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Highlights #545

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Monday 27 November


Plain talk from Dan:

We are familiar with how to
get a sense of things when we
push and something pushes back,
stays where it is, or moves away.

What's confusing (to categorizing mind)
is when there is nothing to push against. Then we
can't have the feeling of something
moving away, or toward us, or staying
the same.

We then (now)
don't have our sense of self to whatever
extent that derives from friction, needing
and not getting, needing and getting, or
wanting to escape.

How to convey self that isn't defined as against,
or toward, or indifferent, or moving away?

Words like "being", "isness", "conciousness" all
fall flat. None of them convey the sheer
unknowable aspect of something that is yet
completely familiar and always present.



And from Gene:

>Conscious creation is the goal imo.

Thank you for your reply, Colette.

In the midst of competitive wrangling, as we (participants of NDS)
try to define our terms and come to some kind of agreement, it is
easy to overlook what is the central kernel of Yoga and many other
ancient disciplines of consciousness. Personal issues can easily take
precedence over what could be central to our studies.

It is possible to come into direct conversation with 'Reality'. In
this interchange, useless and compensatory 'beliefs' and assumptions
are purged rapidly, leaving open a certain range of possibilities.
This is about coming into step with the priorities and means of the
Living Universe.

If and when this becomes apparent, conscious creation is possible.
This is about surrendering to the way of the Living Universe. In this
surrender, creation is done not by 'me', but is facilitated by my
surrender; Living Universe is so generous, as to be beyond the
comprehension of one who has not put aside personal goals.

To allow the voice and heart of the Living Universe to take
residence, to allow one's own internal conversations to be quieted to
allow this to happen, is possible. The movements of the Living
Universe are all that is really happening; our obsession with
personal issues, fills the foreground with noise and false
priorities, obscuring perception of the harmony which is our true

The sensation of bursting with love, of having so much love, beyond
the definition of 'abundance', is one of the aspects of this
surrender. And this surrender has nothing to do with personal issues,
except to put them into perspective, and reveal them to be the
obscurations which they are.

Human political arguments, disputes over doctrine, and the human
obsession with who 'deserves' what based on what is done, and when,
by that who, are all part and parcel of the spasmodic reactions which
characterize our typical (human) turning-away from what is actually

Attachment to outcomes within the world-dream, posit that there is
something to be gained by such prioritizations, when in fact, all
such activities are a tactic of delay, to forestall the expiration of
the 'precious me'. It is possible for a person to simply set aside
the priorities of this 'precious me', to listen and feel deeply
within, for the rhythm and voice and love which is the presence of
the Living Universe. This experiment, if performed utterly, will show
clearly that the Living Universe has nothing against having a
'precious me'. The logical outcome of this realization, is that we
are free to Be, in any way, and that the best of all ways of Being,
is to allow the Living Universe to have a hand in steering our
individual courses as we live our lives.

I am aware that my views, expressed here, contradict many scriptural
and doctrinal traditions. What I am expressing here, is based upon my
own experience. I consider it to be of value, so I attempt to share
it with others. That my central theme or message is ignored or
missed, some or all of the time, does not deter me from attempting to
deliver it clearly, so that others my benefit, as have I, from this
sort of human-to-human communication.

Thank you for being here...

==Gene Poole===


Collette's reply was intercut with Gene's post, here is most of it, reformatted:

We are it seems to me both the silent Reality as well as the
expression communing back with That (Self). I call it Self, my
teachers trained me too & I can see the blessing of that .. for to
separate what dances, from me is .. to not see I Am It.

So to me it's kind of like having a conversation with God .. the
living expression is being expressed by That one, & may talk ... they
do talk back & forth. (Now lest those who read wish to poo poo this, I
just wish to explain that communion can be silent, yet a wealth of
information received.) We just have to be open to commune. Both are
the same consciousness. It expresses in many personalisations for the
I do not meet humans who purge me on lists.
The silence does.

leaving open a certain range of possibilities.

:-) infinite ~~~~~~~~~~
It's so lovely to hear you say this. I do believe in surrender
too. Surrender to letting It live through you CONSCIOUS. haha I have
to laugh here, sorry. I just remember how unconscious I have been. And
waking now to being, is a constant learning .. beautiful. It's funny.
I just have to laugh. It is such a joke to the version I once played
as or was trained to think of myself as. Yet unconsciousness is a gift
to consciousness .. it is how the two get to find they are one.
Gene I think of myself as a child of the universe. At times it reveals
itself to me, as me. Back & forth both commune. I'm sure many here
feel it like that at times.
We are the precious jewels of This universe & it gets It's joy through
us. The limited versions, gift That one with play of personalisation &
specification, for the experiencing of limitation to limitless
awareness. That's the gift - the play. To hear many deny their
preciousness in this is .. It is connected to the conditioning
received imo
I think that the living universe has had a place in our unconscious
living of It. So that the joy of being conscious may be experienced.
There's no condemnation.
I would
posit that our desires are the universes. Now if the universe wishes
to wake up to taste Itself in the flavour of being another (as Self),
then It will push one to find where the harmony of opposites Is. The
joy is in the tasting of the many as the one. When the expression sees
Self in non Self then that is great joy & mystery. The heart of the
universe sings.
Dear Gene, once we start being lived as That, it is all so mysterious
& ecstatic that one would wish to find another to share it with .. as
it is entering the womb of creation, where we do play a part in
consciously creating (imo) for we are none other than That.

