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Michael Read

I stumble drunkenly from door to door
Pounding on windows
And yelling - there is too much love!
It can't all be just for me!
Come and share!
There is plenty!

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Awakening - interesting word.
A dictionary definition is 3. a revival of interest or attention.

Perhaps it is the dropping of one's preoccupation with one's misery.

Why? That is the question more than any other. Why - has been the motivation for me to seek. I remember in school hearing scientific explanations for many things. But, no teacher could answer the question of why.

Take the simple things. The color of the sky is blue. Why? Because the air molecules absorb all light spectra except blue. So, blue is reflected back and we see it. But, why blue? Why does this happen this way? heeheehee Just because it does? Basically - yes.

The scientific explanation covers only the apparent phenomena. That is all science can do. We can discover so much with science. There is a point where science fails to explain anything.

And that is again - why? No, not why does science only go so far.

Fundamentally - why does anything exist at all?!

Just because it does - that is acceptance.

The first time I got an answer to my little question was at the age of fifteen. The anwer was music. I did not hear this music with my ears. No, I heard it with my entire body! And I knew then that I was being played - by the universe. And it felt good.

I knew from an early age that I was different than most folk I knew. It wasn't the fact that we are all unique - it was something more than that. I could see that we were all reactive. We did one thing while saying another. No one had any control and folk believed som many different things!

In this regard I was no different - the difference was that I could see it happening.

I could see that I was more open than most folk. That was and still is the major difference. It doesn't make me better - not at all. No one is better than anyone else.

I remember clearly so many things from my childhood, youth, and young adulthood. Back in the sixth grade (social studies class) (early sixties) Mr. H. our socialology teacher was telling us about propaganda. Mr. H. made it out that propaganda was a pack of lies
being passed off as the truth. He told us of how Russia used propaganda to teach the Russian children whatever lies would keep them in line. He went on about this for nearly five minutes - maybe more.

Well, something clicked inside my pointed little head and I put my hand in the air.

"Mr. H.", I asked, "since we are all just kids here and have no experience of the world, how do we know that what you are telling us is true?"

He didn't like that question at all! But, I could see that some of the
other kids were nodding their heads in agreement.

This is the approach I took to awakening. So many words have been written and spoken about awakening. A lot of them tend to contradict each other or at best only describe a small viewpoint - and a seeker can easily become befuddled and confused.

A person has to find out for himself/herself. And it is tricky!

Now, I am awake. And the key for my awakening was the gift of being open and intuitive.

Somewhere along the line (of my life) intuition demanded that I not
become as the saying goes - set in my ways. I could see that adults who were 'set' had a hard if not impossible time of learning anything new. Not only that, they could become violent over the most absurd things! I still remember two 'grown-ups' nearly coming to blows over which make of car was better - Chevy or Ford! Sure it sounds ridiculous now, but then it was a real eye-opener for me.

Today I see that people are more interested in protecting their belief systems that in taking good care of one another. Religion, politics, economics, and so on are all ways of doing and being and trying to make some sense of of this vast universe that will go on whether there are human beings or not.

For the life of me I can't see any reason to murder each other over

Murder, neglect, abuse - all are rampant on this planet. And what can be done about it? Is it evolution in action? Will the meek truly inherit this good good earth? Does that mean that a lot of humanity (aggressive people) must die and leave the meek gentle ones to eke out a living as best they can?

Or, will the meek rise up and refuse to murder? Will they voice their
gentleness in no uncertain terms thus shaming those with violent tendancies into re-evaluating their actions?

Who can tell?

I know that this human species is special. We have unlimited possiblities, talents and gifts. Until we learn to open up we will do - what? - what we have done all through our brief brief history. We will murder and hate and oppress and neglect and destroy.

All because we haven't learned to open up and just live!

During the process of awakening I was shown that there is no 'ultimate purpose' to life. There is no God who is weighing the relative goodness of souls so some can be burned in eternal fire and some can be rewarded with eternal bliss. That is a childish fantasy.

There is pain and there is pleasure. No doubt about that! Either one could be described as a form of bondage - so what?!

We are all slaves to life - no exceptions. Life is to be lived and that is the meaning and purpose of life.

So what to do - what to do?

Do anything - do nothing!

Wake up! Take an interest in life! Be open!

Of course these are only suggestions - I cannot force anyone to 'wake-up'.

What I can do is to be open - cherish life - let people work it out for themselves.

Tickle their funny-bone from time to time - it helps!

Sometimes grab folk by the elbows and lead them away from the fights they are trying to start - and whisper loving words in their ears.

