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Thursday August 31

Hi Sky,

Thanks for the advice. Mary often suggests going for a walk as well,
and when I do so, I am always surprised at how much I enjoy it (even
here in depressingly flat Long Island). note to self - don't just
listen to good advice - act on it! I haven't been entirely having fun
the past week or two, but I'm not sure that fun is all it's cracked up
to be. (fun is lovely, and I really appreciate it, but sometimes,
visiting the pain seems important too. In fact, it's kinda fun too, as
visiting it and experiencing it looses it's hold.) Maybe it's the
sensation of relief, I dunno, but it seems appropriate now and then. I
am an extremist however, so sometimes I plunge in where even fools fear
to tread. Ah, well. This seems to be my particular bent. I am truly
grateful to the list and to you as part of the list for bearing with my
tirades and witnessing my process. It seems very important to not be
alone during the journey, and I feel in wonderful company here. Change
is happening and I can't stop it, nor do I want to. I trust it, even
the difficult parts. If surrender were trivial, what would be the

LOve, Mark



Thanks for your timely words and quote.

It reminds me of conversation I had after I became aware that there
had been a 'shift' in my
perspective - from identifying as David - to seeing I was not David,
but something else- let's say
the Observer.

One cranio-sacral practitioner who I assume is a Sogyal Rinpoche
student - recommended I go to
the Lama for a chat. Something which I might do if I could easily
connect up with him but Rigpa
tell me that he is not on email - yet!

It seems a particularly Buddhist thing to talk of stages: Awakening
Nirvana (The A-Zen of
Enlightenment). I hear John de Ruiter may be making a similar
distinction, and that so far he has
only found one in the last stage - himself. Fair enough! :-)

I recently shared my perspective in Glastonbury - the UK's New Age
Mecca like Sedona to the
US-A or Byron Bay to Astralasia. There I met with an old friend, an
ex-Iskcon (Hare Krsna)
devotee, and a wicked kirtan player who knew me previously only as
"Dave the Stand Up
Comedian" (a very occasional, voluntary contribution to weddings and

Buddhists, like all schools have a particular view on Reality. My
Iskcon friend discovered God,
in the form of Krsna and this turned his life around as a teenager.
Ramana Maharshi, I assume,
would hold that that was just a vision. I would too. But who am I to
deny someone's experience?
So we just agree to disagree about Reality. Also, I hear, Ramana
talk to people using their
own understandings. That is very good.

I had sensuous experiences of what I believed could be 'God' in my
teens. However, I never took
a firm position because I felt that the experiences could have come
from within me - a deep place
perhaps - but not from outside (says Cloud Nine or Mars Sector 7)

I now see such experiences as secondary to who I am. I still love to
sing all sorts of bhajans
which my Hare Krsna friend finds positively interesting. However, I
not singing to find God.
My search is over. It is impossible to search because, from where I
stand, I am at home.

I accept that after 'my' Awakening, that the manifested personality
can be fined tuned to be nicer
and nicer and infinitum. But that is just a social thing
and has nothing to do with 'Being
at Home'.

I do find now that I am naturally compassionate. The compassion goes
around, not through, my
personality. I am sort of embarrassed to admit that I probably have
not manifested such strong
compassion and openness since I was a charity worker over 15 years

The Royal's Buddhist quote asserts that:
"Supreme Enlightenment (i.e., to be rid of all afflictions, to
discard all sediments) ... Only then
can he completely trust his mind and actions."

This is an interesting and worthy issue for enlightenment analysts .
Briefly, I'd say that I just do
what I do, and in doing that I am just as much pleasantly surprised
what happens as anyone
else (perhaps more so). I give up!

For me any tendencies to do an inappropriate thing is taken care of
for me. So I don't feel that "I"
need to be vigilant. It just happens.

I am considering my opinion on so-called 'crazy wisdom' teachers.
Could they be Liberated?
Certainly they and their students might appear `liberated from
etiquette'. However, if
abuse is a small or large part of their teaching method, then it
stands in contrast with my
experience of compassion which manifests itself as gentleness when I
share my perspective in
public Dialogues.

Love Light and noodles,

Dave Oshana


Unable to speak,
my mouth extends itself
to the limits of
time, dissolves,
and laughs.

Without communicating,
I effortlessly express
the primordial being.

The person before you
has no front or back.

How will you greet him?



[From today's journal at]

On my walk to work this morning I came upon a construction site at a busy
intersection. A big piece of power machinery was digging a trench while
about five city workers in orange safety vests stood around and watched.
The friendly policeman who was directing traffic greeted me and stopped the
cars so I could cross.