Unconscious dreaming is not nice for the body of earth & the children.

May we wake & delight in playing conscious creation ......

May the mystery bless us.

:-) Nice chatting Gene.



A couple of poems by cee:

when i was nine
i ran away from home
to pray
(didn't know what meditation was, then)

down by the parking lot
at the mall
there were a lot of rocks piled up
looked like a cave to me
probably a lot like the ones
saints and sages used

stayed there
very very
until my friend's mom came
and dragged me out
she said i could pray

so go home


been deep in the cave

forgive me for not writing
(but i forgot all about you)
when i peeped out
there were one thousand messages
swirling on this screen!

it's just that the deep joy
of this

precise aliveness
has left me dumbfounded
even our ecstatic communion
was too way much

deep in the cave of self
there is no such thing

love, cee


Gloria forwarded a poem by Mace from Harshasatsangh:

What will you bring
to Love's altar?
Your imagined fears
that obscure
the trust that hides
within you?
Your faded memories
of past inadequacies
that bar you from
the unparalleled beauty
of now?
The countless delusions
of self importance
that you use
to separate yourself
from us?
The imagined need to
control others
and through them
Shake these mischievous
fleas from your robe
and see the truth
of your beauty,
the gleaming reality
of the
radiance of
your being.



One of White Wolfe's delicious love poems:

The Marriage of the Mystic Mind & Sacred Heart

(For Gloria)

“All illusion was originally reality.”

_-Andrew MacNab

Last night I beheld my Beloved in a Dream

I dreamed a dreaming within a true dream

I saw the snow lily as I have never seen her before

Her countenance was pure and fair as blue sky

Brilliant as sun on ice, yielding as fresh snow

As soothing as a the blush of a winter sunset

Last night I beheld my Beloved in a Dream

I dreamed a dreaming from beyond awakening

I held the snow lily in my hand like never before

In a gentle grasp I felt the promise of clouds

turbulent waters returning to the sacred mountains

washing salty white foam into pure white stillness

Last night I beheld my beloved in a Dream

I dreamed a dream that came from behind slumber

I kissed the snow lily with a gentle, holy kiss

The innocence of first love long forgotten

burning my lips as only blue ice can burn

a burning that blisters the lips and seals the heart

Last night I beheld my Beloved in a Dream

I dreamed a dream that only a child can dream

I made love with the snow lily as only virgins can

From a place deeper than winter’s dark midnight

Under stars that have never been seen before

I held her who I am in my arms and became nothing

Last night I beheld my Beloved in a Dream

I dreamed a dream that is no dream but reality

I, who am Mark, sometimes called white wolfe,

a wild dog wandering in search of his lost mate

Found Susan, whom I sometimes call the snow lily

the subtle flower within the blue ice of the Mystic Mind

I dreamed a dreaming within a true dream

Last night I beheld my Beloved in a Dream

I discovered again my heart, my lost Sacred Heart

Lost even before I first created snow in the garden

Found only after the last ice crystal melted in the sun

Recovered after the last snow lily wilting in last melting

Now that I have seen, held, kissed and loved the Beloved

All my days are nights, nights days, just dreams dreaming.

Hail Mary, the Chalice of Eternal Compassion

Hail Beloved, the Vessel of Everlasting Love,

I belong you, I am you, for in your tender arms

I do not even exist, I am merely and substantially,





Mark Christopher Valentine

(November 27, 2000)


Liliana sent a link to the writings of Scott Morrison:

Dear Gloria,

The quotations are from his Dharma Talks/Awekening on This Breath.
More can be found at mentioned at NDS
Yes, he speaks...right to the heart. The first time I heard of him was when
Jerry, announced his passing away...