I know this - without a doubt - without a reservation - without hesitation - it is good to be alive! Even when it hurts!


I stumble drunkenly from door to door
Pounding on windows
And yelling - there is too much love!
It can't all be just for me!
Come and share!
There is plenty!

Sorry Pal

Sorry, pal. There was only so much infinite energy left when I got to enlighenment. They used all they had remaining on me!

None was left for you. Again, my apologies. Had I known that I was to be the last unless I let you go first; I wouldn't change a thing!

If you only had any idea what it is like to live this way...

Imagine the most open, free and joyful moment of your life. Now imagine that is how you experience life from moment to moment.

...even when it hurts like a bucketfull of motherflackers!

Ah, how sweet it is!

But, you'll never know, now, will you?


guess you'll have to fake it 'til the energy supply rebuilds about a thousand googles of infinity ;-)

Growing up

we americans are cowboys! no other country in the world was explored and settled quite like ours. and we were watched by the whole world as we grew.

my Father was a genuine american cowboy. the most handsome man you ever saw. he made the marlboro man look like a sissy! but he was a gentle man. he had a sweet and tender side to him. and was he ever tough! it was not a good idea to get into a fight with him. he could hit so hard that adversaries were knocked 20 feet away.

he was a product of his times. born in the late 1920's. the west largely tamed though life was still demanding. no electricity in most
places, no tv, and you had to work hard. wages were around 10 to 20 cents an hour.

i never knew all that much about my family. and not much more about my Dad. my parents divorced while we kids were young 6, 5, and 3. i mostly had a picture of my Dad. and i had a love hate thing too. hate for the lack of financial support. and i loved him when i was with him. even though he liked my brother better - i loved him.

he died young, age 44. cancer and a rough life.

i spent time with him before he died, but wasn't there when he died.

before he died he said something that surprised and connected me with him in a deep way. we were talking, Dad, a couple of his cowboy friends, and me, about war and vietnam. it was an interesting setting.

Dad's friends seem to be looking to him for some sort of guidance. it was as if they had an almost reverent attitude as they waited for him to speak.

This is what he said -

'I have never talked to you guys about this. But this is how I feel about it. No one should die over a flag. It is nothing more than a rag blowing in the wind.'

that was a long speech for Dad.

this is the real spirit of america.

we are rough and tough.
we are not afraid.

we do not hate anyone. at least in theory.
we have every kind of person living here.

we are founded on the idea of freedom.
we are still growing and may make many more mistakes.

we care about suffering.
we have suffered as the world has suffered.

we give because it is the right thing to do.
we share our abundance.

we would prefer to trade with you
than to meet you on the battlefield.

all people are allowed to hold any religion
sacred from the needs of government.

you do not have to even care about religion
to live here is enough - you are an american.

this is the spirit of americans
we are the true government
we do not want our elected officials
killing innocent people
just because they do not like us and like some other country.

i do not want to kill anyone
killing is the easy, cowardly way out.

Put Up or Shut Up


Is everything still god?

Let's just say it is, for the moment anyway.

That being the case, wake up!


Buncha dumbazzes always talking about it but never doing it.


Do, you, hear the crying.
Do, you, feel the hatred.
Do, you, find the cause of suffering.
Do, let it end, you.


Put down the books.
Stop the quoting.

Quit displaying how well versed you are.
Jump down and get to work.

Forget about your relation to the so-called higher self.
Don't decide where you are on your path.

Cease your pratices which haven't worked.
Quit being addicted to meditation.

None of these things have ever gotten you there.
Now is the time - not tommorrow.


Stop being a slacker. You have about 72 hours to wake up. Then I
coming to get ya! Lazy so and so's need a boot in the butt?

Do you want this version of illusion to continue?
Or, would you rather be cool peaceful cats?

I asked you awhile back if you wanted peace or war. The question still stands.

Whatever you answer, understand that either choice requires 'some' effort.


I'm still here permeating and sustaining the entire universe. When you laugh I laugh. When you cry I cry. When you help I help. When you hurt I hurt.

But I won't force you to be peaceful. No, I will not force your eyes
to see that this universe is a paradise. I may caution you about the things that bite, though. Maybe not, for you are me.

Play well - or not at all


this is true
the truth cannot be found in books

this is true
the truth can be found in books

oh, michael, you fool
why tell them this?

the universe
has no shame
it will use anything
even books
to make music


Games games games - it is all games. No doubt about that!

Folk will play and change the rules from time to time.
Folk will play and change the game from time to time.
Folk will take their games so seriously.

