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#3662 - Monday, September 21, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -      

The Real is forever and unalterably the same, whether it be the unmanifest Void or the manifested world. It has never been born and consequently can never die. It cannot divide itself into different "realities" with different space-time levels or multiply itself beyond its own primal oneness. It cannot evolve or diminish, improve or deteriorate. Whereas everything else exists in dependence upon Mind and exists for a limited time, however prolonged, and therefore has only a relative existence, Mind is the absolute, the unique, the ultimate reality because with all its innumerable manifestations in the universe it has never at any moment ceased to be itself. Only its appearances suffer change because they are in time and space, never itself, which is out of time and space. The divisions of time into past present and future are meaningless here; we may speak only of its "everness." The truth about it is timeless, as no scientific truth could ever be, in the sense that whatever fate the universe undergoes its own ultimate significance remains unchanged. If the Absolute appears to us as the first in the time-series, as the First Cause of the Universe, this is only true from our limited standpoint. It is in fact only our human idea. The human mind can take into itself the truth of transcendental being only by taking out of itself the screens of time, space and person. For being eternally self-existence, reality is utterly timeless. Space divisions are equally unmeaning in its "Be-ness." The Absolute is both everywhere and nowhere. It cannot be considered in spatial terms. Even the word "infinite" is really such a term. If it is used here because no other is available, let it be clearly understood, then, that it is used merely as a suggestive metaphor. If the infinite did not include the finite then it would be less than infinite. It is erroneous to make them both mutually exclusive. The finite alone must exclude the infinite from its experience but not vice versa. In the same way the infinite Duration does not exclude finite time.(P)

— Notebooks of  Paul Brunton Category 28: The Alone > Chapter 1: Absolute Mind > # 101

posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle


Papaji on Sahaja

On the other hand, sahaja is here all the time, and is known naturally and effortlessly.  "Everyone is in the natural state whether one is aware of it or not," Papaji pointed out. "The sahaja stithi can never come though effort or practice.  It cannot be attained because it is here all the time.  It neither comes nor does it go. If you simple keep quiet and let things happen by themselves, and you will find it is that which is present all the time.  You are never away from it or apart from it." That which is always here is pure presence without quality or limit.  So subtle, so simple.  It is you.   Freedom Dreams Dasarath p.59 posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle  

  Quotes of Sailor Bob Adamson

"We are That, 'That' meaning the seeming place in awareness where awareness shines out. But in ignorance of the true nature, That we are, that seeming place in awareness is called me or I".

"In that moment of seeing that mind essence is no 'thing' to see, in that very instant the duality of something seen and someone that sees is no longer needed".

"Whatever is translated or conceptualised as other than presence awareness need not be resisted but recognised as it is--pure presence awareness appearing as other--always only and ever That. Knowing that, conceptualising falls away and bare awareness remains unconcerned with thought (effortless being). Just this".

"Belief in dualistic thinking is the problem. In non-dual awareness, dualism can only appear to be so. How can there ever be any duality in non-duality?"

"In recognising presence awareness, there is no 'thing' to see, just natural non-conceptual seeing, actually as it is without subject or object. See this and the realisation is immediate that what is labled as awareness or consciousness or mind can never be formulated as either a subject or an object. Being empty of a subject or object, it is emptiness seeing (cognising emptiness). Emptiness can never be emptied of emptiness, nor can it be filled by emptiness. With that concept cancelled out, only the wordless thoughtless indescribable emptiness remains. Not a vacuum or a void, but a vivid self-shining, self-knowing, self-aware emptiness, like a clear sky full of light. See for yourself. No one or other can do it for you. Immediate simplicity. Continue to see that the seeing is continuous. Any doubt, question, or argument, and the conceptual seeker has appeared again. See that and non-conceptual emptiness remains undisturbed".

"Recognise the naturalness that you are--pure, all pervasive, space like, ever expressing, spontaneous presence-awareness, with no reference point (self nature) having any substance or independent existence. Failing to recognise naturalness (the unity of appearance and emptiness, space and its content), delusion happens and there is a grasping of or fixation on appearance--me and the other--a seeming duality. Without that fixation there is freedom as naturalness, delusion dissolves and evenness (non-duality) remains--the natural state--simply this, nothing else. Naturally remaining as naturalness (equanimity) is the natural (effortless) meditation of no one to meditate and nothing to meditate on--no trying to get or trying to avoid, just effortless being which is always already so. Recognise this again and again".

posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle

This Week at StillnessSpeaks: First Ever Publically Available meditation of Francis Lucille
Dissolving the Separate Sense of Self with Francis Lucille

Seeing seeing seeing. A guided meditation.
     Don’t separate yourself from your experience. 

Welcome the totality of it, the sensations in your body, the sound of my voice and the birds, your thoughts.  All of that is at a zero distance from you.  All of that is in you.

Even if you create the thought that there is someone who is separate from that as the observer or the perceiver, this thought itself is one more appearance from which you are not separate.
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