Then I passed the fire station and as I did so, the firemen were scrambling
into their trucks for a fire alarm. I watched as the trucks pulled out,
sirens blaring. I felt like a boy again, inhabiting the pages of a
children's book full of firemen and policemen and dump trucks! It was fun!

Then I passed through Wooster Square. I stopped in the center of the green,
leafy park for a drink of water at the fountain in the middle. The water
tasted so good and I felt it descend all the way into my stomach. I stayed
there at the fountain for a few deep breaths and looked around. There was
no one in the park except for a woman jogger who had stopped to stretch by
propping first one leg then the other on a bench. She didn't seem to be too
into her stretching. She seemed to be as amazed and gladdened as I was by
the astounding givenness of this new day.

Every day, every moment (for it is all one Day and one Moment) is given by
God, and yet there is no God but the Day and the Moment and the resounding
silent gong of Conscious Presence.

- David



Hi marcia,

It's interesting to note a similarity between dreams
and everyday life. Do you notice how the dream just
happens, and we are watching? Not so different than regular
life. I mean, sure in regular life we feel we are doing
more than watching, we are doing, and can "change events".
While dreaming, it seems so as well. We watch, react, and do.

Q: What makes the dream a dream? A: That we wake up! Only then
do we notice that it's a dream. Hmmm, why do people talk
about awakening?

Something strange happened to me about a year ago, when
I disappeared into thin air driving in my car. I woke up!

What has changed? Nothing and everything. Today, most of the
time since that day, life is more like a dream, and dreams are
more like life. In my life, I just watch, there's nothing to do,
when I try to "change events" friction happens. There have been
dramatic changes in my work environment, otherwise threatening
changes. I went with them, I opened my heart to them, WOW, they
passed like nothing and here on the other side, things are better
off. I look back now and say, "what was I doing, struggling with
that bullshit?" Yet, I have perfect "control". I am going where
I was destined to go. The picture is very, very clear.

I got here, seeing the similarity between dreams and life. The dream
world has very much to show you. There is so much information
available there. It let me see how to let go.




Yes. I was looking at this little black car and something beginto tickle the
back of my mind and I began to notice that it
had calico markings on it and the question/statement came
up that I didn't know cars had calico markings and then
a huge smile in my mind as there was a
there was a little waking up in the dream.

Lots of times 'in life' I get a sense of how it is all a giant
weaving and I can sense the particular threads that go
to make up the space/time position that I am occupying
in the moment.

There is a Movement (Gurdjieff sacred gymnastics/temple
dancing) where the rows do a multiplication over and over
again. Each person has specific gestures but there is also
a pattern which is woven. We do this for a long time; maybe
forty-five minutes and there begins to develop a sense of
what is being woven. It is amazing what can be seen. The
attention is focused in remembering the gestures, the body
is occupied, and the group moves and in addition to this
incredible energy which is built up, there is this sense of
a weaving.

Time expands. I am in a moment with a child. There is an
interaction 'in the moment' and I can sense my history/future
with this child. There is a tension, we both remember, relax,
this changes the past and the future all in that moment as we
reconnect essentially. Know what I mean? You might think
that we have changed forever our history but not so as we
are merely occupying a different space/time with each other.
Make sense?




As I sit in silence
Joy floods my Being
So intense
This body cannot contain it

Tears fill my eyes
At the back of my neck


>Does 'neutrality' have any impact?

Neutrality always has the greatest impact; it is also called 'doing
by not doing'.

It is good to know and to remember that if one clings to _one pole of
a binary pair_, that they will also be clinging to its opposite.

Only the (relatively) unconscious dwellers in the world-dream
perceive what could be a target for repair via idealism; I am saying
that for one who can live consciously in 'both worlds' (via the key
of nonduality), that there is literally, nothing to be fixed.

This does not repair the world-dream, however, and it should not. The
world-dream is the fermenting-vat in which our dear larvals toil,
have children (us!) and seek clues to how to fix their various
perceived dilemmas. Little do they know!

The world-dream is the engine of commerce, which makes possible this
venue, this marvelous Mac G3, and all the rest of the deluxe goodies,
such as Safeway and running water, etc.

So, I am not in favor of promulgating a 'premature awakening' for
anyone; I instead advocate that when one becomes uncomfortable in the
world-dream, that help can be offered, which points to the underlying
mechanisms which are responsible for this whole show.