And you are right - in the end, after all the rules have been followed, broken, changed - we all end up dead! what a hoot!

Or .. ?

Stop by the buffet and eat a good meal. It will clear the head and strengthen the body. Relax a bit and see what other games are available.

Whatever game we play let us not forget that it is only a game.

There is an old song. I don't remember it all and the title eludes right now. But there is a line that spoke to me then and speaks to me now.

'Give your love and all of your heart
And do what you do do well.'

The game of seeking god is being played on many lists. Well, we don't play that here. How can we, if we see that everything is already god?

See how I play? By my 'rules' god is not capitalized. ":^)

What fun! Hate is transmuted to love and I cheat continuously!

Break all the rules! How else can you find out what works and what doesn't?

Free Lunch

that knowing
it is free
like in lunch?

didn't god tell you?
even though it is free,
the lunch must be chewed.

why be an old fool like me?
who picked apart god's sandwiches
and checked for bugs in his beer
to see if it was good enough to eat
and drink

would it make me sick?
would it be tasty?
how could i know
what god was offering?


i expected more that sandwiches.
and beer! just beer?

then i sniffed the beer
and tasted the food
and had no idea how good it was
or how hungry i was!

i was hungry enough to eat a wolve!
god's laughing let me know
how i had been tricked
the wolve was eating me!


Quotes and Stuff

from the Avadhut Gita (The Song of the Avadhut)

chapter 1

verse 51

When water and water are mixed
There is no difference between one and the other.
It is the same with matter and spirit.
This is very clear to me.

verse 52

If I've never been bound,
I can never be liberated.
How could you think that the Self
Is limited by formlessness, or limited by form?

Nice little verses, no? Inspirational, direct, and powerful? Perhaps. Or, they are nothing more than sentimental spiritualistic - drivel.

When I first read them I just laughed! The message in these two little verses state the truth of the matter. There is no separation from god.

God - what a concept! No matter what we believe god is or what our philosphy for living may be, there is something that encompasses everything. Instinctively we know this to be so. We look at the vastness of a starry night's sky and often wonder what is there? How big is it, this universe? And what is our place in it?

How was it created and why?

And so we may become seekers, scientists, philosophers, athiests,
diests, and so on and so on. We strive to make sense out of this existence by carving out a little slice that makes a personal sort of
reality. A zone of comfort that defines sanity for us, if you will.

I remember something absurd from my largely christian upbringing. It was the explanation that 'God' wants us to love him. If we love him, we get to go to heaven. God gave us free will so that we could love him or not. And, 'God' already knows who loves him and who gets to go to heaven and who will be sent to hell. Huh? What's the point - that's what I thought at the time (age 16 or so).

Is god some sort of sadist? Does he/she/it hang around with a bunch of 'yes beings' amusing themselves with creatures such as us? Does god say 'hey look, there's old so and so! Having a nice little life - tell you what - let's screw him up a bit and see what happens!'

And does god say, 'hey look, there is somebody who needs a little help. What do you say, my angels, should we help him out a bit?'

All religions have an element of the fantastical and dramatic about
them. They are designed, to some extent, to be a guideline on how one can lead a beneficial life. There are moral and social guidelines found in each religion. And the basic truth is often covered up by religion - though it is stated.

That truth is, god is all there is - all there is, is god.

Ah, but we are a naive, gullible, credulous, and somewhat childish species. We prefer a good fairy tale to the truth. We enjoy being tricked - sometimes. (big grin here)

I'll tell you the big secret to finding god - there is no secret to finding god.

And that is why 'awakening' is so difficult. It's a trick! You and I are god in the flesh. We are not separate from god - we only appear to be. Why? So that the drama can appear to have meaning!

Gosh! IS it only a play? Well, in a word, yes. We are god and we are playing all the parts.

Of course everything I've said here is only blabber! There is no need to take it at all seriously.

A quote from the late Scott Morrison: "Enlightenment is nothing more than being totally in love with everything."

From me: "Your life is the universe's way of enjoying itself."

From the delightful universe of 'Star Trek': IDIC - Infinite Diversity
in Infinite Combinations.

Live long and prosper.-----


Created Me

To know myself
I created me
And set me down
In eternities garden.

There I wove
A mask of tears
To hide myself away
And play the game of seeking.

Teasing myself with visions of me
As a higher truth
I drank of bitters and spice
And became noble and delved in vice.

When then I seemed to have enough
I dropped the ball, refused to play
And gave to me another day
Of dawning joy.

