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Tuesday, July 17


Hi Jan, You seem to be getting at something that I am feeling
these days and that is indifference to people in the sense
that I am coming to realise the emptiness of
fact it's that lessening of reactive thought that seems to
bring a sense of equanimity toward others...after all what
are we all except the unknowingness of this instant. And as
for the violence non violence non issue ;-), less identity,
less violence. No identity, no violence.


Not only identity is empty, all feelings are. What could
remain is the history in memory, as a "fact-file"... Then,
all issues become conceptual, as the perceptual basis (to
feel) gradually dissolves/transforms/transfigurates.

Do you notice a quieting of thoughts too? Thoughts are about
issues, and less issues equals "more" peace of mind...


Hi jb, The quieting of thoughts was and is very
noticeable...thought seems almost volitional at times,
certainly not racing and chaotic with emotion. Yes indeed,
less issues...much more peaceful. Thanks jb, you got it



Dropping conditioning is the hardest thing to do. Our
conditioning begins from the moment we are concieved,
continues through birth and is reinforced throughout our
lifes. So much so that what we take for our self determined
actions are often nothing more than conditioned reactions.

Our bodily identity, so much with us, with its own drives is
a natural force. We are for all intents held in thrall to the
needs of the flesh. Instinctively we are held to satisfy and
protect the flesh. Knowing as we do that without the body we
cannot exist.

Our mental or egoic identity residing within the body has its
own demands. The need for recognition, love, acceptance, and
personal gratification forms our belief in our place in
society and the world at large. We may believe many things
about our selves and who we are. For instance we may believe
we are intelligent and good looking or that we are stupid and

The ego and body identities are so closely intertwined that
one effects the other. When we are happy our body can feel
light. Depression and illness weigh us down.

Each human being at some time or another during his or her
life will at least once question the meaning of life. They
will even if briefly wonder why the universe exists. They
will look for meaning. In this search for meaning we soon
discover the prevalent religious thought of our family, our
friends, and our society.

Religious thought and belief conditioning is often started
while we are quite young. As young children we naturally tend
to accept whatever our family believes. We do not begin to
question the prevalent beliefs until we reach our adolescent
years. Even then we may not for what we learned as small
children is often a great comfort to us.

So we can see that natural biological forces and societal
pressures work together to reinforce our sense of identity
and place. We also tend to work to reinforce our conditioned
belief in the way things 'should be'.

From time to time we may question our beliefs and assumptions
about the world, who we are, and what the purpose of our
lives is. All too often this questioning is nothing more than
a tool we use to reinforce our conditioning and our
apparently separate identity.

With such powerful natural forces arrayed against us, as it
were, how then can anyone break free from thier conditioning?
The key is in desire. Not the desires of the body for food,
shelter and sex, nor the desires of the mind/ego for
recognition, success, and status - these are the usual
desires that we all have and are conditioned to believe
define us.

The desire that breaks the conditioning is the burning need
to know the truth of our existance. This desire works as a
deep intuitive need to know without a doubt the why of
existance. This desire rejects all the patent answers handed
to us all of our lifes.

We begin the see the conditioned beliefs as a facade. They
appear as nothing more than attempt to define life in a way
that makes it easier for us to struggle on. As we question
our conditioning we start to see it as nothing more than an
elaborate fabrication.

The more we begin to look closely at our beliefs and
assumption the more insubstantial they can appear. At this
point we may become either releived or frightened. If we
become frightened, we will readily accept another set of
condtioning or lose ourselfs in a miasma of self doubt and
fantasy. If we find relief, we can become open to an
intuitive process that ultimately brings about liberation.

This intuitive process is another form of conditioning.
However, it should not be confused with the usual type of
conditioning which keeps us closed off from living. Rather,
the intuitive process referred to here is one that opens us
up to living at its fullest.

During the process of opening our natural defenses of
ego/mind/body identity will or can be at thier strongest. We
will want to stop the process at some point and 'lock it
down' as being enough. If we allow the process to continue,
something incredible and hitherto unkown to us will naturally
occur. We will as a matter of course 'drop' our conditioned
beliefs and assumptions.

In fact we will lose altogether our sense of identity. We
will attain what may be called the boundless state of just
being. We will understand that this boundless state has
always been there, will always be there. We will understand
that freedom is our true nature.

The sense of being separate and alone is seen through. We
come to see our brothers and sisters, conditioned though they
may be, as existing in this natural state. In other words we
learn to accept them and love them as they truly are. We
learn to see behind or through the conditioned state to the
unconditional joy of merely being alive.

Again, this process comes about through desire. The deep
desire to know the why of existance that burns away our
beliefs and concepts will arise of its own accord. When it
does, allow it to have its way with you.

If you do, unbounded joy will be your reward.

Peace - at play in the fields of eternity - Michael



The Path That Leads Itself:

I fake weakness. Why? Anyone low enought to take advantage of
weakness is destined and deserves a good 'ass'-kicking. (ego)

If you spent half the effort and mental energy towards
controlling the one thing that, with practice is the only
thing that is absolutely within your control, your world
would turn around 100%.

Walk the path that leads it's self.

The I-Ching has nothing to do with people, places or things.
It is a descriptive, encoded science of change and does not
predict outcomes although I can see how some would like to
think it is so.

Is the I-Ching 'divination' for those that don't believe in

0 runs 1, 1 runs 2, 2 runs 3 and from 3 all other things are
made possible. Who runs 0? None. Sounds right to me.

Skip your signals off the clouds and mountains. The 'signal'
can be directed thus increasing range.

Create personal energy then aim to vibrate the inner ear. If
done correctly it will sound like you are talking to your
self no matter whom is speaking.

o -- hobbes



Prior History-upadESa undiyAr by SrI murganAr

1 Those who abided doing penance in 'tAru vanA', on account
of (the tendencies derived from) their past deeds, went to
'take shelter' (in work).

2 That there is no God other than work, they became 'hardened
in enmity', (towards God who ordains, which of the past
deeds, and in which order, must bear fruit in the current
birth), on account of their self-deceiving pride.

Translation of verses 1 and 2 by SrI muruganAr on Prior
History to upadESa undiyAr



Ramana is like home. Or like the 'home' when E.T. said, "E.T.
phone home." It's been noted that E.T. and Ramana look
similar. E.T. backward is T.E. T.E. stands for Third Eye.
Remember when E.T. placed his finger on the boy's third eye
and said, "I'll always be right here."?


TE also stands for The Exorcist, which also had a spiritual
message. Remember when Linda Blair's head did that 180? Meant
to be creepy, but it was actually telling us to make that
180 turn and look inside instead of looking outside all the

Ya never know.

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