However, I see many victims of misplaced idealism, in pain of
self-judgement, striving to awaken from what is actually someone
else's dream. This illustrates the problem of acting 'as if' one is a
'hypothetical' rather than 'real'; every 'hypothetical' person awaits
the delivery of a 'system of knowledge' which will give them
permission to be 'real'.

To escape the above conundrum, one may ask of oneself, "Who Am I?".
This effectively blocks the onslaught of memetic* contagions which
the world-dream is made of.

To return to 'neutrality' is to learn that the 'positive' and
'negative' are merely poles of possibility, and have little to do
with reality, unless we consider that 'reality' is also what goes on
in the world-dream.

The essence of the dream, what compels one to continue to dream, is
the possibility that there are workable 'solutions' to dream-dilemmas
to be found in the dichotomous realm of 'good and bad'. One will
'stay asleep' and continue to dream, as long as such 'solutions' seem
to be 'just around the corner'. So, if one continues to hold onto
dream-tools, if one is attached to dream-tech, one will by force of
intention, remain in the dream.

If and when one is willing to drop dream-tech, the dream has no
(contextual) use, and what happens next is quite predictable.


We can communicate here, using traditional languaging-conventions,
and that is fine. There is nothing inherent in language, however,
which will take one OUT of the narrow bandwidth of reality which
language describes and thus validates. Words are convenience, but
also are potentially memetic quicksand, tools which identify
'problems' in the world-dream, and also are used to 'fix' those same
problems, ad-infinitum.

Words are for humans, like flypaper is for flies. Nondual 'thought'
is like a powerful enzyme, which cleaves those sticky long-chain
polymemetic bonds. 'Who Am I' reveals that one is both glue, and

>Until we e-communicate again,


My pleasure,

==Gene Poole==


I stumbled across this wonderful essay by Richard Feynman while taking a
momentary (yeah right!) break from preparing lecture notes to search on
the Temple Erisia Discordia. (you point to so many interesting things,

It seems quite relevant to the search for enlightenment although one
keep this viewpoint in perspective too.

Love, Mark


The less I am identified,
the less can be said
about being nonidentified.

To hear what it's like to
be really nonidentified,
listen to what's never

-- Dan



Jerry, in reply:

> From: [email protected]
>Subject: Gene/X
>Thanks for the fascinating post on X. It inspired my logo
>for the forthcoming Nonduality Street Magazine. For a
>preview of the new website look, please go to
>I've indicated a couple of the articles that are planned.
>I'm going to try to publish it weekly, but may extend it to
>twice a month or monthly. Don't know yet. I'm looking for
>real life, or very unusual and interesting writings.
>The nice thing about the magazine is that I don't have to
>stuff it with links. All the links are on the NDS side of
>Thank you.
>We are the Nonduality Generation.

Thanks, Jerry.

I will be happy to write for the new magazine.


The Left Is Running Away: A brief treatise on hemispherical
dominance, immunity, and survival

An article for NonDuality Magazine by ==Gene Poole==

(please read previous posting on 'X':

The Left is Running Away:

Human Beings are subject to automatic shift of attention; any signal
which may be interpreted as 'danger' brings the left hemisphere of
the brain into full operation.

The emphasis here is upon _automatic_. Humans cannot resist this
shift of attention! This must be understood deeply and completely, in
order to use this information in a remedial way.

Given that our 'wholistic consciousness' is the product of the
interplay or conversation between the left and right hemispheres of
the brain, ask yourself this question; what does it mean, that any
signal which may be interpreted as 'danger', automatically biases the
left hemisphere into higher activity than the other (right) one?

An interesting interpretation of this situation, to which (IMO) we
are all subject, is that the natural analytic function (the process
of observing and then reducing to particles and then reducing to
smaller particles, ad infinitum) or what has come to be known as
'intellect', has gained the 'upper hand', and is thus dominant in
most individuals, as shown in the dominance of 'right-handedness'
among the human population.

Mind-Function VS Knowing:

I have referred to the 'mind' as the 'difference-engine', the natural
comparitor, the calculator of very minute gradations of 'difference
and sameness'. It is this 'mind' which has come to be known as the
'soul', the verifier of the existence of the 'Me', the 'proof that I
am' ("I think, therefor I am"). Like it or not, this is the situation
that we find ourselves in, personally and socially, and it has been
'this way' for so long, that if there is a memory of 'another way of
Being', it is as good as inaccessible.

