to you
will it be gardens and children and love and exploration
or something else?

the unawakened are a frightened and frightening lot
they will lay mahem to their own families over an idea

ah, but they can't help it
the trick has been played
and a human is born
the vast appearing as a speck

travel well, dear speck, travel well
live love laugh and be happy
instead of a gun
pick up a rake or a hoe or a shovel - garden
whatever you do do it well and enjoy yourself

learn as you go - be open
the experiences you need will happen
you do not need to seek them out
you do not need to relive all the good ones
you do not need to fear the bad ones
but the trick has been played
and you do have to go through them
no short cuts
and no crying over spilled milk

the learning never stops
no matter if you are awake or not
the trick has been played

adios! - michael


So true, so terrifyingingly true. So now, how does one deal with the
unawakened, when it is impossible to get them out of one's presence?

Do you think that humanity as it is today, is capable of unconditional
love, of non-duality?

I apologize for taking this out of the context of the verses, but it
yelled at me and grabbed my interest.

My first post... cake donuts rule... back to lurk status, and thank you.



"So true, so terrifyingingly true. So now, how does one deal with the
unawakened, when it is impossible to get them out of one's presence?"

love them
know when to speak
when to be quiet
when to act
when to refrain from acting
love them

they are us

"Do you think that humanity as it is today, is capable of unconditional
love, of non-duality?"

oh yes, anyone can do it
it may be a hard lesson to learn
for some and so easy for some


Travel Tips For Your Visit to Earth

Be careful not to glow in public,
in most places it can be extremely hazardous
to display any amount of ethereal light
radiating from ones body.

Manifest as a relatively ugly corporeal body
in order to avoid exciting the breeding
instinct of the natives,
but not so ugly as to get picked up
for questioning by the authorities.

Avoid those natives in deepest despair
as you'll manifest (to them) as a favorite
uncle "Joe", "Sam" or whatever, until
they remember uncle Joe passed
away last year, creating an uncomfortable

Under no circumstances reveal unaugmented reality
to the natives, as in the past this has
precipitated violent psychotic reactions.

Maintain a congruent temporal disposition
unless ones safety is threatened,
then being elsewhen, elsewhere
is not only allowed,
but strongly advised.

Travel visas to this quaint and rustic destination
along with guided excursions into the human preserve
can be obtained by application via nexidimensional
mindtact with the Cetacean Administrative Pod,
through whose unstinting efforts a genuine, quasi stable,
late term, pre apocryphal, electromechanical culture
can be observed.


"Never give up, never surrender!" --Tim Allen (As Captain in "Galaxy

Actually, well, let me think about this...a minute... The answer is still
no, I don't think so. I surrender myself to the Divine All...but never to
other people.
The illusion of Maya can creep into our view of others, too,
particularly when we are lulled into a worshipful state. We should
respect thoughtful and kind teachers, but never worship...

SHAWN is more like you *cannot* surrender period. *you* can do it only
in complete selfless love, but even then you cannot say you *did* it. It
has already been done, always being done. If anything can be said to
be happening at all, it is this.

The ducks butt will not hug you back, and the little old lady who is not
accustomed to hugging strangers may have you arrested, so one makes
intelligent choices.

Service can be an expression of love and surrender or it can be a
stategic act. Of course you should not surrender to an idiot, these are
people who claim that All is divine and yet no one is, but if you've
found that it has already happened, then what's the problem?

When a fool says that an enlightened being and a seeker are the same,
it is not true. But when an enlightened one says it, it is a gift.




a watercolor circa 1995
the book in the front is the I Ching -
funny how some art is alchemy, and
this one kicked me right back onto
the spiritual path from a
co-dependant relationship.


This is an unmodified picture I took today. It is the reflections on the
surface under a tree in my favorite lake, the Sems Lake.

Now, making me remember, in Tibetan, Sems = Mind


Being in the garment of the same actor on the stage.
Even if the pattern may reflect contradiction,
and the weavers work is that of opposition
what can a thread do, but surrender to the play?



The illusion of Maya can creep into our view of others, too,
particularly when we are lulled into a worshipful state. We should
respect thoughtful and kind teachers, but never worship...


Presuming i am worshipping these words and teachers is mighty bold
Zenbob, for i have never said really anything along those lines
concerning worship. But then, i find worship, true worship in
everything presented, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, endlessly unfolding
is this worshipless worship for the Beloved's expressions. Perhaps
your own worship is a bit too close to your own words and statements
and views. Perhaps a bit too close to home and how you view it and
that is so limiting and short-sighted Dear. Give a little credit for
others' delights and expressions without always feeling the need to
set others straight on what is good and bad or right and wrong.

Dear Friends,

Today i went with Robert to Satsangh in Berkeley with
Adyashanti, a most exquisite Zen teacher. What a perfect
blend of humor with wisdom he presents! It seems most
teachers and gurus i have encountered who actually have
a real grasp of Truth are always filled with a superb sense
of humor. Adya is certainly one of these Humor-Beings, an
original Good-Humor Boy, or so it seems to me. What
laughter filled that hall along with some tears of
happiness and just a really fine time of fellowship with
Truth. So, this past week i have visited Ammachi and now
with Adyashanti, both different yet both obviously the
same and One, just different fascinating Faces of Beauty
and Love and Wisdom. Beloved has gone along and sent
this most Joyful set of experiences to me right now. I bow to
that and i am ever-grateful for these chances to mingle
this light with the light of others. So what did i get from this
time spent with these Beautiful Ones? Love and more Love
and just all i could ever hope for in Love expressed by
another. i was most fortunate to have been introduced to
Annie, Adya's wife. What a dear and sweet blossom of
Love she is! She too was a devotee of Paramahansa
Yogananda since she was about seven years old. So we
had that common bond between us, and more, we both
were just filled with the Joy of Life, As it is Now. No
searching, no worshipping, no rituals as such, just the Joy
of being together as friends and Lovers of the Beloved One.
i'll go back again and again to be among these fine folks
and this most superb teacher, this Beautiful Adyashanti.
And who knows, perhaps another lovely Being will come to
town and i'll have the opportunity to go and commune with
them and with This Love That We Are. i am open to all of
these experiences and exchanges of the Heart. i see
nothing wrong nothing lacking in myself for this, and
certainly no fear that i am falling into some age-old trap as
has been implied by my visit to Ammachi. Everywhere the
Beloved offers us gifts and everyone we meet is a divine
opportunity to Be Love and to give and receive Love with.
It's the finest, most fun, so free a way to live and to Love
and to express This That We Are Now. i think i might just
keep this ridiculous smile plastered across my face. It is
the Joy being expressed for and because and with my
Beloved Darling, Robert, Adya, Amma, Gurudeva, Harshaji,
Linda, Sandeep, Tykal, and the whole gamut of Beloveds
who have blessed my life with their Sweetness of Presence.
i do not twist in the wind wondering why i do this or if it is
some form of foolery of the self, for my heart knows
otherwise, my Heart knows that this love is what wants to
Live itself each Moment and It Unfolds ever-increasingly
with such Ever-new joy it stills One and stops all doubts
and concerns for what to do, what to say, what to be. Just
Being in the midst of Love, in the heart as Ever-New Joy,
this is the thing that seems to be the case. Just Loving and
never ever fearing there is some mistake in expression in
this, for Love sits safely in the Heart and rises to all
occasions as Joy and Love and Divine Laughter. i throw my
head back and laugh with utter abandon at the silliness
sometimes expressed that we are losing sight of the
Reality of All This That Is. Just let go and let God, that's
what the thing is and that's what is the simplest yardstick
for living.

Love, Mazie


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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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