"The word "enlightened" simply refers to life without a past or a future,
life without self-centered fantasy (all of which is made up of nothing
but memory). Sex fantasies, romantic fantasies, money fantasies, power
fantasies, political fantasies, prestige fantasies, security fantasies,
control fantasies - there is no reality, no love, and no freedom in any
of them. Stop indulging in that kind of escapist daydreaming, and you
will suddenly realize that you are the world, all of it unfolding,
moment-by-moment. You are the whole thing, and every sight, every sound,
every smell, taste, feeling, thought, experience and circumstance,
everything that takes birth, lives out its life, and dies, is you. The
idea of separate identity, whether neurotic or grandiose, with all of
its competitive and conflicting desires, using people, judging or
blaming yourself or other people, none of it makes sense anymore. In
fact, the memory of all such activity breaks your heart." -Scott Morrison


A meditation to end guilt from Bob Rose:

The End of Guilt

Once upon a time there was a spiritual seeker named Jiva. After
trying many different ways to become pure and holy and attain
enlightenment, he had gained a great degree of self-control. He was
no longer blindly reactive to the actions of people, places and things
he came in contact with. Nor did he squander energy with unnecessary
physical or mental tension. Selflessness and humility had replaced
greed and egoism and thus he spared himself any of the suffering that
is the automatic result of those behaviors. And yet, Jiva still felt
uneasiness within himself. Despite being able to experience states of
bliss while sitting in meditation, he recognized that there was a
sense of desperation deep inside that even feelings of ecstasy and
glorious visions couldn't dissipate.

Recognizing his need for help, Jiva journeyed to see his teacher,
Moksha. After reaching his destination and being warmly welcomed, he
proceeded to tell of his frustration, anxiety, and how this made him
feel that he was a spiritual failure. Moksha at once knew the cause
and cure of his student's problem. "My beloved Jiva, you have
attained great things. You have understood what actions are
beneficial and which are not, and on a conscious level, no longer do
those things that diminish your serenity and well being. Your problem
is a very common one and is on a subconscious level. You are
suffering from feelings of guilt and unworthiness. This comes from
identifying with an illusionary vision of who you are. Long ago you
were told you had to act in certain ways and believe in things that
you no longer do. For instance, it was impressed on you that if you
didn't sit exactly the way you were taught was proper in first grade,
you were being "a bad boy". Similarly, you were expected to believe
in Santa Claus and were led to believe that this and other fairy tales
were the basis of whether you would find life enjoyable. As a matter
of fact, you were taught that many of your actions were "sins" and
would doom you to hell for eternity. There were also times in your
life that your actions caused pain or suffering to others and are
proper to regret and never repeat. You have kept these things within
you and have never dealt with them. Much like someone who has a tooth
that looks white and healthy on the outside but has an abscess within,
you have a need for spiritual dentistry to cleanse the dis-ease
process within you." Moksha then taught Jiva the End of Guilt
meditation technique. Jiva sat in meditation and soon purged himself
of all subconscious feelings of guilt. He then realized the purity,
wisdom, and bliss of his infinite, eternal Real Self, and lived
happily ever after.

The End of Guilt Meditation Technique

Sit in the position of comfort that you have come to know is best for
maintaining meditation. Relax your mind, body, and emotions. Attain
a rhythm of effortless breathing. Refocus your attention on your
breath if you get distracted from your meditation. In your mind's
eye, visualize your Deity. If it is one that has no human form, see
the holy, infinite, all-powerful pure energy that represents the
divine. If your Deity has a form, see it in as great detail as
possible. For instance, if it is in a human male form, see its body,
face, hair, eyes, hands, robe, all, as clearly as you can. See
yourself in front of and facing your Deity, in a sitting, standing, or
prostrating position. Visualize yourself covered with many, many
layers of ultra fine energy, much like the layers of skin on an onion.
Each of these layers were created by the process of labeling your
actions as sins. In reality, nothing you've ever done has been either
"good" or "bad". They have just been things that occurred in your
life. If they could be labeled or judged, what they would be are
opportunities to appreciate your universal identity and oneness with
the divine. Misinformation and inappropriate conditioning has caused
you to have the illusion that you have sinned by your physical,
mental, or emotional actions and have acquired layers of negative
energy that now cover and soil your pure Real Self.

Realize that with every breath you receive, the Highest Power, your
Deity, sends you forgiveness and blessings. Know that every
interaction you have had with anyone else that you may have thought
caused them to suffer, had the potential to help them become a
stronger person and evolve in consciousness. Most importantly,
acknowledge that not everything you were conditioned to believe was a
sin, was one, and that the conditioning itself may have been the sin.

See your Deity remove your guilt and convert your so-called sins into
love. Visualize your guilt coatings melting off and the forgiveness
and blessings of the Divine cleansing and healing the wounds and pain
they caused. As they peel off, you may remember specific things that
you have been carrying within your subconscious. Witness the events
and the suffering they represent fade away and dissolve forever.

As the final layers are peeled away, you realize that there is nothing
left within and thus no separation from the Deity who is all powerful,
present infinitely and eternally, all knowing and all love. Just like
a bird that has escaped its shell, with no more guilt to bind you, you
are forever free to soar the heavens and swim in the universal ocean
of bliss. And live happily ever after.

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