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#4261 - Thursday, May 26, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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"Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts.
Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us,
we enter the warrior's world."


~Pema Chodron, from "The Places That Scare You"


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Whatever is happening right now

Everyone has only one real mission in life:
to awaken from the delusion that they're
separate from everything else.

In fact, this persistent delusion is the root
cause of most of your emotional and physical

Your present life's condition at this very
moment is your soul's current answer to its
#1 question:

"What has to happen right now in order for
me to wake up to who I am?"

The answer is always "Whatever is happening
right now.
                    - Chuck Hillig

from Seeds for the Soul
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Alan Larus

One can not have much intelligence (excuse me for saying so:) if not asking this question. All the methods, words and excellent commentaries are so very well presented on the web today. Now who can say enough? If there is one inch of truth found in what has been reported, can it be trusted so we can move on with peace at heart?

on Tuesday


Hilary Starke

The idea of a guaranteed, bona fide, last word teaching is a very attractive one. It'd be great if it existed. Problem is, that the moment it's 'complete', you can just bet your bottom dollar that somebody is going to come up with a diffe...See More

Yesterday at 4:58am 2 people

Alan Larus

Since spoken only, words about human development towards an ulimate goal have multiplied tremendously.
This does serve a purpose.

Seeing this in the light carried by these words from the very beginning it is clear that the branch we are on has developed certain qualities. I believe this group right now : ) is exactly as it should.
The recipee has been repeated more than enough. We know the proof is in the pudding.
As for coincidence a song with this text (translated) came on the radio exactly as I wrote pudding : )
The days we shared, like leaves how they did shine.
The days we shared were tall and blue, now a mist is pouring through.
I was not prepared, from where came the decline?
All I saw, I saw together with you
All I saw, all I saw ...

Wednesday at 8:41am

Summer Craig Peace at heart. That seems to be the best place to land. Others can help us along the way, and I sure need lots and lots of daily reminders. My heart knows what is true for me, and here is where peace is known.

12 hours ago 2 people

Bill Talada The last word is the one that gets through and shows you the insanity of the clever mind and gets you to surrender into Being or true intelligence, sometimes called the heart or awareness.

4 hours ago 2 people

Alan Larus Yes, no more pretending. No more deceit.
It directs the listener along the line, doing the unfinished work is taking us there.
I find the situation similar to a quote I heard in a movie yesterday.
'I did not understand it was the days that was my life'

4 hours ago 2 people


Tom Sullivan via Suzanne Foxton - Interviews

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Dialogue On Non Duality With Suzanne Foxton

Interview by Paula Marvelly

Fill the sink, move the tap far left for some nice hot water, grab the washing-up
liquid, nice big squirt, watch the bubbles rise. Lovely bubbles, each tiny surface a
rounded rainbow prism…

‘Wash the knives first. Take up the knife, the biggest, the most dangerous, the most
expensive, the most professional. Move the tap handle all the way down with the
left hand; the sink is full. Look at the knife.

‘It changes. It stays the same.

‘The knife is perfectly itself. It is so knifish; it is life, knifing. Astounding. There
was never a more perfect knife. It is just as it should be, as everything is. And
grasping the knife on the floor crouching; yet nothing is crouching, there is just
couching. Boundlessness, no body, no knife, and there is a vision of swirling infinite
color, in space, the birth of a perfect rainbow galaxy, spilling into a black hole and
recurring, destroyed and created, winking in and out, over and over again,
instantaneously, eternally, and timelessly. All of creation both here and not here’
[The Ultimate Twist, p.4–5].

PM: The above quote is from your new book, The Ultimate Twist, but it does
describe an actual event, whereby you ‘realized yourself’. What would you say is
different now compared to life prior the ‘knife event’?



Well, we have the disclaimer that the knife moment wasn’t important and it could
have happened at any time gradually in the unfolding story, but the main thing that
is different in my apparent life is that I am much more accepting, tolerant, of
everything. It is a concept that everything happens as it must but my mind, ego,
character goes with that; so whatever happens, which can even be judged as a bad
thing, there’s little resistance to it. Very few thoughts come up along the lines that
this mustn’t happen, this can’t happen, this shouldn’t happen.

Now if something really bad happened to my children, get back to me on that
because I might say something very different. But I really just think everything
happens exactly the way it should. I feel it, I live it, I know it. It’s all-pervasive in
my unfolding life.

There’s nothing to run away from, there’s no reason to run away from things. I
might not like them but in the not liking, not enjoying, being grief-stricken, angry,
even fearful, there’s nothing wrong with any of these things. I’m even accepting of
my own resistance. That’s the biggest difference.

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