It is thus interesting to note, that the entirety of human culture is
thus built upon a foundation of the unavoidable and completely
automatic reaction to _perceived danger_. To see and understand this
'factoid' is an awesome glimpse of the buried-in-flesh skeleton which
is the armature around which our very survival and immunity is

I do not advocate a critical attitude in regard to our automatic
immunity; and I am not pointing to this automaticity of reaction as a
further 'danger' to be avoided. I am doing what is the same, as if I
were to say to you, that if you touch the pointy hind-end of a frog,
that it will inevitably jump. I am pointing out a reflex which is
built-in to every person, but I am doing this pointing for a very
specific reason.

Automatic Survival:

I am alive today, "because" certain of my ancestors were able to run
away from danger. And I thus have the same capability; I am able to
flee from from danger, thus to survive, to avoid harm, to thus pass
on my own genes, thus to "perpetuate the species". The avoidance of
danger and death is indeed a very powerful survival reaction (if not
skill), but it has unleashed the full power of the left
(analytical/fleeing) side of the brain, to the virtual suppression
(in ratio) of the right (knowing/attractive) side.

Physics of Brain-Function:

Left-hemisphere brain electrical activity is 'normally' in the range
of higher-frequencies, as measured by the EEG. This 'normal'
brain-wave output is known as 'Beta', and represents 'normal waking
consciousness'. This is as opposed to the lower frequency ranges,
known as 'Alpha, Delta, and Theta'. How has it come to pass, that
'normal consciousness' is essentially the same state of brain-state
as is that which results from exposure to danger? Is this not at
least slightly suspect? What is going on with humans, that 'normal'
is actually a state of HIGH ALERT?

Many studies have been conducted, which have shown that the
EEG-measurable brain activities of 'normal' vs 'experienced
meditators', reveal a remarkable difference. Specifically, 'normal'
(hyper-vigilant, self-protetive humans) output high-Beta brainwaves,
while in contrast, 'meditators' output low-range Beta and high-range
Alpha and even Theta brainwaves. Exactly what is it about the
'meditator' which makes this radical difference? Enquiring minds want
to know!

Protection VS Nurturing:

The left (analytical-reduce-it-to-particles [weapon]
validating/invalidating processes) side of the brain has 'obviously
taken over the show'; defense strategies (weapons of disintegration),
the assumption of separation as 'normal', the establishment of
complex hierarchies of power and permission, and the assignment of
the Female as 'passive/inferior' are symptomatic indicators of this
dominance. Our survival can show us that this state of affairs is not
altogether a bad thing, but I am pointing out that it has gone 'too
far' and for too long. Remedies are now available. In fact, remedies
for this overblown state of _arbitrary protectiveness_ have been
available for at least as long as recorded history.

In The Meantime:

No matter that 'She' has been relegated to inferior and passive
status, Woman is still faithfully with us. It makes 'perfect sense'
that we would all behave in a manner which would preserve our very
portal of life, the living female womb. And it also makes perfect
sense that in the schemes of the world-dream, that control and
ownership of women has been a major feature, to this very day. To
ensure human survival is not really a matter of male dominance, but
it has traditionally been treated as such. We should not forget that
women also have the left brain hemisphere, and that men 'have a

Ask The Machine:

What is troublesome in this historical picture, is the dominance of
automatic reaction not only to actual danger, but also to anything
that SYMBOLIZES danger. Overly protective men alienate women; when a
woman is alienated from a man, she may (typically, historically) seek
another man, and this has been the trigger for much misery and
violence. For an overly protective man (one in whom the Beta-waves
are 'normal' (high), the advent of the moment of 'rejection' by a
woman will inevitably trigger a self-protective reaction, which may
emerge as violence against the very portal of life, which in fact
that man is assigned to protect. Knowing this, women may live in
denial of their own range of possibility as PERSON, to the detriment
of all, especially young female children. The act of submissive
passivity to which girls are conditioned, deprives us all of the
natural power of nurturing, which is the special gift of Woman. When
protection runs amok, everyone suffers.

The Conditioned Human; Actual Danger VS Symbolic Danger:

Given the 'normal' state of affairs as I have outlined above, it can
be seen that we are all in 'danger' of being swept away in a
hurricane of protective reactions. Given the roles we are assigned by
human tradition, this play and its intermediate conclusions are all
rather predictable. And it looks like simply "more of the same", a
repetitious drama of human VS human, with woman always being the
natural foil. But we can do something about this; we can, each one of
us, understand our own mechanical automaticity. We can appreciate and
be grateful for life, and we can work diligently to know the
difference between what is REAL DANGER and what is merely symbolic
of danger.


