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#4090 - Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -

This issue features Greg Allen Morgoglione and Alice the Canine Messiah. Greg was interviewed for Nonduality Street Radio. Listen to the interview and some of his music here:  

Here are some excerpts from from What Would Dog Do? The Canine Messiah's Handbook.  

Greg and Alice's website is    

A Messiah's primary function among Humans  

Is to remind them, over and over,  

That they are, Here Now,  

Perfect Expressions of the Universe.   *     *  

There is nothing to add...      

An Illusion of Time is that Time will Get You to  

Where You Have Long Dreamed of Being  


The Truth about Time Is That  

Time Is Where You Have Long Dreamed of Being  


Now. What Are You Being?  

What Are You Choosing to Be, Here Now, In Time?  


What’s Your Dream?      

The act of Being,  

of assuming physical form  

in a LifeTime,  

Empowers the Expression  

and Experience of One’s Divinity.  

In no way is It diminished.  

One’s Divinity is simply  

One’s direct connection with The One Thing.  

One Self realized via OneSelf.  

A pair of I’s shares a pair of Eyes…  

Listen to some music and find out about Greg and Alice's books and CDs:

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