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Wednesday, September 12


For those of you who would like to send thoughts
and prayers for the 13 people still unaccounted for
from my company, which was located in the world
Trade Center, they are: David, Melissa, Karen,
Thomas, Carlos, Adrian, Billy, Courtney, Diane,
Douglas, Wen, Paley and Daniel.

I am not reading NDS digest right now, and do not
have a computer at home, but do appreciate your
thoughts, and am sending mine to any of you who may
have been affected, or who have friends and family
still missing. I was on my way to the subway when
it happened, so I was not at the building during
the attack.

Please take care,



The American Red Cross and are
cooperating in an easy way to contribute funds to
aid the disaster relief effort. If you already have
an account at you can contribute with
one click, but if not, it is also easy to

As of this writing they have already collected :
$1,476,931.00 from 48, 621 individuals.



Running 'within' I find my essence undisturbed....
as usual.


If one finds a cloak of being has risen out of the
ashes, its perfectly okay to do nothing but wear
it. It's there for a purpose and because it's
heavy, it's easy to wear. In time it goes and one
is left to the essence 'within'. But men seek that
risen cloak. They may as look upward for the risen



Just to let the more empathically facile know, I am
sending out visions.

One is of the world aflame with WAR! Shattered
bodies of children, women, animals and men lying in
the torn earth. Fire, smoke and pestilence sweeping
the good clean earth with devastation.

The other is of the garden lying all about us.
Laughing children indulged by caring parents.
Abundant beauty in the deserts, mountains, and
steppes, the teeming life of cities, and all that
walks and creeps and crawls and swims and flies.

And the last is the vision of you deciding for
yourself the world that you want to live in.
However you decide is how you decide.

I will not force peace, love and understanding upon
you. You shall weigh the fruit of your actions and
let none set the scales to advantage.

You with the flesh of the very universe, upon you
do I depend. Upon me do you depend. Our very
interplay is the great game. Haven't we played too
rough too long?

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