Who is pointing, and what is the motive? Is it a charging lion, a
falling tree, or is it a gay person, or a communist or a liberal? Are
you afraid of being eaten by gays or liberals? Every politician who
would be seen as a "strong leader" paints the 'opposition' in the
colors of the enemy. Danger is defined as being the opposite of what
YOU want; this is the trickery of the one who does NOT want you to
awaken TO the dream, because you are much more useful as a dreamer,
who defends values as life itself, even if those values are actually
eroding the foundation of life, itself.

Freedom, choice, and possibility are what makes both defense and
nurturing possible, yet, overly protective individuals would (and do)
remove those foundation-stones, in their zeal to protect. We, as a
human population, are expected to make 'sacrifices' for the 'greater
good', even if this includes the sacrificing of our own children to
the gods of social expediency. And we are all kept 'in line' by the
threat that we, as individuals, will be targeted for disintegration
(social humiliation or banishment), if we go against the 'way things
have always been'. It takes genuine courage to go against a survival
instinct which is itself, deadly.

Natural Remedies:

The world-dream as it is, foments more of the world-dream; it is a
hierarchical bureaucracy whose 'job', is to perpetuate itself
forever. Author Phillip K Dick**, refers to the world-dream as 'the
black iron prison'*. It is your assignment to see through the
bullying facade of this automatic-analytical-disintegrating reaction
to perceived danger, and to use that same tool of analysis to discern
what is actual danger and what is memetically conditioned assumption
of danger.

The 'cave of treasures' which is the world dream, will hold out to
you, endless temptations, to prevent you from discovering its
horrible secrets; be forewarned. The price you pay for entering
reality, is the liability of the Creator; yet, the compassionate
intercessor has already taken that burden and has given you Grace.
You may leave, and you may enter... enabled by compassion.

[End Part Two]

==Gene Poole==

*From VALIS:

The Black Iron Prison


" What a tragic realm this is, he reflected. Those down here are
prisoners, and the
ultimate tragedy is that they don't know it; they think they are
free because they
have never been free, and do not understand what it means. This is a
prison, and
few men have guessed.

Once in a while, one of them discerns the truth ...


There are two realities, he said to himself. The Black Iron Prison,
which is called
the Cave of Treasures, in which they now live, and the Palm Tree
Garden with its
enormous spaces, its light ...


I still have only a partial vision.
I am occluded, too.


A beam of pink light blinded him; he felt dreadful pain in his head,
and clapped his
hands to his eyes. I am blind! he realized. With the pain and the
pink light came
understanding, an acute knowledge... This was not a real world he was in; he
understood that because the beam of pink light had told him that.
This world was a
simulation, and something living and intelligent and sympathetic wanted him to
know. Something cares about me and it has penetrated this world to
warn me... "



** < >

To be continued...




Different for some, at least. For others... 'Normal'!

From: <>

Concerning author Rudy Rucker:

"In spite of his occasional burst of cynicism, Rucker continues to
write and think
about ways in which social patterns, like mathematical patterns, can
be made coherent
and even beautiful. Mixing scientific insights with mystical ones,
Rucker argues for
the possibility of transcendence in rationality, especially in his
nonfiction books like
[[Infinity and the Mind]] (1982, recently re-printed in paper from
Princeton University
Press). "One of the basic things that we humans do is to perceive
patterns," Rucker
says. "To sense the universe as a single undivided whole is to see a
certain kind of
large-scale pattern. In order to feel that it is possible to discover
useful things, it is
encouraging to believe that the universe is one unified thing, and
that you yourself are
an integral part of the whole. For then it is more likely that the
patterns you perceive
have a good correspondence with the deep structure of reality."


From: <>

"I recently gave a talk called "The Dimensionality of Cyberspace" at the Public
Netbase Project in Vienna. I extended Wertheim's line of thought a
bit to come up
with the following analogy: perspective is to physical space as
cyberspace is to
mental space. My point is that hyperlinked Web pages may serve as a
good tool for
creating models of how the human mind works. Both the Web and the human mind
have a fractal quality; that is, if you start out to go from A to B,
you tend to end up
detouring into C, and then into D, E and on beyond Z. "

Review from: <>

(I highly recommend this book! -GP)

Infinity and the Mind : The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite

Science. (1982). Princeton University Press, Series: Princeton
Science Library, 05/1995.
Paperback. 352 p. US$ 14.95 ... or 12/1983. Reissue. Paperback. US$ 6.50

