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#3864 - Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Poetry by Rafael Stoneman

Singing Tears

the damn has been bursting all along

singing tears of the mountain's song

the puppet breaks free from its strings

the caterpillar soars with new wings

dreamers shall awaken beyond time

in love with a human heart so divine

the actor surrenders the final mask

in Your light all life comes to bask

a fruit suddenly drops from its tree

such sweetness like honey is to be

She Wanders the Night

I want to break every window in your mind's house.

And drag down each floor.

You've constructed a tower of cards

from a false blueprint.

Instead of building your foundation on Her,

you've framed a shadow on stud-less walls.

Nature will shatter your backwards design

and set fire to your five star prison.

A book of poems in your library

may bring you some praise

but no relief.

A new lover may uncoil your kundalini

but not deliver peace.

That simple monk has more in her begging bowl

then your perfumed soul.

She wanders the night like a homeless star.

You with your robes and a closet full of make believe

will bow at her feet and cleanse with tears all pride.

She will teach you how to create a new home

with free hands on a mountain of pure gold.

You will know that She is within you

as you plant flowers at your own grave.

And water seeds in Her eternal womb.

Have you?

Who died and left you ruler of the Universe?

If you see something you don't agree with, is it because you are not seeing all of yourself?

Or is it because it is your job to preach and lecture your truth to the world you imagine

is outside of you?

What is this complacent lack of compassion that human beings move in?

The heart has no borders and casts no stones.

We can learn perhaps the most from the person with Terretz, who blurts out obscenities.

When we feel offended, it is a great opportunity to go deeper beyond

the maze of maya mind.

Truly I am grateful for all who bring a feeling of offense into my space.

For it lets me know if I am divided or whole.

I am your offended reaction and the space that it dissolves into.

I have freed myself from preference on every level.

Have you?

~ ~ ~

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