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In Non-organization is Our Truth

Sarlo and Jerry (Katz)

JERRY: If anyone doubts that they're nondual by nature, try taking the quizzes at (see 'quizzes' under 'Spiritual Tools' in the left-hand column.)

I believe the guy who started this website was named one of the great religious innovators of the year by Time magazine. Yet nothing comes up in the search engine under 'nonduality'. The quizzes in no way provide nondual options. What are we to do? Is it that the quizzes are poorly designed (admittedly they're for entertainment purposes only), or are we such a small group that we remain virtually unknown?

SARLO: Nonduality will never be part of any mainstream, which is the only thing BeliefNet is interested in. Mystics, even founders of what are now major religions, are/were outside the mainstreams, because realization means leaving all beliefs behind, even those about nonduality, and religions trade in beliefs.

JERRY: Our numbers aren't that small. We're just not organized.

SARLO: And in non-organization is our truth.

JERRY: We need a white bread website like Nondualist just wanna have fun! They do! In any case, a visit to gives me a better appreciation for the work we're doing on the lists. There's a lot more reality in one page of a website like Tim's than in all of There's no soul in that website. If there is, I haven't found it.

What's my point? I suppose that a visit to reassures me that the work -- or play -- we are all involved in is very grassroots and needed. We remain unorganized and largely unknown.

SARLO: And PTFL!* (see below if you don't want to bother figuring this out)

JERRY: Our activism has led to greater awareness of nonduality on the internet. That activism could be extended to the larger religious/spiritual community. It will take time and intentional effort.

SARLO: Can nondual politics be far away? The dinosaurs disappeared not because mammals were more organized but because mammals were better equipped to look out for their own interests in challenging times. To organize, beyond a certain "local" level, eg relating directly as self-respecting individuals, or maintaining playgrounds such as this, is to make a contract with the devil. Let's communicate, share and all that, but to attempt to assist the demise of the dinosaurs by adopting their ways is to become dinosaurs.

* praise the fucking lord!