In [[ Infinity and the Mind ]], Rudy Rucker leads an excursion to
that stretch of the universe he calls the "Mindscape," where he
explores infinity in all its forms: potential and actual,
mathematical and physical, theological and mundane. Here Rucker
acquaints us with Gdel's rotating universe, in which it is
theoretically possible to travel into the past, and explains an
interpretation of quantum mechanics in which billions of parallel
worlds are produced every microsecond. It is in the realm of
infinity, he maintains, that mathematics, science, and logic merge
with the fantastic. By closely examining the paradoxes that arise
from this merging, we can learn a great deal about the human mind,
its powers, and its limitations. Using cartoons, puzzles, and
quotations to enliven his text, Rucker guides us through such topics
as the paradoxes of set theory, the possibilities of physical
infinities, and the results of Gdel's incompleteness theorems. His
personal encounters with Gdel the mathematician and philosopher
provide a rare glimpse at genius and reveal what very few
mathematicians have dared to admit: the transcendent implications of
Platonic realism.

"Rudy Rucker, set theorist and science-fiction author, has continued
the tradition .. of making mathematics and computer science
accessible to the intellectually minded layperson.. Infinity and the
Mind is funny, provocative, entertaining, and profound." _Joseph
Shipman, Journal of Symbolic Logic

"Attempts to put Godel's theorems into sharper focus, or at least to
explain them to the nonspecialist, abound. My personal favorite is
Rudy Rucker's Infinity and the Mind, which I recommend without
reservation." _Craig Smorynski, The American Mathematical Monthly

"Rudy Rucker is a talented logician who draws on his skills as a
science-fiction writer and cartoonist to convey his ideas. This makes
for not only a solid, accurate, and informative book but also a good
read." _Thomas Tymoczko, Smith College


Thanks for the fun stuff, Gene,

Rudy Rucker is a cool guy! I used his cellular automata freeware to
introduce a grad course on soft computing and tissue/organ physiology
about 4 years ago. Cool stuff. We ended deleting it from subsequent
runnings of the course because the students don't like fun stuff. They
like their facts untainted by imagination. They prefer rigor to
creativity. ah, to be born again!

Love, Mark


Nothing ever has emerged from Source.
Therefore, there is no "source".

Reality only seems background when
attention is paid to a foreground
that is assumed to be different.



I was scoping out some RV newsgroups, and guess what? I came
across my long lost cousin. Went to his home page and saw
second cousins I'd heard about but had never seen, and
caught up on his life. He worked at IBM all his life and his
interest is his family and cars. He recently retired at 53.

Anyway, I'm trying to find full-time RVers who are into
nonduality. If that sounds dumb on THIS list, how's it gonna
sound if I go searching for them on an RV list? Hey, I'll go
on the RV newsgroup and announce the name of who my cousin
is. I wonder if that would embarrass him?

Seriously though, I would love to find at least one
full-time RVer who is journalling her or his travels, taking
the nondual perspective, and willing to make their writing
available to us. I'm sure I could find one person. That's my
goal! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to begin.
I guess I'll just have to embarrass my long lost cousin! I
don't think he's into nonduality. Then again, maybe he is.



I received the following letter. Her address is "Taina
Kilpiainen" <[email protected]>

Jerry Katz


My name is Taina, I am Finnish woman. I am very interested
about advaita and non-duality. Therefore I am very deeply
interested about Ramana Maharshi teachings. He lived in
Tiruvannamalai South India and He left His body 50 years
ago. There is His Ashram acting in Tiruvannamalai, Sri

I have deep desire to visit in Ramanasramam in
Tiruvannamalai , meaning to travel in 29 September but also
later time suits me.

I wanted to ask have you knowing people who would ibe
interested to travel South India to Ramanasramam. I ask
this therefore because I have earlier travelled foreign
land and therefore I dry to find accompany to me throughout

If you have names and email-addressed about these people,
group etc from European countries, please tell me.

I have heart there is Ramana Maharshi Centers different
sides of Europa , forexample England, Sweden but I
don'email-addresses of them.

Please send me all kind info about possible visitors. I
really wanted to visit there but I wanted to do my first
travel with accompany.


What are we with nothing? Contemplate that!


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Awakening to the Dream

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"The Enlightenment Trilogy"
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"Pure Silence:
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The Texture of Being
by Roy Whenary
"We do not need to search in order to find our true Being. We already are it, and the mind which searches for it is the very reason why we cannot find it."
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