I love you

Careful examination and an impartial study of the various teachings of folk like Jesus, Buddha, and so on will reveal a common thread. The parallel of this base teaching is astounding. And damn hard to find!

The basic underlying teaching is simply god is all there is. The mystery and beauty is how we as characters formed by this all encompassing god play out the role(s) unfolding.

Well, I know this is only another in a long long list of attempts to formulate some grand theory of how 'IT ALL WORKS'. Or at least to
provide some logical explanation to the why of it all.

Some things defy any theory. Like how incredible and beautiful you all are. How delightful that I can be a character to enjoy your beauty!


Oh yeah, I know, we are all tricking ourselves. Deep down we know that this present life is IT! Yet we play coy with each other. How delightful!

What is there

The old story of the seeker who asks to see god and has his held under water til he almost drowns - only to be told that his desire must be as the desire he had for air - this is the story that most typifies what it takes to see god everywhere.

That is all I see. Whatever happens pain or pleasure is god. Shitheads and saints are the same to me. The desire arose in this character and nothing could quench that desire. 'Michael Read' had no choice in the matter. Poor sap was doomed from the start.

Yes I am god in the flesh. And it is no big deal! Why? Because everything is god in the flesh. Nothing is left out.

This is the truth - you are god.

Yes even that feeble body, that limited intellect, those desires and
passions, the incredible suffering and indescribable joys - all of this is god and only god exists.

This is not a belief system or philosophy. It is not something I dreamed up to pacify my longing. It is not a 'revealation from on high' that makes me 'His Chosen'. Nor is it something to be turned into a religion or the path or right practice.

The very hanging on to the concept of a 'you' is the only barrier to
realization. And the term realization is the most sophisticated oxymoron extant.

Consider this sentence 'I realized god'. Now I ask - "Who realized what?" When I realized god - zzziiit! I was gone. No Michael Read, no memory of Michael Read, no history of Michael Read etc etc etc.

What was there was only awareness. Awareness so vast, deep, tumtultuous and steady at the same time. See? I can't even begin to describe it without starting to babble poetic silliness!

That you or I or anyone could ever do anything to be this awarenss is too ludicrous to contemplate.

That the barrier (so to speak) that keeps us in the belief that we are separate and different from this could drop! How fine and rare that is!

Not so rare these days though. I hear people of all ages asking a very simple question. They look around themselves at all they see and wonder, why?, does any of this exist! And some of them are burning to know! They won't stop asking until they know. There are so many folk waking up these days. Old fogeys like us who took 10, 20, 30 or more years to wake up will be delighted as we witness the birth of a new people on this land.

But, really, why does anything and everything exist?

It exists for many reasons and for no reason at all. It just does. It is there. It is a fact. And you certainly know it is a fact when it hurts the most. Pain focuses the concentration like nothing else can. That's why those that seek god seem to be in such misery. They feel a pain of separation from god. God, the source of righteousness and justice, god, who rewards the just and punishes the bad. God the source of all creation and all good.

Yet who is it that got tricked into thinking they were separate, if in truth god is all there is?

As a finite character in an infinite play, I, Michael Read do stand up and declare that god is all there is and all there is - is god.

Then I am going to a birthday party.

What you do with your time is up to you.

Incidental Scenery

The other day a fellow came into the waystation. He had a faraway look in his eyes and walked with a hesitant step. He was modestely dressed and of no particular appearence. His shoes were of good quality but in need of repair.

I greeted him and offered him a place at the table. Then I brought
him a plate from the buffet. He sat there gazing through his food for a long time. Then let out a deep shuddering sigh.

"I"' he began, "have just become enlightened." Then he paused and
looked around briefly.

"Where is this place?"

"This is the waystation", I replied.

As I reached for my cup of tea he put out his hand as if to stop me.

"Is this place real?" His voice was no more than a whisper.

"It is as real as any other place." I tried to reassure him.

"How is enlightenment going?", I asked.

He looked directly at me for the first time. In his eyes there was the look of amazed terror and utter resignation.

"I...", he started.

I took a sip of tea never taking my eyes off of his. He never blinked.

"Am nothing more than incidental scenery.", he finished in clear and even tones.

Then he smiled, picked up his fork and dug in with gusto.

The last time I saw him he was being talked into a game of strip poker by a couple of drop dead gorgeous angels.

By the way, he didn't have any baggage.

And so it goes.

Michael Read hosts The Way Station

Nonduality: What is Nonduality

What is Nonduality

Click here for Ramana Maharsh's Death experience and Yoga Nidra

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