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#2680 - Monday, December 25, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nondual Highlights    

  Divine Andy sent a link to a great website that features very high quality videos about people who are into global oneness. I have only listened to one full length video, that of Peter Kingsley. Kingsley has this strong sense and conviction that western civilization was created out of an awareness of the nondual nature of reality. His life work, it appears, is to support that contention, and he has been successful. His work is recognized in academic circles.  

Kingsley is also very interesting to listen to. However, since strict nondualists know that there is no western civilization, all that Kingsley is talking about is highly refined dreamwork. Still, it is very interesting.   But really, what's so surpising that a civilization is founded in an awareness of nonduality or oneness? Any poet or artist or human being worth their salt, as any founder of a civilization, has a strong intuition of a formlessness that is eternal, infinite, and full.  

That's something anyone can do with their life, their work, their moment, their whatever: approach it from formlessness or nonduality. The architect and theorist Christopher Alexander talks about building from the place of the formless or oneness. Alexander says that architects should make their works gifts to God. Native Americans have done that kind of thing forever, haven't they? So have the people of other cultures and civilizations.   

The following is from, where you will view a brief video. If you like the video, you'll find links to longer versions. On the website's home page you'll find links to interviews with other people.  

From the above web page: "Peter Kingsley's groundbreaking work on the origin of western spirituality, philosophy, and culture is recognized throughout the world. Through his writings as well as lectures he speaks straight to the heart, and has helped to transform many people's understanding not only of the past but of who they are. The author of three books, including Reality and In the Dark Places of Wisdom, he currently is an honorary professor at the University of New Mexico and also at Simon Fraser University in Canada."  

I typed the following out from the beginning of the video, whose link is above:  

"It's fine what's going on in terms of coming together and bringing different traditions together, and this idea of a new global oneness, global harmony, but to me it's very important that you need to be able to say, well, that's been there since the beginning, and we here are looking toward bringing a greater reality, a sense of oneness into these tatters of western civilization. To me it's very very important to be able to say yeah but that sense of oneness, not only did it happen to be there when western civilization was born, but it was out of that sense of oneness that western civilization was very deliberately created."  

Later in the video, Kingsley talks about Parmenides as the creator of western civilization via his discovery of logic which, Kingsley says, was given to Parmenides by a goddess. And I know that's true cuz the goddess got it from my high school logic teacher Mr. Abramowitz who she was dating at the time.  

--Jerry Katz

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