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Hello fellow sun worshipper,

About 8 years ago I participated in a Sun Meditation in
Sedona Arizona. It is done in just the last 10 minutes or
so before sunset.

Gaze into the sun with soft focus, letting yourself fall
into the light.

After the sun set I turned and looked over the desert
canyon landscape. I was rewarded with seeing wave like
rainbow curtains of the Aurora Borealis radiating from the
floors of the canyon. I was totally mystified and stunned
to see so much beauty moving gracefully across the ground
reaching up into the skies.

I had seen such displays in the Hudson Bay area of Canada
at night but never southwest america.

The Aurora Borealis is the result of Sun's radiation
hitting the magnetosphere of our planet. Only in intense
solar flares are we able to see it that far south and only
at night in the northren sky and usually just a lime green
color. This was the full rainbow spectrum in twilight along
the ground!

Sigh...such beauty among us.

Much love, Susan

'Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a
thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth' ***Rumi



Jerry's question (on whether the sun is consciousness)
reminds me of the famous Zen story of the two monks arguing
beneath a flag pole as to which was moving, the flag or the
wind. A third monk comes along and says, "Neither the flag
nor the wind is moving. It's your mind that's moving." As
Nisargadatta (and countless others) have said: "All there
is is Consciousness." It's just the mind that's moving (or
conscious). There are no objects as such.



GARY: Amazing. When I first read Ramesh, I had the distinct
impression that he had been highly influenced by Wei Wu Wei
by the way he (Ramesh) wrote and the phraseology he used.
And yet he never mentions Wei Wu Wei in any of his
writings. No big deal, of course, but I have always
wondered why Ramesh never acknowledged Wei Wu Wei's obvious

KKT: In "Consciousness Speaks", p.308:

RB: [...] Aside from Lao Tzu, another person who interested
me in my early reading a great deal was Wei Wu Wei . He's
abstruse, not easily understood. In one of his prefaces he
says he's deliberately trying to be abstruse, that anyone
who needs a deeper explanation is not ready for the book.
Someone presented me with a copy of one of his books in
1965. I went through it cursorily and I knew then that it
was a real treasure, but I couldn't appreciate it at the
time . So again, like the astrological reading, I just kept
it aside .

When I started going to Maharaj, I suddenly remembered the
book and it was astonishing. Maharaj would give talks in
the morning. What I would read in the book in the evening,
next morning Maharaj would talk about. It was fantastic!
Wei Wu Wei was not Chinese, you know. He was an Irish
aristocrat, a millionaire . He had a chateau in the south
of France . He was an authority on wines, a huge man, six
foot three inches, and very heavy .

Q: Was Wei Wu Wei fully realized?

RB: I don't really know.



If the contrary states of ignorance and realization are a
dualistic assumption, then why is it that Sankara, the
father of Advaita, makes constant use of them? Does this
mean that Sankara was a cripto-dualist?

Dan, could you please answer the question you place: "Who
is constructing these dualities and then trying to rectify

If there is no duality ignorance/realization, then how is
it that it is assumed to exist? Isn't this very assumption
a case of ignorance? And isn't your post (and the statement
that there is no duality) a case of knowledge? If your
position is correct, and a different one isn't, don't we
have a case of duality knowledge/ignorance? If such a
distinction did not exist, then why did you take the
trouble of answering my previous post?



SHANKAR: I think mind does move back, which is
Self-Enquiry. And, even the primeval sound source of
creation, Aum, arises after the rise of the
'body-consciousness'. Therefore, even sound is not

All exist in the Self alone. Self alone is absolute.


TIM: If it 'looks' like 'bait'... it is. Thus, I gladly
step into this trap Shiva.

I humbly 'disagree'.

'Absolute' means 'void of change' or 'incapable of change'.
It is 'easier' to 'change' one's 'self' than it is to
'change the world'.

Thus, the 'self is changable' and is 'not absolute' and the
only conspiracy is that of 'man against man' in terms of
'insulating the truth' from the people by using 'fear and
anger' to fuel the fire and 'banning the works' of those
the 'choose' to serve man rather than the 'man-made God'.

Thus, if the self is not absolute neither then is the world
and the 'system or process' or whatever it is you call it
is as flawed as the mind that created it. Destruction,
oppression, and slavery are not the road to forging a true

A 'true God', by any definition, 'serves his people' and
rebukes 'his followers' which are motivated only by
learning the 'how' of his truth then modifying it to their
own 'self-indulgent' ends. These will 'not' be forgotten.

There are no more chances here. What is, is and 'this
world' and its 'man-made' PROCESS is eternally flawed.

Take the change or be on your way beggar. I offer 'food for
your bowl' as you say you are hungry. Why then do you throw
it back at me and ask for money?

I am not here for the pathetic souls of those that 'wait'
for the change that can only come from within. I am not
here for those that distort the truth and oppress those
that place their trust in them.

I am here to re-kindle the 'spirit' of Jesus Christ and
those that come with him. By your own 'works and words'
will you be judged, as I was judged, by a higher authority
than man.




ED: Last night, or rather about 4:30 AM this morning, "I"
awakened with the awareness that an "other", in female
form, had become an integral part of "me". "She" and "I"
were simply loving each other as "myself". This act of
loving felt *whole* and extremely peaceful.

The "Observer-self" noted, that though this event was
previously considered inconceivable, all 'that talk' about
"we are all really one" now seemed astonishingly real.

Loving the Self

XAN: This happened to me the other day. I was hanging out
with my son's cats while he is traveling. One of them is a
sweet young thing who is quite affectionate. I was lounging
on the sofa so that he could lounge on my body, and, dozing
off I felt his tap on my chest to bring me back. A little
petting for him and then I began to read a story ...
another tap. I looked at him, into his clear blue eyes, and
saw there what he wanted. Open hearted we swam in love as



Jerry asked: What else in nature is it impossible to stare

I find it almost impossible to look someone else, friend or
stranger, in the eye without an undesirable interactive
responsiveness arising. On rare occasions, eyes meet and
it's like mirror to mirror without any kind of signal being
sent. Is nondual eye contact like looking in a mirror? or
maybe like being a mirror. What's the view?




Has anyone read "Zen Driving"? What's the gist? When I
drive, my body drives and my mind talks to itself, or else
I drive like I want to be somewhere in front of myself; and
there have been occasions when I drive like I want to
escape from myself. I imagine zen driving is driving as the
noone poised in the dot of now, which is really nothing,
but potentially everything. What is nondual driving,
gridlock? I think Ramana mentioned something about
sleepwalking once. Is it sleepdriving? Does the journey
just arise spontaneously? What about the other guy; does he
exist? Is there no possibility of a destination?


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